Subject: Disagree about media

The media first and foremost has nothing to do with the truth, but more of a goal is ratings that
means exciting people and telling one-sided stories that run previews for the nightly news saying
"You have to watch, your kids lives may depend on it."

However, the media is also very liberal.  A prime example (not hypothetical) is when the whole
Monica thing came up.  The media was free to allow people (including Hillary) to go one and
express how everything was a right wing conspiracy made up of lies in order to make Bill look bad.
Well as we all know, everything was true.  One more case of Bill's little problem.

"The media was free to allow Hillary on TV?"
What kind of talk is that?
Hillary should not have been allowed to speak?
You think the networks were on Bill side in impeachment?
Were you in America the last four years?

Why didn't the media make note about the lies that they freely spread about the right wing conspiracy?

What in the world are you talking about?
Richard Mellon Scaife paid David Brock $80,000 to go to Arkansas to talk to certain state troopers
who were paid another $80,000 to tell stories to Brock about Clinton. How can you not know this?
Brock has confessed, so don't think this is wishful thinking on my part.
OF COURSE there is/was a conspiracy to take down Clinton.
It's been on the front pages for years - where have you been?

When the fact was the liberals were lying.

Besides the blow jobs, name one thing that was a lie.

They were proven to be lies.

Why do you say such crazy stuff?
Did you hear Rush say this or Hannity?

As was Hillary's testimony in the Whitewater encounter.
It was proven she gave factually false evidence.
Did she lie or is she ignorant?
Congratulations to NY letting themselves be hustled.

Artie, is that you?

Are you making this up?
If they could prove that Hillary lied one percent, they would've brought charges.
Starr was under severe pressure to come up with SOMETHING and he couldn't.
Now you claim there were "proven lies?"

The local media in Minneapolis begins all their stories about Bush with a derogatory headline.
They never did that with Clinton, even though he was constantly having some woman or some illegal
activities from his past constantly brought up.  If you remember Clinton always denied any wrong doing.
It was always front page news, Clinton falsely accused again by a right wing conspiracy.
The interesting thing is EVERY time a couple of months later it would ALWAYS turn out true
and there would be a nice article on page 26 in font size 4 about the truth about the story.

I makes no sense to try to explain Minnesota's media, but if you're as on-target with them
as you are with national politics I'm afraid you've been listening to Rush too often.
You say with Clinton, "it would ALWAYS turn out true," but that's just more crazy talk.
Vince Foster,
Trashing the White House,
Arlington Cemetary,
Stripping Air Force One,
the list is endless and Starr couldn't find ANY evidence of ANYTHING
not relating to the blow jobs or he would've charged Clinton with a crime.

Do you realize your credibility lies somewhere between Gary Condit and Larry Klayman?

P.S. If anyone is referring to the intelligence between Clinton's and Bushes.

1) Remember George Bush in early nineties recognized the problems California was going to have
and was trying to plan to avoid the crisis that is still very much around.  Clinton did nothing for eight
years even though his chief of staff admitted Clinton knew about the problem.  (He did defend the
administration by stating they didn't find out until the near end)  So many truthful words have come
from the Clintons.  I'm sure they didn't know.  More likely is Clinton asked: "Will it happen in my term
or can I ride it out."  Time and time again Clinton proved he doesn't care about anyone except himself.
How about shutting down an airport to get his hair cut.  If that's what was really going on.

Everyone but you and Rush admits the airport haircut never happened.
Did you ever consider LA might have more than one runway?
And as far as the power shortage (I assume that's where you're going) we've been drowning
in energy for ten years, that's why Clinton didn't solve that problem - it doesn't exist.
Notice the price of electricity in California dropped 90 percent once the GOP lost the Senate.

2) George W. recognized the energy issue not only not but the huge one lingering because nothing
has been done for eight years.  He gave high priority and had Cheney himself write the report.

That's because Bush can't write or spell or think.
And there never was an energy crisis in California.
It was price-gouging by the president's friends, confident they wouldn't be investigated
as long as the Democrats had no power. Once they got that power, costs dropped from $1000
per kilowatt hour to under a hundred.   Don't you read the newspapers or own a TV?

3) Hillary was asked in her debate about the fact the Post Office was going to start charging for e-mail.
She said that she would fight it tooth and nail.  (Being totally a hoax and her not knowing any better.)

If that happened, she made a mistake.
Who asked the question?

4) Bill never said anything intelligent.  He was always phony.  Even when a tragedy would happen, he
would be walking laughing telling jokes and realize the camera was on and frown and look sad.  "I feel your pain"

So you are a big Rush fan - I knew it.
Rush made a big deal out of that because he loves playing with cadavers.
He loves playing with cadavers more than tax cuts and golf combined.
But you know what I think happened there?

Clinton was laughing and joking, which often happens at funerals, and then noticed he was on camera
and thought for a second how cock-suckers like Rush would play with that image so he pulled back.

You see a conspiracy there, as always, but years before Ron Brown died, Clinton described him
as "my best friend," and only a heartless son of a bitch (Rush, not you) would make fun of a man
at the funeral of his best friend.

What I can't understand is with all the lies Clinton told, and all the fake compassion statements he made,
why don't people recognize his arrogance and crookedness of the person, family and whole administration?

Clinton left office with a higher approval than Reagan, and you can't stand that.
Today, Clinton beats Bush by 16 points, according to the latest poll.
The truth is he was a great president, but you live on Fox News and you believe
every wild story they throw at you. Your first paragraph explained all that, remember?

To quote you: "The media first and foremost has nothing to do with the truth,"
If you knew that in the first paragraph, why are you giving me Tommy Dimwit now?

When did Clinton ever say anything truthful?  When did he every lead America?  He certainly had no
problem sending military to do his dirty work, even though he left the country when the military needed him.

ha ha
You mean when he went AWOL during the war?
Oh, that's right, that was Bush, not Clinton.
have you ever been to The Wall in Washington DC?
How many more names would you like on that wall?
Clinton tried to stop that war - Bush just hid under his daddy's skirt, then deserted and
screwed Mexican hookers for two years while men were dying in his place.

Besides - chew on this:
Clinton never sent a man into battle who didn't come home to his family.
Reagan and Bush sent hundreds of men to their deaths, but you forgive them
because Rush and Hannity told you to.

This is a person who spent billions of tax payer dollars jetting around.  Hillary spent billions of taxpayer dollars
as well traveling around on HER jet.  Not to mention firing the travel staff.  I don't remember her name on the ballot.

Well, then, why doesn't the president sign a law making it illegal for the First lady to travel on military jets?
That would solve everything - until Pickles needs to get Jenna out of jail in Hollywood.

Please wake up and realize the harm Clinton has done for everyone in America.

Jared Roddman

You mean the eight years of peace and tremendous prosperity?
Yes, Clinton was a bad, bad man.

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