Vegas...or somewhere better
    by Brandy

If all you want to do is drink and gamble, try Laughlin!
We went there to celebrate a friend's wedding, and had a great time!

Our room at the River Palms was spacious and clean.  The A/C worked nicely.
The TV was large, and swiveled to face the table and chairs or the bed, you pick.
We looked out over the river, gorgeous both day and night.  There was a decent buffet,
pretty bearable prime rib, and good breakfast for about 6 bucks.  The bathroom in the
room was very nice, spacious, plenty of power plugs for blowdryers, etc, with soap,
shampoo, cream rinse, shaving cream, and lotion dispensers!  It was about $85 a night....

Yeah, the elevators were a little slow, but there was an Elvis Impersonators'
contest that weekend, and it was busy!

We strolled up the river walk to all the other casinos, saw the classic car museum at Flamingo,
I believe.  We had dinner at the Colorado Belle.  They have a micobrewery restaurant with
some pretty decent beer.  I had the "Sweet 16", which was a 16 oz beer of my choice with a
very fine 16 oz ribeye.  We had to wait in line about 45 minutes, but brother, that steak was
worth every second in line!  I'm not a big fan of beer, but the pale light stuff was very good.

We saw people walking around with these HUGE 60 oz margaritas.
Whoa!  And you can rent Jet skis all over.

There were downsides:  we waited about 45 minutes for the "river taxi", and ended up
walking back to our hotel instead of waiting. (But hey, it's only a buck to take the river taxi!)
As we walked along, the sun was setting, and there were TONS of bugs along the riverwalk.
(Awww, we will just have to duck into this casino to escape the bugs and cool that a
nickel slot?  Hang on a second....)  The casinos are pretty close to each other, but we discovered
that the payoff and machines at the River Palms were about the best on our side of the strip.

Next trip will be the Ramada Express, they have a veteran's discount and players' club,
and are clean and nice, although not right on the river.  And probably not in the summer, it was HOT!
But we had a great time for about $400 for 3.5 days!

Your friend and admirer,

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