Why is Enron buying up California's water rights?
To declare a water shortage and raise the price ten times, that's why
What are you - new to Bush Family Evil Empire monopoly tactics?

From: gslawson@charter.net

Subject: California H2O

The company Enron formed to gain control of water rights in California and other states is Azurix.
You can find many references via a search of google.com with Azurix and California in the search string.
A lexis-nexis search would also yield a good bit if your paper is a subscriber.


From: derek@NTI4.com


The deregulation and corporate monopolization of world water supplies is well underway.
In the US, cash-strapped municipalities are selling their public water utilities to private companies
at an alarming rate. And who is one of the biggest buyers?
You guessed it, Enron (although they are supposed to be selling their North American water
operations to some other company I ve never heard of the better to obscure the truth, my dear, I say).
Enron is one of the Bushies biggest contributors and co-conspirators in the last energy crisis in California.
Just wait until you have your first water crisis .

I first hear of this a couple of months ago, but I forgot where.
I think it was an article linked from Buzzflash.com. But this story is huge. Other than that article,
I ve heard nothing from the whore press. Below is a preliminary result from a little web searching.

Here are a few links to get you started:

From the Canadia Union of Public Employees (if you don t read any of the below, read this!): http://www.cupe.ca/arp/02/default.asp

Enron s Azurix water company buying up world water supplies:

Enron press release (this is about their Azurix, or Wessex Water, companys water supply activities in the UK): http://www.enron.com/corp/pressroom/releases/1998/azx/azurix.html

Foreign water companies in Latin America (you may have to cut and past this one into your browser):


Look for: Foreign Water Companies in Latin America

Enron water and power in India (blackmail at it s finest!): http://news.indiainfo.com/spotlight/enron/

American Water Works to Acquire Azurix North America:

Monterey, CA s public waste water treatment system for sale to highest bidder: http://www.waterindustry.org/New%20Projects/Montery-announce.htm

Derek Parker
Valley Forge, PA

You think $1000 a month electricity is bad?
You think $3 a gallon gasoline is bad?

Wait till the Bush Family Evil Empire controls the price of fresh water.

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