a rant by coach921

I've been quiet for awhile, to no one's disappointment I'm sure. But the
state of U.S. politics is so frustrating of late, one hardly knows where to begin a rant.
You want to speak up, but don't know quite where to start. There are just too many issues.

It seems like the ideals of free-thinking, tolerant Americans are being tramped on at every level.
From White House double-speak of compassionate conservatism, (an oxymoron if there ever
was one), to a steady stream of appointees and policies that curry to Corporate American and
the Taliban wing of the Republican party, it all seems so, well, Orwellian.

You get the impression that W doesn't even want to be President, rather that he's there
simply to fulfill some overdue favors. Contrast his hiding napping act with that of Bill's,
who stayed up most of the night working for us.

Remember W's line during the campaign, "check my record in Texas?"
What happened to the lazy ass press on this challenge?

That statement and the one, "we've never executed an innocent person in Texas,"
should have been the end of him right then and there, if anyone had bothered to check it out.
Texas was and is the bottom feeder in just about every meaningful category from education
to pollution in the nation.

But nooooooo, the lazy ass media had to concentrate on the color of Al's shirts and every
hand fed disinformation blast fax the RNC sent about him. They really are a bunch of lazy whores.

They remind me of the guy who wins a lottery. Suddenly he's a financial genius lecturing everyone
within earshot on how to obtain wealth. This is how our mainstream media thinks now. They make
so much money pumping out a couple of columns a week, or screaming on cable TV, that they actually
believe they're the final authority on how Americans think and what they want. If it wasn't for Clinton,
you never would have heard of half of these idiots. Clinton gets a blowie and it's a 24/7 pounding.

W is a snorting, drunken, DWIing, AWOLing, polluting, lazy, thieving, word fumbling chief executioner
of the free world, and it's 24/7 puff pieces. If Clinton had performed the same way, or had the same
background, he'd be hanging from a tree by now.

And if this isn't depressing enough, we now have Walter Isaacson at CNN,
our last hope for fair and balanced, sniffing around Republican butt.
(Oh how I need an adult beverage.)

BartCop, the internet and sites like yours are the last remaining frontiers of freedom.
It's gratifying, no, exhilarating to many of us, that you refuse to take any crap and hit back hard.

Righty. Now that I've gotten that off my chest, I still need a drinkie, and whiskey doesn't seem to be doing it.
Tell me more about that luxury Tequila stuff.


When I need a stiff one, I use whiskey or vodka.
When I want to savor the enjoy a flavor explosion, I use the Miracle at Canaan.


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