Subject: Number of Reagan lies during Iran Contra Testimony

Been an avid reader of your site for a long time (since last October) and thought
I could help you out with another tid bit. I was the guy who smoked a Cuban cigar
at Rush Limbaugh's Palm Beach estate on the Fourth of July, remember?

According to my 1997 edition of The Universal Almanac ends Reagan's
biography with this:

As the Iran-contra trials continued in 1990, Reagan was ordered to testify
under oath on videotape. Questioned at length about his role in the scandal,
Reagan responded 130 times with "I don't recall" or "I don't remember."
In 1995, he revealed he was suffering from Alzheimer's Disease.

So, you're saying Reagan is twice the liar I said he was?
You could be right.
I have a tendency to be too fair...

Let's remember, all during the Iran-Contra investigation, Reagan repeated,
"I want to speak out so much, but they say I can't until this investigation is over."

When it was over, Reagan said, "I don't remember nothing about nothing."


Subject: residency issues


     Since Dick Cheney switched residency on the contingency basis last year
I have been wondering about something because I don't have a research staff.
Did li"l Dick pay back his homestead exemption on his house in Texas since he
suddenly decided it was not not his primary residence?  (He's sold it in the mean time)

And, has he paid state income tax for the past two years since being a voting-eligible
citizen of the state of Wyoming would require this?  Perhaps some of your readers can answer this.
This issue was researched supposedly in length last November/December.  That was before tax time.
I want to know if Cheney played both states for big tax breaks at the same time and voted illegally to boot.

Respectfully submitted,

Joe, big flaw in the plan:
We can't do anything about constitutional matters without the Supreme Court
and they are in the pocket of Rove, Cheney and the Bush family Evil Empire.
They're not going to allow any harm to come to their employers.

  Monica looks great lately.


Subject: Ex-aide to Bush campaign jailed

The irony here is thick enough to bend space-time...

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A former aide to George W. Bush's campaign media adviser was sentenced Friday
to one year in prison and fined $3,000 after she admitted stealing and mailing a Bush
debate practice videotape to Al Gore's campaign.


U.S. District Judge Sam Sparks scolded Lozano for trying to disrupt the presidential election.
"Our whole system of government depends on free elections," he said.

ha ha

That judge must be a Republican, with that sense of humor.

"Free elections?"

Must be a goal we're shooting for in 2004.




You have a good website but your company PR stinks! Maybe you ought to
have a bit of concern for those that share your concerns and try to help.
I sent an article a week ago and good or bad I think I would not kill you
to at least respond to e mails concerning questions about publication

Charles Lawrence

Charles, you must be new to the site - welcome.
You say if I had "a bit of concern," I'd read and answer each e-mail?

I'll work on that...

Welcome to the Jungle

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From: Mary Beth Finnerty

Subject: They're building a fence

You might tell BC that the PTB aren't gonna let anyone near the White House or the IMF
or the World Bank.  They're planning on a 9 foot tall fence.  Yup, a fence.  It'll be around
the area that includes the White House, the Ellipse, and the IMF and World Bank.
It's gonna cost someoutrageous amount of money.

The DC police are also calling in police from surrounding jurisdictions.

Personally, I'm staying out of the city for those days.  GWU (George Washington University)
just announced no classes from the 27th of September to the 2nd of October.

Mary Beth (who lives in Rockville, Maryland)

Mary Beth,
Few things pissed me off more than that fence.
That fence isn't there for the safety of our elected officials.
That's a fence designed to prevent freedom of assembly and freedom of speech.
That's a fence designed to control the majority of voters.
That's a "fuck you" fence, like the rich use in their gated communities.

They should hang a giant sign on that fence that says,
"Non-rich, non-white stay away"

And with the press propping him up, covering for him,
how will we get our country back into the hands of the voters?

 Watching Fox Football, you can't help but notice weather girl Jillian Barberie.
 She reminded me of someone, but I couldn't think of who. Then it hit me:
 You girls won't know her, but there's a pretty porn star named Janine something.

 Can you tell which is which?

 You don't think they're the same girl, do you?



Your site is simple, even with heavy traffic, you shouldn't be spending
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I always get in trouble when I talk techinical stuff, since I don't know the language
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Those "unlimited" guys are kidding. If you test their limits, they say,
"Our site is not for people like you, but we do offer more room at affordable rates,"
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Eight months ago, we were sending out 80 megs a day.
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As far as that east-west stuff, it sounds like a full time job.
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I need a  pillar to win the lottery and be my co-host.

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