A rant against the Gary Aldrich article

Hey Bartcop,

I just got through reading a piece by Gary Aldrich (R-MotherFuckerFromHell).
I'm not sure I have ever been so outraged.  I was actually trembling with anger by the time I finished the article.
It makes the statements by Jerry Falwell (R-ReligiousFruitcake) seem minor in comparison.

Not only does he try to exploit this tragedy for his political purposes, but
he does it in such a dishonest way it makes me sick.  I wonder how anyone
who has to resort to such intellectual dishonesty can truly support the
positions he or she holds.

Here are some excerpts interspersed with my comments:

“I submit that these terrorists enjoyed more freedom and liberty than we
did. After all, while we were being questioned about our baggage, X-rayed
and searched, real criminals came and went as they pleased. And then these
murderers boarded jetliners with their knives, phony bombs and threats.
Grandmothers and teenagers presented photo IDs and put their keys and change
in a dish, while extremely dangerous men carried on long distance
conversations about jet fuel and potential body counts.”

Oh really Gary?  The last time I went through airport security, there was
only one checkpoint for everybody.  I don’t recall seeing the “Grandmothers
and Teenagers” line where they subjected everyone to strip searches, or the
“Terrorists and Criminals” line where airport security glad-handed everyone
while handing out goodie bags filled with weapons.

“They drive effortlessly through our cities and towns and eat our
cheeseburgers, while we dodge concrete barriers, and walk around black metal
pylons. We must go miles out of our way so that we can get from one end of
the District of Columbia to the other. That's because Bill Clinton closed
Pennsylvania Avenue to achieve a symbolic security everyone knew was as
flimsy as your ordinary egg shell. .”

Again, where are the separate checkpoints around the White House that allow
cheeseburger eating, bomb driving maniacs to proceed straight down
Pennsylvania Ave while the rest of us divert around the barriers.

And I might remind Gary that a certain pResident Bush has had 8 months to
undo and dismantle those barricades around the “Peoples” house, yet instead
of fulfilling that campaign promise to us, he has instead kept those
barriers in place and even extended the security zone out even further.
Maybe Gary could get a little exercise by jogging the nine miles around the
perimeter fence that will be erected in DC for the World Bank meetings.

“I submit these same bearded, flannel-shirted "suspicious characters" are
now running the backhoes and girder cutters in New York City, working around
the clock until they drop from exhaustion, attempting to do what real
Americans have always done.”

And I submit that those same “Real Americans” are from the predominantly
“Blue” state of New York that overwhelmingly chose Hillary Clinton to be
their Senator.  You know Gary, those same people from those “Blue” states
that you are trying to lay the blame for this incident on.

“Meanwhile, the "girly-men" Liberals and their strident molls scratch their
heads and wonder how and why Tuesday happened.”

Wow Gary, that was a sophisticated argument.  Nothing like name calling
instead of unity in a time of National crisis.

“Could it be that the CIA was unable to penetrate this awful plan because a
former Clinton appointee who happened to be the CIA Director, decided that
CIA agents could no longer recruit spies who were suspected of illegal activity?”

Yes, we were so much better off when our CIA assets were allowed if not
outright encouraged to commit rape, murder and torture.  Maybe Gary needs a
refresher course on who some of our previous CIA assets were.  Does the name
Manual Noriega ring a bell?  How about Osama Bin Laden.  That same CIA, who
did not see this attack coming, trained both.  How many times will the Pit
Bull’s we train bite us in the ass before we learn our lesson?

“For eight long years the Liberals partied, and they have run up an enormous tab.
Thousands of American lives have been cashiered for the Liberal's asinine, childish
approach to national security. The warnings about their Age of Aquarius approach to
the protection of our lives were being sounded as early as 1993. Clinton's participation
in the unraveling of our nation's national security was well known by the summer of 1996.
Still, so many of our citizens wanted to believe Bill Clinton. “

For eight long years this country has experienced Peace and Prosperity that
was unprecedented in our history.  Bill Clinton understood better than
anyone that the long term security of our Nation relies on ensuring that the
rest of the world also has a chance to enjoy Peace and Prosperity.

“My job and the job of all Conservatives now, is to keep Liberals out of
power as long as humanly possible. Our country is not safe when Liberals are
in power. How much more evidence do we need?”

Now this has to be the single scariest thing that I have read this week.
Hearing that there may still be terrorist cells out their waiting to strike is not
half as scary as the thought that certain Conservatives may choose to use
extra-constitutional means to hold onto the reigns of power that were stolen
just a few short months ago.  What’s next Gary, should all Liberals be made
to wear yellow armbands for identification?  Maybe we should be herded into
ghettos while the Conservatives rebuild America in the image of Jerry Falwell
and Pat Robertson.  When I see and hear extremist language like that, it’s hard
to distinguish it from the extremist rantings coming out of Kabul.

Following is my letter to Mr Aldrich:
To: aldrich@patrickhenrycenter.org

Your are a vile and disgusting piece of shit!

I lost friends on Tuesday and you try to turn this tragedy into a soapbox for your extremist
political philosophy.  You are now better than the scum who hijacked those airlines!

Fuck you!

Keep up the good work Bartcop

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