Dubya’s Recession could cause Florida to rent
 an Oil Truck to carry Red Ink to Tallahassee.
Bad Winter for JEB and Florida
  by William Sterner

Florida has no State Income Tax and a big part of the States Revenue comes from Sales Taxes,
Hotel Taxes, Car Rental Taxes and Gasoline Taxes. Later in September, a commission will
come out with the amount of Red Ink the State has used this year. If it is over 300 million
the State will have to call a special session of the Legislature.

But the worst has yet hit the State. Tourist Season is still a couple months off.
With Dubya’s Oil Friends looking gleefully at this winters heating oil market,
added to Dubya’s Recession, this could mean a very very poor Florida Tourist Season.

If the Recession deepens and more and more people are out of work up North,
people will start cutting back on their vacation plans. Bad news for Florida.

Not only will the State lose the Taxes the Tourist spends, but a lot of workers
are hired for the Tourist Season. In turn these worker spend money and pay sales taxes.
They also buy gasoline to drive to work.

Jeb has given his wealthly friends 1.5 billion in tax cuts. And Jeb wants more.
Jeb would have gotten more tax cuts this past session if it wasn’t for one Republican
who heads up the Senate and did not want to give any tax cuts because he saw the
beginning of a recession last March. In the end a little of the tax cuts for the wealthy
did get through but not the full boat.

And then there were those nice government checks from the Federal Government.
With the cooking of the books by DC on the Estate Tax cuts, the States will see the
first big hit. And whose brother is governor of one of the States which normally sees
of the biggest checks from the Federal Government for Estate Taxes?

Florida, of course.

The last Republican Governor Florida had, wanted to add a sales tax on services.
This tax came and went very fast. But in Jeb’s inter circle I hear there is talk of bringing it back.
Sorry Mr. Millionaire with your 15 million in Stocks and Bonds, Florida really should not have
been taxing you, but Mr. Six pack you really need to pay sales tax on that haircut.

Famous quote from the Big Dog “It’s the economy, Stupid”.

Just call him, Jeb "Red Ink" Bush.

William Sterner

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