Turning Up The Heat
    by RB Ham
Have decided to see if I can spark a flame in the once-dynamic now-lethargic CBC News Dept.
The CBC is supposed to be a non-partisan media corporation.
They are funded publicly, all right, but there phony, baloney jobs depend on Gov't largesse.

My theory is that the Liberal Gov't is in a quid-pro-quo backscratching deal with Barrick's,  and the
Liberal Gov't will not be pleased if the CBC proposes to folllow up on this lead. Not to mention the
Smirk connection. I think Smirk,Cheney and Rove frighten the bejeezus out of PM Chretien.
Indeed, the Decree may have come down long ago. I await their reply expectantly. If you have any
suggestions regarding this, please e-mail me at rb.ham@home.com .

I have always suspected the Liberals and big business of having way too cozy of a relationship,
Political Donations beget Corporate Welfare begets corporate friendly legislation.
Perhaps, I can finally find out the extent of the Liberal's beholdeness to the Corporate Behemoths. If
they even respond, that is. However, they're Canadian. And we're very polite as a rule, someone will
write back, won't they?
Will keep you posted on developments.
Letter I sent to CBC news is below.
Dear CBC,
Will you guys get in trouble if you have a reporter cover the following story?
In retaliation for the investigative story about the finances of the George W. Bush campaign, Barrick
Gold Mining of Canada has sued the Observer of London, for libel. The company, which hired the
elder Bush after his leaving the White House, is charging the newspaper with libel for quoting an
Amnesty International report, which alleged that 50 miners might have been buried alive in Tanzania by
a company now owned by Barrick.

The company is using the ridiculous libel laws in Britain to essentially financially cripple the newspaper
and their star reporter Greg Palast, who broke the story. Among their demands is that Palast remove
the offending article from his American web site. Threats, lawsuits and censorship usually makes for a
good story.

Palast has often been referred to as a 'reporter in exile' as he's an American. He went to Britain for
more journalistic freedom, as he had grown disillusioned with the Corporate control of the Media in the
United States. How ironic that he still cannot escape the lash of the Corporate elite. Especially those
elites that are connected to the family of the Boy Prince now in power in the U.S.

Despite getting 500,000 fewer votes Bush II was hurriedly installed by a partisan Supreme Court,
which stopped the recount in the swing state of Florida. Mr. Palast, coincidentally, also was the first to
break the story of the massive evidence of voter fraud in the sunshine state. That was back in
December, no American news outlet picked up the story. Even now, after a NY Times article
produced evidence of Republican machinations regarding the overseas vote and the Civil Rights
Commision report alleging the disenfranchisement of thousands of minority voters, the 'mainstream
media' in the U.S. has either ignored it or laughed it off.

The Free Press has been effectively throttled down south of our border.
It boggles my mind that the CBC has no information about this story, unless, of course, the Corporate
control of the Media extends into Canada as well.

If, by chance, you are aware of this story and were just waiting for a good time to follow up on it,
now would be a good time.
If not, I beseech you to look into this. Just because a multi-national Company might be a little
embarassed is no reason to shirk your journalistic principles and responsibilities.

Thank you. - RB Ham.

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