Random Notes
 by Isaac Peterson

Sometimes you have to pay attention to what's not being said.

In the presidential campaign, Karl Rove, I think, was talking about Bush's intelligence (or lack of).
He said something like "People don't necessarily want the smartest guy in the room to be President".
He didn't say something like "I know George Bush, I've spent a lot of time working with him in Texas,
and I can say that this is one of the brightest, most intelligent men I know. People just don't know
him yet. Give him some time."

Why does it make sense to some people that at all cost we have to move mountains to guarantee
that a few kids of the ultra-rich can inherit more money than God,  but we shouldn't do a damned thing
to leave them a planet with a breatheable atmosphere?

Where does the idea come from that we should use all the petroleum fuel we want and there will
always be enough to go around? What makes people think that when fuel starts to run low,
they are going to be included in the plans for it? The hopped up military machines are going to
demand fuel and oil, and guess what is going to be the priority for the fuel supply? Washington D.C.
won't give a rat's behind if people have to walk or ride bicycles to Walmart or to Klan rallies.

If the government really wanted to ban guns, they could have done it any time they wanted. Looking
back at the courts and guns, the Supreme Court and most Federal level courts have fairly routinely ruled
against the NRA's interpretation of the 2nd Amendment. Localities around the country have banned or
restricted guns, and the courts have said it was Constitutional. I suspect this is why the NRA focuses
on killing legislation and defeating legislators instead of filing legal challenges. Not like they don't bring them,
but they don't have much success when they do (maybe this will change with Ashcroft and cronies).
If the Federal government was afraid of citizens owning guns, guns would have been outlawed and
confiscated a long time ago.

Patrick Henry said "...give me liberty, or give me death" and we call him a patriot,
but I'm considered unpatriotic when I point out that he owned slaves til the day he died,
and made no provision for them to be freed after he was dead.

Regulation is bad for business, but corporate profits went through the roof for the last few years under
an Adminstration that gave relatively strong support to regulations.

Around 1914, Oklahoma had more dues-paying members of the Socialist party than NewYork state,
elected over a hundred Socialists to local office, and six to the state legislature.
There were dozens of weekly Socialist newspapers.

NRA members tell me what the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution means, but they leave out the
"well-regulated" part. In that spirit, I'm going to stop making my mortgage payments. When the bank
tries to foreclose, I'm going to show them the promissory note I signed. But I'm going to leave out the
part where it says I have 30 years of monthly payments, and get to live free forever.

Why is it that so many of the people complaining about liberal media bias don't seem to be able to define
the word 'liberal'? Why do so many attacks against liberals on websites use the exact terminology heard
on Rush Limbaugh's show or The O'Reilly Sphincter? Why are so many of the attacks I read based on
descriptions of  liberals made by conservatives rather than what liberals themselves are saying or doing?

Sure, Rush Limbaugh will read some quotes, but they seem to be isolated words taken out of context.
One sentence from anyone to the left of Strom Thurmond will provide Rush with at least one hour's worth
of rant. And why do so many people on websites who attack liberals for being mean-spirited name callers
resort to mean-spirited name calling to try to make their point?

In the debate about global warming why is the opinion of guys who barely graduated high school more
important than the opinions of thousands of scientists who have studied it for decades?

I am laughing my ass off that Trent "Kouncil for Koncerned Kitizens" Lott is the 'minority' leader in the
Senate now. Heh heh heh.

If our justice system works so well, why are there people who, after having gone through trial and
appeals, are being rescued from death row by journalism students who can come in after the fact
and prove they're innocent? And why is our system geared to fully fund prosecutors, but defense
gets practically nothing? If we are innocent til proven guilty, why don't we provide the resources for
potentially truly innocent people without means to be able to provide legal defense?

If Bill Clinton was so corrupt, despicable, inept and universally despised, why are people around the
world giving him awards and naming buildings after him, while those same people wait in line for hours
just for a chance to spit in Bush's hair?

If time travel isn't possible, where did George Will get that haircut?
And it's hard for me take a guy seriously who wears ugly bow ties.

If Dick Cheney wasn't a multimillionaire and had to rely on the same HMO's that he thinks should be
able to treat the rest of us any way they want, he would have died from his heart ailment long ago.

Did BushDaddy nominate Clarence Thomas to the Extreme Court to try to prove once and for all
that Black Americans are in fact, lazy, stupid, and oversexed?

ha ha

How is it that making sure teens know about safe sex causes teens to have sex?
Don't raging hormones and maturing bodies have a little to do with it?

I wonder if Bush Senior kept the box George Jr. came in?
And if it's too late to get a refund or exchange?

Why do some people question whether a minority student accepted to a school under affirmative
action is qualified to have a place in that school, but when it is their own son or daughter, he or she is
automatically qualified just because their parents can afford to pay for that same spot in the same school?
Why do so many people get so worked up about affirmative action giving a minority a chance to work in a company?
Can everyone reading this say that every white person with a job is qualified to be there?
Starting with the White House and working down from there.

Let's see...Cheney needs a heart, Bush needs a brain, the Democrats need courage...hmmm...I might
have an idea for a movie here if I could only come up with a  good angle....
isaac peterson

I report.   I decide.

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