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Subject: The West Wing 
              (No spoilers - OK to read)

Yo BC,

I thought you might find this interesting.  One of my theater students, a wonderful young man named Daniel
Wright (Remember that name...he will be huge!) was on the set of The West Wing Sunday evening while it was
filming in DC.  He played one of the reporters in the press pool. (Side note: he's only 16 and a sophomore
in high school. He gave up a speaking part that was to film earlier in the week because it conflicted with
the opening night of our spring play...this is one hell of a kid!)

He wasn't able to see the entire script for the episode, just the scene he was working on.  He thinks it's the
final scene for the last episode, and it ends with President Bartlett responding to a question with a smirk.
He's under contract not to tell me what any of the questions that are asked and answered in the scene were,
so I can't pass that on to you.

He DID tell me that it was the best set he's ever been on: fun and professional.  He spent hours working
with Allison Janney and said she was hystericaly funny.  He also got a chance to work with Martin Sheen.
The way Daniel tells it, Sheen was exausted and couldn't nail the smirk at the end.  After about 10 takes,
he was looking right at Daniel, so Daniel made a face at him, and Sheen nailed the smirk.  Thanked him
in front of everyone, and then went by later to shake his hand, thank him again, and then got his name
and started talking to the director about him.

A total class act. SO, even though they had a tratorious whore write this week's episode
(Which I liked, btw.  It's no fun if Bartlett is perfect or right all the time, so I welcome this story line...
Plus there was a lot of Donna, and they brought back Joey Lucas...I thought the airport scenes were
VERY well done.  On the downside, while I like Oliver Platt, I wish they still had John Laroquett as the WHC)
I think they're still OK.  The current story arc makes the show a little more personal and shakes up the status quo.
I like the fact that they're taking risks with the characters and storylines.

Keep up the great work!
Rob Ellis


Subject: Evaluation of Weak & Stupid to date

Yeah, I know that the 100 day anniversary for Weak and Stupid
(or should I say, President Bought and Paid For) passed earlier, but I've been busy earning a living.
I decided to do as the Vulgar One suggests and follow the money:
Bush's Objective                Who Benefits
Tax cut                                          wealthiest 1% (most of W&S's cabinet)
Environmental rollbacks                  large corporations
Elimination of Estate Tax                see above (even GOP can't name a SINGLE family farm lost to this tax!)
Drilling in Alaska                            Big Oil (U.S. govt. subsidizes this drilling thru HUGE tax incentives)
Pushing energy production
  at the expense of conservation      W&S's owners, uh..campaign contributors (Enron, et al)
Privatization of Social Security        Money managers (1-2% of 150 million FICA taxpayers is worth BILLIONS to them)
School vouchers                             the fact that W&S is letting this slide tells me that this is Laura Bush's baby, not his
                                                    (sorry, honey, those mean old Democrats took it away)
BTW, Rush spent a big chunk of time knocking news reports for saying that Bush was using the "same tactics"
on SS privatization as he did on tax cuts.  He defended W&S as "merely doing what he said he'd do."
It seems that "Mr. Independent Thinker" Limbaugh is now a wing of the White House.
From US NEWS & WORLD REPORT (Washington Whispers, quoting the widely circulated White House 100 days talking points:
" President Bush is a strong leader who is doing what he said he would do."
Yeah, right.


Subject: Zedillo

Former President of Mexico, Zedilllo, gave a speech at K-State today.
Very interesting.  It was his first appearance since he left office in Dec.

He mentioned Clinton and his courage and foresight in bailing Mexico out of
its economic crisis in the 90s.  He said that CLinton told him that he was
doing it in spite of the fact that it was costing him politically because he
believed that you need to help your neighbors or you won't survive yourself.

Zedillo also said that the fact that Mexico did recover and that they paid the loan back
a year later, proving Clinton to be correct in bailing them out, was never put in any headlines,
only that he was doing something risky by lending the money.  (Media whore SOP)

Zedillo has a PhD from Yale in Economics.  He makes our current imposter in the office
of presidency look SO stupid.  I am sure Zedillo would be completely put down as a "policy wonk"
by our press.  Intelligence is something to be looked down upon in our country it seems.
Another great quote from Zedillo was that politicians make decisions that will benefit them
in the next election, leaders make decisions that will benefit the next generation.

Also interesting is that he did not once mention Pres or Gov. Bush.
The name did not cross his lips.



Subject: May 4, Kent State U.
For the first time in 30 years, the student senate has voted to not
allocate funds for the May 4 Commemoration.

Last month, they paid Barbara Bush $60,000 to speak there.



Subject: today's news
Isn't it more than ironic that to get "fair and accurate reporting" you
have to depend on a Communist paper?

   ---In a scathing assessment of Bush's first 100 days in office, the
People's Daily said the NMD plan made European allies consider Bush an
"egotist" and Russia regard him as a new competitor in anarms race.

"His whole-hearted wish is to cast off the shadow of 'the weak
 president'," the main Communist Party newspaper said.

 "His excessive acts and words over the China-U.S. plane collision and
 arms sales to Taiwan are all connected to this state of mind," the newspaper added.

 "Once in power, a man will try to make full use of his power."

Bush had launched air attacks on Iraq in February because he was worried his
predecessor Bill Clinton was getting more media attention, the newspaper said.

"Bush thought he could only raise his international and domestic
 prestige by stunning the world with his first act."

   The newspaper also accused Bush of stalling the reconciliation process
on the Korean peninsula by taking a more skeptical stance toward Pyongyang,
and undermining the Middle East peace process by favoring Israel.

excerpt is from this article:

Click  Here


Subject: Another Famous Presidential Snub

The group that started the precedent of snubbing the White House was the 1993 Ryder Cup Team from the
United States, led by Paul Azinger who said he didn't want to shake hands with a draft dodger.  (Azinger
never served)  The other golfers followed suit roundly criticizing Clinton for his tax policies.

The PGA, obviously embarrassed, insisted the team go, and, in spite of themselves, became friends with Clinton,
an avid golf fan.  In fact, last year Clinton delivered the opening speech for the President's Cup, and was
roundly applauded for an eloquent, humorous speech.

Charlie from Memphis


Subject: Is it illegitimate president or bastard president?

   It's "former governor", which is factually accurate, acknowledges his valid election
victories to become the leader of the National Socialist Republic of Texas, and properly
describes his current legitimate vocational status.

   There is recent precedent for this title. It is the one that is used to
describe Michael Dukakis, another state chief executive who was defeated
by the voters in his campaign to win the presidency.



Subject: reporting on the resident's children

I just read the "stay out of Jenna Bush's life" letter.  Please count me
as a reader who wants you to keep up the good work.  Once upon a time
(a fairy tale reference, indeed) I would have sought the "high road."
However, after the Bush Brothers' Coup, it became glaringly obvious to
me that there was no high road at all, only highwaymen demanding us to
stand and deliver up our goods.
Further, I am now convinced that the only way to effectively fight rabid
Republicans is to barrage the media as best we can.  Of course, we won't
make things up.  We don't have to; the only problem is to show the truth.
This is proving difficult, so please don't give up, don't let up, and keep us informed.
The nerve of that writer!! As if it is acceptable to attack Democratic children,
but suddenly turn a blind eye when Republican teenagers who are serious scofflaws.

Well, I guess it's no surprise, given Ms. Bush's immoral upbringing.



Subject: another candidate for "ultimate" republican

Byron (Low Tax) Looper, Tennessee.  Actually changed his name to (Low Tax)
- including the parentheses - " people could vote directly for low taxes on the ballot".
He ran for State Senate against very popular long-time Senator Tommy Burks.
When he saw he was losing miserably, he ambushed Burks on his farm and killed him.
Bragged to several friends,  "I popped a cap in the liberal motherfucker's head".

Reasoned to friends for twenty years prior, "The best way to win an election is to kill your
opponent right before the election!"  NOW CLAIMS THE MURDER, HIS ARREST

Even has support among good Republicans.  Claims his "immense integrity" got
him in trouble with the "corrupt Democratic establishment".  Typically, he has raped,
extorted, intimidated, coerced, dodged and driven drunk all over the south.

Search at Ask Jeeves for "Byron (Low Tax) Looper" reveals much.
Talk about "negative campaigning".  If I remember correctly (not sure) I believe he
is doing his time at Brushy Mountain, former idyllic home of Hannibal Lecter (and others).

Too bad.  Now the place is ruined!

Bob Delay


Subject: Jenna Bush case
Hey Bartcop,
Love your site.  I've been reading it religiously every day.  Just to clarify,
the Judge in Jenna Bush's case is a good Democrat--rare in this state.

She runs the Community Court which tries to get help for drunks
the cops pick up around 6th Street--Austin's Party Central.
Keep up the fight.


Subject: Pardon Me

Hey BC,

I've been checking your site for a few months, great stuff.
So, Ford gets an award for his pardon of Nixon.  Let me see the logic,

Reagan should get the same award for the pardon of Weinberger, North, et. al
in Iran-Contra (and they get to keep all the coke money).  Poppy Bush
should get an award for the pardon of convicted terrorist Orlando Bosch
(and get to keep the coke money).

With all this coke money around, is it any wonder that the GOP can buy an election???

I think people should read  or reread Dark Alliance, Whiteout and or Firewall to get
the backround of the current Bush retreads.  If the current pResident plays his cards right
he may get some of that coke money.


Fred, actually Bush pardoned Weinberger, but the point still stands.
Good note.


Subject: I LOVED watchin'...

...the Sooners hand the Felony State Criminoles their @$$, especially over-rated
arrogant onion-headed jerk chris Weinke.

BTW, after his Junior year "Weenky" suddenly became "wanky" last year,
especially to ABC & ESPN, so with the Hype-Man trophy & a pro contract,
does that mean it'll  be an even MORE regal sounding "WAHN-KAY"?
Just curious...

But, if you make it to Pasadena, the Big Orange nation will be waiting!!



Subject: Jenna and just one?

Why does every report about the obviously drunken Jenna Bush headline with.........

Jenna and A beer.

Come on we can all see that was more than one lousy beer.
Isn't she just the cutest little lush muffin ya'll ever did see?

Yep her paw is proud.


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