Well, what do you expect?
   by LocutusTDP@aol.com

    I have visited your treehouse since you had merely double-digit issue numbers....
.....called you up at 3:30 am when the treehouse needed a candle in the window
after the whore media called the election for Shrub, and then changed their call.....
....written you a few times and attempted to bring a little smile to the readers, and an
"atta boy" to you when you were right on target. Well, you've done it again. No other
op-ed page on the Internet has called for it, save for yours.

    President Jimmy Carter, possibly the most moral person in the 20th Century to occupy the office,
presided over the development of one of the most horrific weapons known to modern man.
I am speaking of course of the neutron bomb. This atomic bomb was an extremely low-yield
(wasn't intended to destroy buildings..... ...read on, faithful) weapon as far as explosive force goes.
Its main function was to flood a small area (smaller than a city....perhaps a section of a city)
with gamma radiation rivaling that of a small star. In effect, it would leave most of the infrastructure
of a target intact, while vaporizing carbon-based lifeforms. In the parlance of weaponeers, it was
dubbed a "dirty nuclear weapon" (as if one could be "clean).

    I believe that these cowardly Islamic bastards that executed thousands of ordinary citizens in
their attempt to "strike back" at whatever offense, real or imagined, deserve to be made examples of.
While planning a future attack, in some "safe haven", I imagine some "soldier of Allah" discussing his plan
to assault some type of public work, cultural icon, or crowd of innocents utilizing suicide attacks.... ....and his ally,
whispering in his ear, "Remember bin Laden, and how HIS 'mistake' cost him his life, his followers....."

    I call for the United States and their allies to hunt down this mad dog on the loose  somewhere in
Afganistan, or wherever his 6-days-plus lead on us has him, set up a pool photographer (and maneuver some
satellites to the area, like they were on 9-11-2k1) at a safe distance, and call in a nuclear strike on his locale.
Period. With a neutron weapon. With a low expolsive potential, no fallout will orbit our globe, no radioactive clouds
will reach our stratosphere, and we will have delivered a powerful message to potential terrorists in the future.

   One simply cannot expect an enemy to exist after an attack that results in the deaths of over five thousand
(5000) innocent men and women to go unpunished. The madmen that are responsible seem to want to toy
with mass destruction. It has occured to me that we are a Nuclear Superpower, and invented weapons of
mass destruction in 1945, and used two of them against an enemy that initiated hostilities with us in a sneak
attack in 1941 that cost us less lives than what we have lost as of 9-11-2001. It must be crystal clear that
such an attack in the future against our populace will result in the nuclear destruction of the attackers,
and perhaps against those nations that support and, as the members of the soon-to-be-buried-upon-the-
ash-heap-of-history Taliban have proudly stated, "defend" these terrorists.

    I have observed with distaste and disbelief the tone of the letters  you have published with the
"you are so wrong" slant. I feel that these "well intentioned" readers (or ex-readers) are more along the lines
of the Republican callers into the CSPAN "democrat" line who state they are lifelong Democrats but, for the
"reason of the day" hate all democrats and all things democratic. You never really had them in the fold,
so to speak, so you are losing them now, over this? Your entire library of editions have no mention of you
ever being a Dove. You have cited again and again that a nation cannot allow such butchery to go unpunished,
and in most cases, you have called for a response that was overwhelmingly punitive. Your call that the purveyors
of death in this instance need to be "glassed"  is right on, and not, I repeat, NOT from any bloodlust or desire to
see innocents in other lands murdered. You have not, and will not, lose your core readership over this.
You may, however,  become more relevant.

    I say another job well done. You are one of only a handful of Internet sites that have had the backbone to
weather the storm of slander, lies, and illegalities that have  become our current administration. If you were to
cease your efforts and allowed the "treehouse" to go dark, many like-minded Americans (and as you have found,
citizens from all over our world) would lose another voice in the chorus of dissent that will surely rise to
dislodge our current Pretender In Thief in 2004.

    Our country has weathered far more dire circumstances, and we will weather the disaster that
is our current mis-administration. All of us who intend to be there in November '04 would like you to
"grow the pie higher" and continue to hammer away.
Don't change, not for a second.


Since we're on the subject, I, too, am puzzled by the personal attacks.
It seems the only way to disagree is to call me an ignorant, imbicilic Cro-Mag monster
who wants to fry the innocent babies in the poorest countries, and now I've become
Bush's personal waterboy - and that comes from long-time readers.

I realize my writing style is hand-to-hand combat, and it's very hard to show restraint
when attacked by people who've been on the team for months or years.

I've been getting a lot more "fuck you, I'm gone" letters than I've printed.
My first guess was the tense mood that's grabbed the country, but then I got buckets of
"fuck you, I'm gone" letters over Casey Martin and that stupid spy plane, too.

Do conservatives turn on their own this way?

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