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From: Christian Livemore
Subject: Hey! Salon's got you linked!
It's called Politics/Burning Bush.

It's in the new Premium service. (Yes, I subscribed.  It's only $30 a year, and I figure
if we want the liberal voices to stay in business, we gotta pony up some cash.)

Log in to their premium service.
In the middle section where the features are, scroll down until you see the article "Bushed".
Click on that.

At the bottom of the section, you'll see something like Ultimate links for Bush watchers.
Click on that.

Then you'll see:  They love him -- that's all the Nazis.
Under that is:     They hate him -- that's the good guys.
It's alphabetical.  You're second on the list, right after Ampol.
Is that cool or what?


ha ha
I see where stock is hovering like an Osprey at about 30 cents a share.
It would figure I'd be "discovered" just as they went dark :)


Subject: You're all wrong


Let's not confuse the issue.  The spy play ain't about anything having to do with macho.
It has to do with money--PERIOD!  For all things Smirk--follow the money!

It has absolutely nothing to do with kids on the school yard.
The only reason Weak & Stupid made us look like fools to the entire world, is because
he cannot even do such a simple thing as to follow Cheney's script.

Cheney stopped the peace talks between North and South Korea so that
his defense contractor friends could continue making "big time" money.
Cheney wants to keep selling arms to Taiwan for the same reason.
In order to sell those big ticket items to Taiwan, and not upset all of his friend's business
interests in China, he had to give China the technology to defeat the threat of those weapons.

The reason that the spy plane didn't go anywhere but China is because that
is where they were supposed to go.  If Weak & Stupid had kept his trap shut,
China would have returned the personnel, and delayed returning the plane for
a couple of weeks while they conducted an "investigation."

But Weak & Stupid decided he had to "look presidential," and started saying things to raise
American ire against the Chinese.  Remember that the Chinese were prepared to release
the personnel the day after the crash, until Weak & Stupid started acting like an ass,
forcing them to "save face."

But thanks to the American "press," all's well that ends well.  China has their technology,
Taiwan has their weapons, Cheney's friends get richer, and Weak & Stupid is a
"masterful, engaged chief executive," who delegates to the experts, and who paused
only to be sure that the "hostages" had bibles and Stairmasters.

Jim H.

Jim, good note, several good points.
No doubt, this is a multi-faceted screw up by young Bush.
Yes, there are many intertretations of what really happened, but I don't think I'm "all wrong"
that America looked weak and guilty when we surrendered our lunch money to the bully.

Another good point you had was the AWOL press.
All you and I know about this is what our guilty government and cover-up press decide to tell us.

Doesn't anybody want to be Woodward and Bernstein, anymore?
Have Pulitzer's become passe'?

We have a glaring, global fuck-up, and the press just reports whatever Ari tells them,
all the while praising "decisive and hands-on bravery of risk-taking Bush," which is horseshit.

I don't disagree with anything you said except your subject title and first paragraph.
I think our positions are very similar.

Our president gave into the bully - but the reasons he did that are cloudy.


Subject: Evil

As I am channel surfing I get to CSPAN.
There I find Trent Lott, Dick Armey, and Dennis Hassert blowing off about the economy.
I didn't stick around to listen but I thought "It's True, bad things DO come in threes",
and there isn't just one Anti-Christ.

We need an Exorcist.

These three incredibly ugly, evil people should not only have a parental warning,
but should be the stuff illegal underground videos are made of.



Subject: Oval Office---what the hell?

Gee Bartcop,
I remember when I used to be able to mail you and you would answer.
Oh well the trials of being a celebrity.

Anyway, I'm in school at night and work full time, so I occasionally miss
an issue these days....if you have ranted about this please pardon.

What the fuck has happened to the Oval Office?  Pink?  Yellow?  Green?
I try to avoid pictures of Bush, but I was looking for a quote and went
to the Washington Post---I know, I avoid it if possible---and I saw this...

What the Fuck?
Looks like some awful interior designer went to Wal-Mart in here.
Come on in meet the most powerful man in the world and be sure to smell the pink candles???

I would hate to upset any of my gay friends, but I may have to get there opinion on this.....
and the other photo.  I thought it was a fluke and so I went looking for other Oval office pics
and there are those same ugly, wimpy chairs although occasionally the flowers change.


Robin, sorry about the e-mail mess.

I'm still a good guy...


Subject: Koppel/Nightline/Leno catch me in a "mood"

I saw the Nightline preview of Jay Leno, telling about how "Clinton
embarrassed us."  This is what is known in the real world as a "load of crap."

People don't talk about things in public that embarrass them -- say, George W. Bush
and his Drunk Driving conviction or his "I was young and irresponsible" drug abuse non-answer.
No.  That lying (he told a reporter from a newspaper in Texas that he hadn't been arrested since
some point in the '60s) fucker would deny someone with a drug conviction financial aid to attend
college if they refuse to admit a drug conviction, but that's what he did when he didn't provide the
truth abut his DUI arrest when asked about it on a jury questionnaire.  His denial of the DUI on
the jury questionnaire could easily be construed as "perjury," but heck, he shouldn't be held to the
same standard as the Constitutionally-Elected Bill Clinton. If Jay Leno was so embarrassed about
Bill Clinton's sex life, why has he brought it up *hundreds* of times? 

Good point.
What the GOP did was break into the Clinton's bedroom, rifle thru his drawers, steal underwear,
then ran outside and ran them up a damn flagpole, then started screaming,

"Isn't it embarrassing for a president to have his underwear on the flagpole?"

Clinton tried to hide his Monica business - it was Starr, the GOP, Gingrich, Delay and Fox News
who thought everything should be talked about 24/7, then re-hashed another 24/7.

Then they complain about having to cover this "taudry mess."

It was none of our fucking business!

But, sure, when Smirky gives China a spy plane and begs and grovels about it,
the press dare not criticize because it has nothing to do with Clinton's zipper.

last thing, let's not forget what an uncouth cock-sucker Leno was at the WH Correspondent's dinner.
He showed video of a dog humping "Clinton's" leg, and now he's embarrassed?

Fuck you, Jay Leno.

You, personally made millions throwing gas on this fire,
so don't tell us how terrible it was, you unfunny prick.

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