Bush Babes Party in L. A.


Page Six has learned that the fun-loving First Daughters attended wild parties two nights
in a row last week - including a Beverly Hills bash where Jenna was photographed holding a drink.

Jenna, 19, who is working as a summer intern in the Hollywood management firm Brillstein-Grey,
first turned up with her twin at a bash last Wednesday at the Niketown store in Beverly Hills.

Next week, the National Enquirer plans to run a story about Jenna's spirited antics, along with
the photo which - unlike an earlier shot of her taken at an L.A. club - shows her with a glass
in her hand. The Enquirer photo was taken less than 24 hours after Jenna's mother Laura Bush
went on CNN's "Inside Politics" to accuse the media of overzealous coverage of her daughters.

Jenna, the wilder half of the Twin Terrors, recently made headlines when she was fined and had her
driver's license suspended after pleading "no contest" to a second underage drinking offense in Texas.

"They don't seem to care about getting caught anymore," said an insider. "Their mother is condemning
the media for writing about them, but they're the ones who are going out every night."

The next night, Thursday, the Bush twins turned up at a party for "American Pie 2" star Jason Biggs
at the Hollywood Hills home of wealthy Nicholas Loeb.

"When Jenna and Barbara showed up at 2 a.m. with their Secret Service bodyguards, they looked like
they had already been out partying," said one partygoer. "They looked pretty out-of-it."

The glitzy gathering, attended by Lauren Holly, Michael Rappaport, "American Pie 2" co-star Eddie Kaye Thomas
and Backstreet Boy Kevin Richardson, was so raucous that cops showed up to warn partygoers to quiet down.

A few weeks ago, Jenna whooped it up at the trendy 21-and-over nightclub Deep in L.A., where she was
hustled inside by her Secret Service minders. Before that, she partied at the 21st birthday bash for Kate Lowe.

Sources tell us that while Jenna enjoyed herself at the pot-clouded party - attended by several female strippers
and actors Jared Leto, Balthazar Getty and Danny Masterson - her Secret Service detail waited outside in a car.

When we called the White House yesterday for comment about the hard-partying presidential progeny,
spokesman Ken Lisaius told us: "We just simply don't comment on the Bush daughters."

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