I dare you to print this
  by  sensate@postparade.com

You call Democrats "Pink Tutus," and wonder aloud whether they have what it takes
to lead properly. When you debate Naderites, you concede that Dems aren't perfect,
and that some of the Green Party's positions are less spineless than those of the Dems.

So my _good friend_ Tom Tomorrow questions them on the subject of Welfare Reform,
the issue that probably defines their descent into spinelessness better than any other,
the issue where they once and for all abandoned their decades-old commitment to the
less-fortunate, and you say he "turned." To make matters worse, you do this to him in the
context of a comic in which he very effectively debunks the demonization of the word "liberal."

Not fair, BC.

Hold on, you probab;ly wrote this before my explanation, but here it is again.
I went after Tom for his "Clinton is just another corrupt politician" mistake.
I don't know anything about the welfare package, but I trust Clinton's judgment.

You yourself say that the Dems need to grow a spine, which, in my mind goes hand in hand
with having principles. I agree with you that Nader shouldn't have let Weak and Stupid ride
his ego into the White House. But he had valid concerns, and sending his voters to the
Democratic Party should have won from the latter a few concessions.

I'm a gambling man.
I'll bet you can't make that last sentence make sense.
You're saying Nader sent his voters to Gore, but Gore double-crossed him?
If that's not what you meant, list for me a few concessions that would've made Nader get out of the race.
If his price was to abandon all corporate contributions, he's certainly a Rove puppet.

SOMEONE has to push the Dems back towards legislative sanity, and, whether it's the Greens
or even lowly Tom Tomorrow, it has to be done. You say so repeatedly yourself.

Make up your mind: either defend the Dems against every attack, no matter the source,
or conscientiously point up their weak points and where they can improve.
Don't do both--it doesn't look good on you.

I don't understand what you mean.
I can't defend myself against every attack, so I surely can't defend the Dems,
but they need mostly need a little courage, and the will to fight those Bush bastards.

I remain a fan and an avid reader, because your site is far too valuable, despite the ocasional lapse,
for any concerned citizen to miss. Still, if the Democrats can improve, so can you.


Thanks for keeping it civil.

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