Nuclear Rant
  by  Mike Lordi

Upon hearing about the beacon on the missile, I realized that the news media had spoken of
how great a success the test was, but not ONE reported that the test was a sham.
Also, it brought to mind a Time (i think) article which was published after Reagans initial "success"
which exposed the same lie that we are now exposed to again.  A homing beacon was attached,
which made the test successful. The general gist was that the test HAD to be a success to further
FUND the project.  If it had failed, the corporations would have lost BILLIONS in funding.
I also LOVED hearing about the test of the new Russian missile which would fly UNDER the statasphere,
thus eliminating all possibility of the sheild even working.  Yet this too was all but ignored by the media.
Finally, I wonder how the sheild will protect us from the REAL threat, which is a wack from a 3rd world
country carrying ebola into NYC and dropping it into a sports arena or in a mass transit system.
Did you notice how Bush just seems to push his agenda regardless of whether or not the American people
support him?  Personally I did not want to piss of the Russians by sidestepping the ABM treaty.  I LIKE
having them as friends, not having air raid drills and bomb shelters.  But here he comes, and just decides
to abolish something we fought hard for and push his agenda through.

Mike, the wind blows from west to east.
If I was a religiously-insane, third-word crackpot, and wanted to harm the United States,
I'd float a big ship close to San Francisco and just head for the harbor.

When the Coast Guard or anybody tried to board it, I'd set off my atomic blast
or let the germs go or whatever and let the wind do my job for me.

Just like the GOP to want to spend trillions on a system that can be outwitted by Kon -Tiki.


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