Condit didn't do it
    by Vance Everson


I hate to support the all the brouhaha by adding my two cents, but I haven't heard this perspective in the press.
I don't think that Condit had anything at all to do with Chandra Levy's disappearance. If for some reason he wanted her dead, there's no way that he would want her to "vanish". He would have to know that a connection would be made to records, the possibility that she had told someone(she had), or that she kept a journal or diary, etc...
If Condit were to kill her, or have her killed, he would want her body found quickly, the apparent victim of a random violent crime with an obvious motive, like a robbery or such. A staged suicide could also end up opening an investigation that would find his connection with her.

As far as fearing that his wife would find out, it's totally possible that she already new...this guy was known on the hill as a real lothario- she may very well 'condone' his behavior as well. She must know a little about his sex drive. They may well have had some type of open marriage, or an 'agreement' regarding sex, seeing as she was ailing, and he's an attractive congressman who spends most of his time on the other side of the country. I'm not saying that it's likely, just possible, and you NEVER here that possibility raised in the press in any case of this kind.

sidebar: I've always wondered if Bill & Hillary might have had some type of 'agreement' as well, even something like
"I don't care how many blow-jobs you get, just don't get caught, and don't get anyone pregnant". Again, I'm not saying
it's likely, just possible- wives of 'powerful' men, any men, are usually aware of their husband proclivities. That's why
I've always maintained that the only people whose business the whole thing was were Bill, Hillary, and Monica. for
all anyone knows, they may have all been having threesomes together.
Back to Condit-
In the Dupont Circle neighborhood where Chandra lived, there was a similar disappearance of a young intern in 1999. Joyce Chiang was last seen leaving a Starbuck's, and then vanished without a trace. Her body was found a few months later,
but no cause of death was determined, and there are no suspects in the death. More info on her case can be found at:

It may be that there is a serial type killer in the area- someone who might seem friendly and harmless enough, and is able
to convince a naive and idealistic young woman to come into his home, or even car, under some innocuous excuse, like
helping with groceries, or looking for a cat, or something like that. Once inside, with the door closed, he might turn into
another John Wayne Gacy.
Another possibility, one for the conspiracy lovers, is that she was killed and abducted in some sinister plot engineered by
GOP operatives. Condit(D-votes like a republican) was a philandering dem, a popular California dem in a conservative
district that might otherwise go republican. No matter how this turns out, Condit will most likely not be able to get re-elected.
Even though the GOP was happy enough with his congressional voting record that they didn't run anyone against him 4
years ago, if the way that electoral college votes allotted is changed to being partially based on the distribution of dem
and republican congressman, as has been talked about, every person with an R after his name will be more valuable.
Especially in California. Getting Condit's public reputation destroyed would certainly help them get the district in their column.
just some thoughts.
Keep up the GREAT work!

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