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 The Nature of the Beast

There is this one issue I can't get out of my head. It pops in every time I see
a talking head or listen to a newscast. It is the present dominating issue of my
political life. Our First Lady, Laura Bush ran a stop sign in her jeep when she
was 21 and slammed into another car, killing her then boyfriend. This is not
about Laura Bush! I have mentioned this incident to my friends and family, and
not one, NOT ONE, had ever heard of it, and most claim I am making it up.

An exercise for you. Imagine it is 1992 and during that Presidential campaign
the story comes out that Hillary Clinton ran a stop sign killing her boyfriend
when she was 21. Then as First Lady, admits to Katie Couric (as Laura Bush did)
that it is indeed true. Are you with me here?

Rush Limbaugh and the AM radio circuit would have begun pushing the story the
day it broke in the campaign, pushing it everyday non stop with the story of the
murdering black widow. It would so permeate the talk shows that the mainstream
media would have to run with it and bring it up constantly. There would be some
Right-wing moderator on Fox News mentioning it every day. It would be headlines
in every major newspaper. There would be congressional investigations, local,
state and FBI investigations, special prosecutors, and funding for private
investigations from the Right-wing fat cats, think tanks and publications making
the Arkansas Project look like child's play. It would be presented in depth by
60 Minutes, 60 Minutes II, Dateline, Frontline, Nightline, Meet the Press, Face
the Nation, Sam, Kokie, Hume, Snow, Mathews, and even CSPAN and NPR.
Not only would it be up front in the minds of all my friends and family, but
everyone in the world would know about it and be reminded of constantly.
It's the nature of the Beast.

In a similar vain, we have the Bush daughters breaking the law regarding drinking
four times between them in as many months: One quiet slap, one underage drinking
and one fake ID on one, and one underage drinking on the other.
This is not about the Bush daughters!

In Texas, George Bush initiated and passed legislation to make laws concerning such
crimes fall under the three strikes you are out crap (mandatory 6 months in County jail),
and through his rhetoric, blamed such misdemeanors on poor parenting and lack of religion.


Hey? Who's running with that?
The story floats for the time being with the theme that the
girls are stupid for not acting like President's daughters should act.

Another exercise for you. Now imagine it was Chelsea Clinton who has been caught
drinking under age three times, and charged twice. Again, Rush Limbaugh would be
pushing it from his Pulpit of Poop hours a day, day in and day out, the entire
AM radio dial would overflow with it; the criminal little alcoholic, and their
evil, drug taking, drinking, 1960's sex maniac, rotten disgusting parents who
are responsible for her criminal behavior. It wouldn't float for a month or two,
it would be shooting up like a three stage shuttle rocket for a decade.
It's the nature of the Beast.

I have suffered a case of writer's block lately, but these issues, like thousands of others
just like them, are what has broke me down and caused me to shut it off for awhile.
For sadly, there's nothing that can be done about it. It is the nature of the Right,
and the media has to follow if they want to gain share by feigning fair.

And that is the  real problem, not the Right, not the media,
but the majority of the American people  (consumers) who suck it up.

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