Tons O' Mail and Toons

From:  RB Ham

Subject: That Whore Bill Bennett


Sickening. On Larry King last night First Class Whore-For-Life Bill Bennett (R-Hacking Cough)
kept lamenting the loss of the 'good old days' when he first arrived in Awashinshittington.

Oh, for those halcyon days of racial strife and open rebellion.
Oh for those tender lost years of Eugenics Theory and Jim Crow laws!
Alas, they are gone.

In the OLD days you didn't need to screw an intern or a staffer (eh Newt?) and risk exposure.
Mistresses and prostitutes were strictly trained and studiously ignored by the Good Old Boy Media.

OH, tear at your sack cloth, Bill!
Poor lost "Don't Do Drugs Except For The Ones I Agree With" William Bennett.
He wonders what changed?
Why is it that personal lives are now fair game to the prying press and the public eye?

Say what, Cancer Man?
Can't hear you through that choking fit.
Mayhaps you need a helping hand?
Fuck You.

RB Ham


Subject: Can I write for you?

Hey, BartCop.  My name's Erin and I'm sixteen.
I've been reading BartCop for about three years, and I love it.

The reason I'm writing to you is the fact that I'm getting frustrated with the way liberal opinions
are harder and harder to express without getting censored these days, and being a liberal who
loves to write, I was wondering if you needed any help with the writing around

If you'd like, I'll send you a sample of my writing.
Otherwise, keep up the good work.


Erin, I need all the help I can get.
Yes, send a sample of your writing.

From: Dick Mathews

Subject: Rematch

One of my points you skirted entirely. I said Clinton lied under oath
and to the American people. Is this a true statement? If not, why not?
I said it had nothing to do with sex. What BC does in own time, whether
in the Oval Office or elsewhere is none of my business. It maybe the
business of HRC if she chooses to make it so.


Dick, you have phrased that question crazily, but I'll still answer.
Clinton wasn't under oath when he lied to America.

Of course he lied.
Nobody in history has ever been in his situation,
so who knows what anyone else might've done?

Let's say you were put under oath, and a partisan whore judge forced you
to answer questions about what you thought about while masturbating.

How honest are you going to be, Dick?
Would you volunteer that one time when you were a teenager when you
briefly firted with gay sex?  Remember, you're under oath...

This was never any question of the "rule of law."
This was a cockhunt - pure and simple.

You say it had nothing to do with sex?
Then why did Hardon Kenny have the word sex 260 times in his impeachment referral?
Of course it was about sex. They knew that would be the most embarrassing.

It didn't become crystal-clear until we saw the whore court rule that a counting
of the votes in Florida would cause Smirk "irreperable harm.".
That's when we realized it was a "get Clinton" sham from the start.
The dirty whore court was on the take.

Clinton was right to lie, and I'm glad he did.


Subject: Castro

Saw on the news last night (NBC) Fidel being interviewed.
He said  "Bush was not elected president, but appointed" and therefore
why should the US bitch about Cuba not holding free elections?


Thanks B.C. for the great sight.
Rick W.

ha ha

Good one Rick, thanks.


Subject: hilarious letter to the editor

This is from the July 2 Washington Post editorial page....

House Republicans, ostensibly people who decry governmental intrusion in
state and local affairs, have voted to require Arlington County to rename
the National Airport Metro station after Ronald Reagan [Metro, June 27].
I have a suggestion for those Republican Reagan-worshipers torn between
their distaste of big government and their adoration of the former president:

They should change their own names to Reagan.

This requires only a simple visit to a courthouse and could be done easily
without the need to pass legislation in both houses of Congress. Not only
would this negate the reasonable charge of congressional meddling in what
is clearly a local issue, but it would almost single-handedly achieve the goal of
naming an object in every state for Reagan (alas, five states lack GOP representatives).

This strategy would have the further advantage of forming an easily identifiable voting bloc:
They could refer to themselves (quite literally) as the Reaganites.



Subject: Mother of all links they have links to 400 some odd alternative press sites.
thought this might be useful to round out the mother of all links page.

Some of the sites also have long lists of links to alternative press sites, activism oriented sites, etc.
less importantly, has politics and more, a truly amazing set of links.

loving your work.


Subject: "The Betrayal of America"

To the Editors of,

Here at The Nation Institute, we enjoy your very useful site and count you
among a dwindling handful of media outlets that give serious treatment to
news and public policy issues. We’re hoping we can enlist your help on
behalf of an important new book “The Betrayal of America: How the Supreme
Court Undermined the Constitution and Chose Our President” by Vincent
Bugliosi, recently published by Nation Books. Bugliosi, best known for his
role in prosecuting Charles Manson and for his best-selling book Helter
Skelter, has written a searing indictment of the five Supreme Court
justices who handed down the stay that halted the Florida election
recount, accusing them of the theft of America's votes.

        The book began as “None Dare Call It Treason”, an article written
by Bugliosi for the Febuary 5, 2001 issue of The Nation. This article
generated a greater response than any other article in the magazine’s
136-year history. Clearly, Mr. Bugliosi struck a chord with the many
disillusioned Americans.

        In their review of “The Betrayal of America”, Publisher’s Weekly
wrote: "Bugliosi ...diverges from much of the outrage that passes for
political commentary these days by backing up his bluster with careful
legal analysis. The results--which Molly Ivins calls 'the modern
equivalent of J'Accuse'--are troubling and fascinating...There are still a
lot of disgruntled Democrats out there who will welcome this biting
critique, so expect lively sales and lots of media controversy."

Nation Books is a new, non-profit imprint. We're promoting this book not
for profit but rather in response to America's outrage at the betrayal by
the nation's highest judicial body. I am writing to ask for your help in
promoting the book, as we have no publicity budget and you are reaching
the core audience for this title. Other sites, including,
have done one or more of  the following to help promote this book:

§       Review the book online
§       Place an image of the cover of the book on their homepage with a link to an online bookstore
§       Mention the book to their recipients on their e-mail list
§       Place a link to with information about the book on their page
§       Place the book on their recommended reading list.

Any help that you can give us in promoting the book would be greatly
appreciated. Feel free to link to or the page for the book:

And please let us know if you decide to assist us.

Thank you,
Jason Novak

Jason Novak
Nation Book, an imprint of The Nation Institute
33 Irving Place, 8th Floor, New York, NY 10003



Do you have the picture of George W. Bush waving to the public that has
him holding a book that says "presidency for dummies"  ?  This was sent
to me in an email called "our leader".  I had it set as my wallpaper
and accidentaly deleted it.  I would appreciate it if you sent it to me so
i could save it perminantly this time.

A person who like to make fun of Dubya

Believe it or not, I don't have a copy of that. I received doznes of copies of that
over a period of weeks, so I figured it was so saturated that I never ran it.

If someone has a copy of Smirky holding the "Dummies book,"
please forward a copy to


Subject: Salvation Army

This is a letter I sent to the Salvation Army today.

To Whom It May Concern,

I was shocked and dismayed yesterday when I was driving in my car and
heard a radio announcer make it clear that the Salvation Army is an overtly
homophobic organization dedicated to spreading and practicing hatred and
bigotry and conspiring with the illegitimate "president" to oppress gay men and women.

I have always had a good impression of the Salvation Army as a worthy charitable
organziation serving the best interests of our country and I have always made a point
of donating and encouraging my family and friends to do the same. I was mortified to
think that my donations have been giving succor to a Hate Group. I am sick at the
thought and you can rest assured that I intend to make sure everyone I know is aware
that the Salavation Army is a political organization using religious hatred to spread
divisiveness and bigotry just like the Ku Klux Klan, Aryan Nations and other Far Right
hate organizations. You should be ashamed  of yourselves.

Howard Klein

Go Howie!


Subject: Discrepancies in October Surprise story
Dear Bartcop,

I love what you're doing!
I just want to support your efforts to expose and discredit the evils of
the George H.W. Bush & son administrations, by pointing out a discrepancy
in your October Surprise piece. You refer to the date of October 17, 1980,
however the story at the Consortium News link you provide stipulates
that the date was October 19.

Thanks and best wishes.

--Corey Zadik

Corey, Bush was missing for 2-3 days, so both may be accurate, but whenever a detail
of mine conflicts with someone as pretigious as Robert Parry, always go with him.

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