The First 167 Days
   by Coach

So, it's five and some month's into Smirk's appointment and he's finally
taking a little heat from the so-called liberal media. The talking gasbags
and press are beside themselves because the polls, all pretty much in
agreement, describe W as a man walking in quicksand.

Why is this such a surprise? Why after a controversial election, which
still needed some legal double talk from the hive of five to get him
into the office, didn't he show some humility and move to the center as
the majority of Americans obviously wanted? He's gone so hard right on
virtually everything he's touched, you'd think he'd won an 80% majority.

Do you think it's possible that Rove and Huges actually believed their
press clippings that said they were brilliant political strategists that got
Smirk past Ann Richards in Texas in '94, and through this national
debacle of 2000? Well, they're playing in the "show" now, and things
don't quite work that way. Americans are too savvy. Had Jim Jeffords not
shown some spine, and bolted, I'm sure they would have continued to
pursue an agenda approved by the likes of bug-eyed religio nut Gary
Bauer and Bush's corporate masters.

The media, in a collective effort to avoid a complete loss of credibility,
have started to question W's agenda. They raved about his getting the
tax cut through so quickly. They called this a win.

Pardon my language, but how the fuck is giving 40% of Clinton's hard-earned
surplus over eight years, in spite of a hostile Repub Senate and House in control,
to 1% of the wealthiest people in America a win? Did anyone see the middle class
or poor jumping up and down and high-fiving about this so-called tax cut?
Or was it just the already rich? Rhetorical questions aside, this big lie platitude
is only one of W's problems. He still has to overcome issues like energy,
environment, faith based, and the general perception that he's disinterested
in the plight of the average American. He is not winning over the masses.

George W. is not the popular effervescent president Karen Hughes, Mary Matilin,
Karl Rove, or Ari Fleisher make him out to be. He can not be propped up. It would,
and does, take too much fibbing. We expect our Presidents to be good on their feet
when circumstances demand. "He has a good heart," doesn't quite do it.

The liberal folks reading this understand completely. The conservative folks are
in denial, and they should know it. It's so bad George won't even come out and
defend his pro-business, anti-American agenda. Am I wrong? When was the last time
George came out and spoke to the American people about their concerns as addressed
in the polls? I mean, he's losing in virtually every meaningfull category. Wouldn't one think
his dramatic drop in the polls is a legitimate concern he'd want to speak to?
Does he think "misunderestimating" him is a virtue and it will all go away?

Consider this; he's so weak and so deep in the pockets of big business, his handlers
feel it's better to keep him hidden at his ranch in Crawford or Camp David, than expose
him to the ever enquiring press. Heaven forbid he might have to think on his feet and
answer questions. After what the media did to Al Gore, they owe us.
And we should have one request of them:

Find George.


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