Condit Broke Off Friendship With Levy, Sources Say

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Washington, D.C. Rep. Gary Condit "broke off his close friendship" with missing intern
Chandra Levy only two days before she disappeared, the congressman told investigators,
according to Fox News Channel police sources - and they'd never lie.

Condit, D-Calif., provided the new details about his relationship with Levy in a second,
hour-long interview with police Saturday, but stopped short of saying whether he and the
24-year-old had a romantic relationship, the sources said. Condit did, however, strongly hint
that the two had been lovers, the sources said.


Subject: Condit -- the movie

Have you seen "Suspect"?
It stars Cher & Dennis Quaid. Cher is a public defender and Quaid plays a DC lobbyist who
gets jury duty. It's got a dead intern who used to work for a tight-lipped congressman, bribes for
judicial appointments and investigators who aren't much interested in finding the real killer.

I thought it was a documentary.


 "Gary Condit hasn't been very forthcoming with the FBI about his involvement with his missing intern.
 Now it's been revealed that when Clinton was in trouble in '98 he wrote a letter to Newt Gingrich
 demanding that Bill Clinton come forward with full disclosure of what he had done.

 Only in Washington would a man alleged to have had an affair with an intern,
 condemn a man who had an affair with an intern,
 by writing a letter to a man who had an affair with a staffer."
   -- Jay Leno


Subject: Condit is not a suspect


The only reason the cops are saying that Condit is not a suspect is
because it has not been determined that a crime has been committed.
Can't have a suspect when there's "no crime".

It makes it easier for the cops to operate - folks talk a little easier when
they've not been told, "You're a suspect".  Well...uh,'s easier unless the clown
(apologies to the clown profession) is to nervous to talk...because of..........somethin' know...

Keep it up (so to speak).


Hactor, I have a hypothetical for you:

Let's say my wife is sick and lives 3,000 miles from me.
Let's say I have a young girl working for me.
One thing leads to another and she tells me she's pregnant.

I use my head, and say "That's great, Darling. Let's take a cruise and celebrate."
Once we get to sea I ask her to join me on the romantic deck at midnight.
Then, I throw her trouble-causing ass overboard when nobody is looking.
In seconds, she's gone forever.

Question: Has a crime been committed?

Thanks for the note.



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