Get the Noose for Condit
   by Margaret Shemo

Prediction:  Gary Condit is going to be lynched.  We all "know" he's guilty.
He "warned" each of his girlfriends to keep her mouth shut about her affair
with him - if she didn't, he would break off the affair, i.e., "dump" her.
That must have seemed reasonable enough to them, at the time - not that any
of them DID keep her mouth shut, of course.  Little did the OTHER "other
women" suspect (until they saw the "Chandra Levy" story on TV) that he meant
that he would "dump" their lifeless bodies in the nearest landfill.  EEEEK!

Condit's so low, he's in such trouble, that no finer a figure than Larry
Kudlow (the coke-consuming conservative commentator) is lecturing him on the
sixth commandment - but not the fifth! -- from the National Review Online.
If pieces of Chandra Levy are found in some nut's freezer, the nut will
claim that Condit put them there, or that Condit hired him to kill Levy, or
that Condit asked him to get rid of Levy.  If Levy's body is found next to a
bottle of pills, it will be alleged that Condit could have given her cash,
which she might have used to buy the pills.  If Levy is never found, Bob
Kerrey will remark, enviously, that Condit is "unusually good" at concealing
female corpses.  Oh, yeah, Condit's finished.

It seems to me that if Chandra Levy's family wanted the police to know about
her affair with Gary Condit, they didn't have to wait two months for Condit
to admit it.  (And THEN call him a liar.)  All her aunt OR her mother had to
do was to tell the police what both of them had heard from Chandra Levy's
own mouth.  Hell, even the Levy family's gardener claims to have known about
the affair.  Were they holding out for DNA evidence?  If anyone withheld
information that might have been critical to the investigation, it was each
and every one of the "Levy relatives."

Chandra Levy's aunt, Linda Zamsky, said that her niece told her in November 2000
about her "intimate" relationship with Gary Condit - not with a Congressman, not with
a 53-year-old Congressman who looked like Harrison Ford, but with Gary Condit.

Now we have Otis Thomas, a Pentecostal minister/gardener, who claims that
his daughter had an affair with Condit, too.  And, oh, yes, Thomas just
happens to be the Levy family's gardener!  (It's a small world, and an even
smaller congressional district.)  Granted, his daughter, Jennifer Thomas,
left a note on her door for the media in which she claims, "I never met that
congressman who's involved in all this."  But I think she MUST have had an
affair with Condit - wouldn't ANY female twenty-something be just bursting
to tell the world that she was used by a middle-aged married man?  Her
father says she won't talk to anyone because she's afraid - just terrified
of Gary Condit, the Capitol Hill Marauder, who apparently made a mistake by
letting her and her father live this long.

Thomas says that in mid-April 2001 - a couple of weeks before Levy
disappeared - he gave Levy's mother, Susan Levy, an "account of his
daughter's affair with Condit."  As the Washington Post says today, "By
then, the Levy family knew Chandra was having a relationship with the
congressman, according to family members. . . .  The two [Otis Thomas and
Susan Levy] eventually confessed to each other that both their daughters had
had relationships with Condit.  'I told Mrs. Levy that with my daughter, it
ended badly, that I think her daughter should end the relationship with him
right away,' Thomas said."  (Thomas had also said that his daughter dumped
Condit, not the other way around, and she did so on his own advice, but who
knows what he means by "badly"?)  Wait, it gets better!  Thomas claims, and
Mrs. Levy confirms, that Mrs. Levy promptly called her daughter in Washington
to "argue" or "spar" with her about her relationship with Condit. Somehow, Thomas
knows what both women said - I guess Thomas was on the rose garden extension,
or maybe Mrs. Levy had her daughter on the speakerphone. Mrs. Levy couldn't
persuade her daughter to give up Condit, and she makes no claim to have called Condit.

The Post says, "In mid-April, when the Levys were in the Washington area to
celebrate their daughter's birthday, Chandra Levy told her mother that she
had talked to Condit about the affair described by Thomas and that the
congressman had 'explained it all' to her, Susan Levy said."  Apparently,
that was OK with the "Levy relatives," too.  Or was there a big argument
that the Levy relatives haven't mentioned?

Chandra Levy was last seen in downtown Washington on April 30, 2001.  Police
declared her disappearance suspicious and announced an inquiry on May 10,
2001.  Between those two dates, none of the Levy relatives called a press
conference to announce that their daughter had been involved in an affair
with Condit.  If the Levy relatives also delayed telling the police what
they knew -- out of embarrassment, or out of regard for Levy's right to
privacy -- how are they less guilty than Condit of obstruction of justice or
hindering an investigation?  Condit may know that he's innocent of doing her
bodily harm, and that he has no information -- besides an admission of the
affair -- to contribute to the investigation.  What did the Levy relatives
know about him -- anything BUT the existence of the affair?  What reason did
the Levy relatives have to conceal the affair?

I think the Levy relatives were slow to come clean with the police; the
police have leaked details like a sieve, and yet we didn't hear hints about
the affair from the "Levy relatives" for weeks.  Apparently, the Levy
relatives didn't put it past Chandra to "disappear" without telling anyone.
But when she hadn't returned weeks later, they came to regret their
reticence.  All they might have done is blacken their dead daughter's/niece'
s reputation -- not that she seemed to have been ashamed of the affair --
but now they wish they'd done it earlier.  Their sudden turn against Condit
looks like a move of desperation.  If Condit isn't responsible for her
death, they don't know who else might be, and they can't live with that.
First they covered for his denial of an affair, then they withdrew the
cover, and now they denounce him as a liar - now that he's told the "truth"
that they knew for months.  Poor Chandra's gone.  All that remains is to
determine Condit's neck size for the noose.

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