Subject: Bartcop published in The Nation!!!...


I Cc'ed Christian and Genslab with this because I've sent it to BC three times with no response.
Can someone poke him with a stick if he doesn't get it this time?
Maybe he already knows about it and I missed it in an issue.
He usually responds to me.

- onehandle, Bartcop Forum Moderator

Hey Man! You're Famous!

I was flipping through my wife's June 4th issue of The Nation when, printed in bold, seized
my attention. It's an article about left-leaning web sites called Sites for Sore Eyes by Eric Alterman.
You are one of nine sites listed. Your desciption is as follows: began as a critique of Rush run by a fellow who wishes to remain anonymous but describes
himself as "your average Okie liberal with too much time on my hands." It's developed into a very smart,
funny critique of the right and is financed to the tune of $600 a month by Marc Perkel of San Francisco,
who simply liked it and offered to pay the freight.

The article also mentions,,,,,, and

Hey, it isn't Time or Newsweek, but I bet you've seen a little extra traffic this week.

I mentioned it on the page a week or two back, but I didn't put it in bold or anything.
My good friend Eric Alterman wrote with some questions.

Like a good journalist, he quoted me verbatim.
Hell, had I known he was going to do that, I would've given him better quotes.
Who knew there was still a journalist who did accurate reporting?

A shot of Chinaco Anejo to Eric Alterman

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