An Open Letter to David Horowitz
  By Isaac Peterson
 I haven't known who you are for all that long, but when I first heard the
 noise you're making about reparations to black Americans for slavery,
 I  had to find out what you're about.
 The first thing was to ask myself why would you insist that college newspapers
 print your "advertisement" screaming against reparations for black Americans? 

Why should you care?
 Why would a guy (I refuse to call you a man) who helped the Black Panthers
 in the 60's be so down on black Americans now? Don't tell me you're not;
 I'm going to get to more things I found out about you.
 First, let's get back to your "advertisement". You've been running around
 screaming that since most college papers you submitted it to wouldn't run
 it that "censorship is the weapon of the impotent. Apparently.... some
 ideas are too dangerous for people to hear. It's pathetic." You've been
 trying to call this a First Amendment issue and claiming that political
 correctness from the Left is stifling free speech.  I hope you don't mind,
 but I'm about to exercise some of my own First Amendment freedom.
 First, any newspaper, college or otherwise, has every right not to print
 advertising that they feel is offensive. If you don't get it, try to get a newspaper
 to print an ad advocating legalizing child pornography or rape. There is no court
 that would find in your favor. David, your ad is offensive, ugly, and hateful.
 And aside from that, I haven't heard a peep out of you over someone that tried
 something similar by submitting pro-abortion ads to some right-wing college papers
 Why isn't that "censorship", Dave? Because it's alright when your boys do it.
 Now about your "ad": You claim that black people should shut up because
 welfare is available and was set up to be reparations. This is such
 brainless bullshit I don't know where to start shooting it down.
Welfare was never reparations for slavery; it is there for everyone who needs
 help. It is an entitlement: anyone who's at the bottom of the ladder is
 "entitled" to it if they can prove they need it. Besides, isn't it your
 side that's always bitching about welfare being an insult to blacks and
 encouraging dependence? Which one is it Dave? My father worked hard every
 day of his short life and would have refused a handout to support eight of
 us. Welfare did us no good-we didn't need it and wouldn't have taken it.
 All black people are not on welfare, Dave.
 Your "ad" says we should be grateful for all this country has done for us.
 We should bow down and kiss Massa's feet for dragging our ancestors over
 here in chains and treating them as less than human? We should be grateful
 for being denied employment, health care, education, and too long a list
 of everything else to go into here?
 Fuck you.
 You say about slavery "There Is No One Group That Benefited Exclusively
 From Its Fruits". There was clearly one group that did not benefit: the slaves.
 You say "America Today Is A Multi-Ethnic Nation and Most Americans Have No
 Connection (Direct Or Indirect) To Slavery". But there is one group that
 does: the people you're harping about not being entitled to reparations.
 You talk about the "millions of refugees from tyranny and genocide who are
 now living in America". But refugees had a choice-they wanted to come
 here. I am not aware of any other segment of this society that was forced
 to come here, that were dragged here forcibly in chains.
 Fuck you again.
 In the 60's you wrote respectfully of Marx and hung around with Huey
 Newton and the Black Panthers. You helped launch a Panther school, knowing
 of their violence and outlaw nature. Maybe you just thought it was "cool"
 to be part of what was happening or maybe being the Token White Boy.
 After Huey Newton was forced to flee the U.S. for Cuba, you also had a
 close relationship with his replacement, Elaine Brown. You had her trust
 to the point where when she asked you to recommend an accountant, you sent
 over Betty Van Patter. You had seen up close and from the inside just how
 far that group was willing to go, but there isn't any indication that you
 let Van Patter know. A month after she found some irregularities in their
 books, she was found floating in San Francisco Bay with her head caved in.
 There was not much doubt that the Panthers were behind it, meaning that
 you had some sort of, at least, indirect responsibility, since you were one of them.
 I bring this up because you claim that slavery ended so long ago, no one
 is responsible any more. And I'm reminding you of your claim that "most
 Americans have no connection to slavery". There are no Black Panthers any
 more either, but as much as you wouldn't want to admit it, you have a
 connection to at least one person that was robbed of her life, probably at
 their hands. The passage of time won't erase that.
 Later, you did a complete 180 degree turn and became a conservative. And
 not just a conservative, but an Ultra one. The bombs you're throwing now
 aren't at buildings, but at black Americans. You have a tendency to
 associate with the fringes and take up the worst of what they do. You're
 trying to say that because the Black Panthers did bad things, every one
 who is or was a liberal was bad. It's there for anyone to see at or your regular hate-fest in
 Now, let's forget about reparations for slavery. Your insistence that
 reparations for slavery is dishonest anyway. Many people who are talking
 about reparations aren't tying them to slavery. You forgot to mention that
 in your web site or your "ad". When you try to change the focus of a debate
 onto something else, it says that your own position is too weak to defend.
 But back to the point. Let's say you're right about reparations for
 slavery. What about all the bullshit coming down since? I saw you on the
 Fake News Network "debating" Dorothy Benton Lewis from Blacks for
 Reparations in America. You said reparations or even an apology aren't
 needed because "at Abraham Lincoln's second inaugural, he said that
 slavery was 'an offense to God' and he also pointed out that the terrible
 war had punished those responsible. The South was destroyed, it was burned
 right to the sea by Sherman. All the plantations were taken away and since
 then Americans have made a tremendous effort to make up whatever
 deficiencies there have been." Then you start to spout your crap about
 trillions in welfare, affirmative action, etc.
 Then Benton Lewis tried to point out that affirmative action and all the other
 remedies your side has done everything in their power to take away from us
 wasn't set up as reparations for slavery; they were to right current wrongs.
 That's what you don't talk about: the wrongs since slavery ended.
 They just took different forms.
 Have you ever heard of Project 100,000? It's one of the Vietnam War's
 dirty little secrets. I'll quote from Myra MacPherson's book Long Time
 Passing: Vietnam and the Haunted Generation: Project 100,000"....
 instituted in 1966 and billed as a Great Society program, was a vehicle for
 channeling poor, mostly Southern and black youths to Vietnam's front lines."
 It was there to "recruit and 'rehabilitate' 100,000 youths annually who had
 previously been rejected for failing to meet the armed services mental or
 physical requirements."

 It was called the "Moron Squad". The Defense Department found that the
 killed-in-action ratio of Project 100,000 was "almost exactly twice as high
 as other units. The Army took recruits with IQs as low as 62. The minimum
 passing composite score on the armed-forces qualifications test had been 30
 out of 100.  Project 100,000 took those who scored below 10." The purpose
 of sending them over was to keep from having to end student deferments or
 send the Reserves over. Granted, not all the people who died were blacks,
 but most were. And by not sending the Reserves, it helped keep the
 George W. Bushes safe and sound.
 How about the Tuskegee Syphilis Study? True, Clinton did apologize for
 that, but the fact remains that for 40 years poor sharecroppers in Alabama
 were denied treatment by the U.S. Public Health Service. They were told
 they were in fact being treated for "bad blood" but were secretly guinea
 pigs sacrificed to study syphilis.
 There's more I won't go into and certainly more I don't know about. But
 how about the fact that for decades black people have been essentially
 cannon fodder and lab experiments?
 How about Jim Crow? What about "separate but equal" schools? "Whites Only"
 restaurants, drinking fountains and restrooms? Racial profiling? The CIA
 providing crack cocaine to the inner cities? A man in Bangladesh having a
 better chance of living to see 40 than a black man in New York City?
 I'll quote from the Washington Post from March 28 for something else
 I learned about you: "Crowds of boisterous young Republicans gathered
 outside the U.S. Supreme Court as the justices considered the election
 case last December. Waving signs, chanting "Hey, hey, ho, ho, Al Gore has
 to go!" the demonstrators were a '60s flashback rendered in bow ties and
 plaid. And Horowitz was their Che, their Mao, their Abbie Hoffman. The
 activists passed Horowitz's e-mailed "war room" briefings back and forth.

 They carried his books. And several credited his teachings with inspiring
 what columnist Paul Gigot celebrated as the "bourgeois riot" in Miami that
 persuaded Dade County election officials to suspend their recount."
 Along with helping put someone in the White House who is no friend of black
 Americans, you helped take away their votes which would have kept him out.
 America has been one big, long party that black people haven't been
 invited to except as the help, and sometimes the main course. And you
 serve the people who want to keep it that way.
 And fuck you again.
 With all this crap you're pulling, you have a pretty thin skin.
 Responding  to an article you wrote in Salon
 you were called a bigot by Jack E. White by Time Magazine,3266,29787,00.html
 and threatened to sue
 but never did. There's too much evidence.

 You are a bigot, Dave, and a whore too.
 Forgot reparations and apologies. I would be happy to forget the
 whole thing for you just to kiss my hairy, black ass.
 I mean this sincerely,
 Isaac Peterson

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