Subject: The Big Shoe

 I thought the telethon was great from beginning to end. Everybody was
good. Nice production. Bruce was great. I had never heard that song
before and assumed he wrote it for this show. I read this morning that
he's been doing that song since the beginning of the year. I thought I
saw Silvio on stage but he looked to be hiding because he was wearing a
bandanna. I believe Bruce was channeling Woody Guthrie.

 I needed subtitles to tell me who was onstage. We watched it in bar
naturally. I never even noticed Clapton with U2. I found that out this
morning too. Thank you Bono for losing the sunglasses. They were good
too, no complaints.

 Mariah kicked ass. That was probably the first time in her life she
came out with a regular small combo and winged it. I think her meds were
starting to wear off during the finale. Her vocal wanderings behind
Willie Nelson were, well...bizarre. I heard Willie's guitar from a mile
away on the first note. I'd know that nylon string sound anywhere.

 Paul Simon had everyone singing along. Neil Young was the perfect
person to do Imagine. His voice fit the song. He also had a barrom
chorus singing along.

 Wycliff Jean doing Marley. Who knew? I didn't until I read it today.
We guessed Ziggy Marley. I needed help with Alicia Keyes also.
Not to mention the country stars. I had no idea who they were.
 Bon Jovi produced wet panties around the bar. I had no problem because
I had fresh Depends on.

 Everyone picked great songs. Petty, Stevie Wonder, Billy Joel.
 Everyone was great. You could hear a pin drop in the bar when Ali was on.
 I was glad they didn't show many pictures of the buildings. We've seen enough.

 I'd like to know where all the right wingers were. I only saw Stallone,
James Wood and Celine. If major jerkoffs like Heston weren't invited
then shame on the producers of the show. If they were asked or showed no
interest in being involved then shame on them and it will come back to
bit them in the ass. Rush et al had better tread very lightly on this one.

I haven't seen any Rush Limbaugh Fund or Freepers For Firemen Funds
popping up anywhere. I imagine Rush is working behind the scenes getting
The Rush Limbaugh Fund For C.E.O.'s Who May Have To Sell Off Their
Private Jets. If they start attacking this show because it represents everything
they hate, they are going to come off looking very bad. These stars raised
millions of dollars and I haven't seen the right doing anything except attack Hillary.
Would it have killed Rush or any other right wing bigmouth to say a few words?
Rush could have introduced Ted Nugent.
 I thought Tom Hanks did a fantastic job on that Dave Matthews song.
Who knew he could sing?
 It was also nice that there was no audience.
I still don't know where it was done in NY.



Subject: Some Ann Coulter / Barbara Olson Humor

        I imagine her renting a rental truck, a Ryder perhaps, stuffing it full of dynamite,
and then driving it at full speed into a mosque, while shouting "Jesus is Lord!".

        There is a favorite joke among some religious skeptics that if there was an afterlife,
Isaac Asimov would have written a book about it by now.

        To which one can add that Barbara Olson would have written a column by now
claiming that Hillary Clinton had assassinated her.

Loren Petrich
Happiness is a fast Macintosh
And a fast train

Check Loren's page.
She mentions Ol' Bart several times.


Subject: Jon Stewart

Hey, BC.

Thanks for your tribute to Jon Stewart.  I sent my family email last
night, told them to watch it when it reran, and I watched it again myself.

It was the best speech on I've seen on the subject yet, by far.  Not so much because it was inspired or eloquent,
although sometimes it was; but because there was anguish -- and as you said, determination -- in every word.

He was a just another helpless human being, not ashamed to cry, not ashamed to admit fear, but still tossing back
defiance at those who tried, who would try, to crush our spirit.  When he was done, you were proud of our country,
not for any of the abstractions we use to describe ourselves, or any patriotic rhetoric, but just because we're still here.

A man can be strongest when he's breaking.


P.S. -- I appreciated Nicholas Van Hoffman's column, too.


Subject: I must be using the wrong search engine

Have you found any photos of the Bush twins enlisting?  I've been looking all over for them
and I know they've got to exist (The Anti-Christ wouldn't be sending kids off to war without
making sure his were first in line.  To do anything else would smear his family's spotless record in this regard).

I'm also having trouble finding any info on the new emergency CAFE standards to dramatically
increase automobile gas mileage due to our national crisis.  Can you help me out here?

While you're at it, I'm looking for a sound bite retraction from some of the pro nuclear politicians....
If you could track down one of Pete Domenici squirming about security issues at nuke plants,
I'd really appreciate it!


ha ha


Subject: Airline bailout

Hey, did you know that the proposed airline bailout of $15 billion is very
nearly the entire nationwide TANF (welfare) budget amount.  The total amount
our government is spending on needy families through the Temporary Assistance
to Needy Families program is only $16.5 billion a year.  Seems to me with around
100,000 airline industry layoffs, we ought to funnel that money to welfare and
unemployment, rather than the airlines' CEO's.

Why aren't these CEO's offering to get paid $1 a year like Iacocca did when he
was saving Chrysler?  And why aren't the "patriots" who got the biggest tax
breaks working to stabilize the stock market instead of running like
chickens with their heads cut off?



Subject: More weird thing with Wingdings

I typed 'bartcopcom' in wingdings 4 it looks like:

Bart Cop talks peace (&) love (then gets) a check (in the) mail,
turns, (and now plays) golf (with) Rush. BC is this true ?!

 Koresh, I hope not.
 If I ever went golfing with the vulgar Pigboy
 I'd beat his knees with my sand wedge.


Subject: 0-year presidential curse


Someone should tell the president that he can stop hiding.
The 0-year presidential curse only affects presidents who were elected.

ha ha

Ron Raygun? He didn't survive. Remember the initial report?
Remember Al Haig on tv saying, "I am next in line for the presidency."
That guy in the White House for 7 years was an animitronic president on loan from Disney.
"I don't recall" was the only answer they had time to program him with.
Why do you think his hair never got any grayer?

Then again, W&S's inability to answer questions without spewing nonsense does remind me of a
poorly-programmed animatronic dummy. As does that deer-in-the-headlights stare. I keep waiting
for the day when his faceplate will pop off in front of everyone and we'll have an unforgetable Yul
Brenner/Star Trek moment. "My fellow Muricans (click) my fellow Muricans (click)... I am Lando."

Jeff Crook


Subject: Clear Channel Banned song list

CC denies it on their website.
Just to let you know... might still exist.

David Weinberg

I've heard different reports.
One said CC admitted sending out a list, and them some "over-zealous"
programmer added a bunch of songs, then forwarded it.

CC has no experience at covering up a gaffe.


Subject: The Speech

 Today I tuned in a little two-bit piece of shit Jersey talk radio
station. Their Rush wanna-be made a crack about Hillary just like the
jerkoff you were listening to in K-Drag.

 Over the weekend, I am going to compose a letter to this rathole of a
radio station complaining about this kind of talk. Not only am I going
to remind the program manager that Hillary won the election OVERWHEMINGLY,
but that his station broadcasts to a heavily Democratic area and his station should also
let NY'ers decide who they send to Congress instead of some loser in NJ who can't
get a job at a real station or he won't be working where he is now in the first place.

 The real point I want to tell this moron is that taking a cheap shot at
Hillary about her appearance pisses off two groups of people. One, people
like myself who admire and respect the Clintons and two, Right Wing
Republicans who hate the very mention of a Clinton. This whole area is
ready to explode. Everyone I talk to says tempers are on edge everywhere.

The last thing anyone needs is talk show hosts aggravating people even further.
I was even hotter after his stupid comments than I already was from the Moron Spray
the hijackers released. And I haven't even gotten to the part about the fact that there
are over 6,000 people missing and presumed dead and this idiot is taking note of Hillary's
hairdo or the bags under her eyes. If this clown "worked" more than 4 hours a day,
he might have some bags under his eyes too.

I'm tellin' ya, it's the Moron Spray.

From: (withhold)

Subject: Bush the Minor's speech and the audience

I am not sure about this but this is what I saw:

The Supreme Court Justices were there, but I only saw five, and the only faces I did see
were Rhenquist, Thomas, O'Connor and Scalia.  Which begs two questions:

1).  Why were the Justices there?  Yes, this a national emergency and all
but this is not in there area.  These are decisions to be made by the
executive and legislative branch, and if there are any questions about
constitutionality then the courts get involved.  I may be wrong, but I doubt
the justices were there when FDR spoke.

2).  Is the court still that split after Bush v Gore that they won't even
attend such a speech together?  And if what I saw was indeed true, why has
it not be commented on?  Would that call too much attention to the fact of
illegitimacy?  Even now, when supposedly everyone loves Bush?

So if it was not just the camera angle that hid those dissenters, I guess it
means there are some in D.C. who will not forget.


Subject: Come on -  Flight Q33NY ?  Bullshit of Nostradamus Proportions

There was no flight Q33NY hijacked.  There IS no flight Q33NY.
It's just little pictures you can turn into anything if you type in random letters.

I mean jeez.

Dave, I didn't pull anything on anybody.

True, I didn't check it out myself, cause things move pretty fast around here.
That's why I always tell people not to use  as a reference guide.


Subject: There you Go again!

Remember your words:

  Bush lands in Nebraska.
  His political advisors want him in DC to show calm,
  SS says they can't protect him there.
  Screw Rove and Hughes, do what the SS says
  The last thing we need is an assassination.>>

Yours Truly,
Barry Stollard

Barry, I don't want Bush assassinated.
But he was running - from cameras, microphones, his job and his duty.

Bush could've stayed at any AFB in America and gotten on live TV and told us
what was going on. He could've acted k\like Giuliani and stillremained safe,
but he was nowhere to be found. He was AWOL.

...just like during Vietnam

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