I had an epiphany today
   by R.B. Ham

As you know I've questioned this whole thing from day one.
This horrible act that occurred was way too convenient for the interests of the Military-Industrialist-
Corporate-Religicos. They are the ones that will reap the enormous benefits about too follow.
After you read the following info below I'll tell you what crystallized in my mind and constituted my epiphany.

I don't need to get into all the evidence. I'll just give you the names of some websites you simply must look at.
Pursue the truth on your own, dear reader, and follow the trails. Trails of blood, drugs, oil and lies.

www.streamshovelpress.com  - pay particular attention to the work of Jim Marrs.

www.jimmarrs.com - see above.

www.whatreallyhappened.com - you know about this one.

www.conspiracyplanet.com - conspiracy talk you can trust

www.gregpalast.com  - know one knows the evil of the Bush Family like Mr. Palast

www.unknowncountry.com - Whitley Strieber is no one-trick pony

www.cropcircleconnector.com - have fun

www.earthfiles.com  - scientific investigations the government doesn't want you to know about

http://www.boston.com/globe/nation/packages/secret_history/index4.shtml - the secret history of WW2

http://www.tarpley.net/bushb.htm - if Stephen King wrote non-fiction, he'd do the bio of Poppy

http://home.att.net/~Resurgence/tenets.htm - A memorial to Steve Kangas

www.sitchin.com - why is there a mad rush to militarize space? something 'wicked' this way comes...BACK.

http://www3.bc.sympatico.ca/Willthomas/homepage.html - why are the governments of the entire world colluding
          in a mass spraying program? Are there links to this activity with what happened in the Gulf War? Yes!

http://www.ips-dc.org/reports/top200text.htm - Corporate power and corruption.

http://www.narconews.com - from the front lines of the Bush family Evil Drug War. Albert Giordano should win a Pulitzer.

http://www.enterprisemission.com - maybe the most important web site - ever. Richard C Hoagland should
         win a Nobel Prize for his theory of hyper dimensional Physics. It may some day save the planet.

http://www.disclosureproject.org - it's already happening. Former gov't and military insiders come clean about their
         involvement in and knowledge of UFO's and other ultra-secret things that the Military Dictatorship that actually
         runs the country doesn't want you to know about. Yet.

http://www.nobojo.com/index1.html - a wacky look inside BoJo U. Also connected through the Bushes
         to Reverend Moon.  Let's see - easily impressionable, young, patriotic, indoctrinated Christians combined
         with the techniques of the Moonies.

http://www.thenewamerican.com/_vti_bin/shtml.exe/website/search.htm - what John Ashcroft doesn't
        want you to know about Elohim City and the SHODDY investigation of Tim McVeigh
That is by no means all of the websites I've gleaned info from.  I've studied the Bible and how it has
been purposefully edited and mis-translated to suit political agendas. My library of books regarding
secret and true history is more than just extensive. Someday I'll inventory them. Suffice to say I've
slowly formulated a theory that links each and every one of these ideas and historical fact. Stuff that
only Popes and Poppys know. Onward, then.
Okay, the epiphany. I'm a truck driver, I deliver gas to service stations. I work at night and while
waiting as I load up at the refinery or unload at the station I'm always thinking. Rolling storylines and
possible explanations through my mind.

I was listening to a call-in show and this lady mentioned Tim McVeigh as proof that not all terrorists
are Muslim Extremists.

It all became clear to me then. Fake Arab I.D.s. Collusion with the CIA and NSA. The interview with
the wife of that Beamer guy who died supposedly trying to fight the hijackers. When I heard that
interview and heard her being happy and oddly upbeat. "I've had a spring in my step all week!"  - I
started to wonder. She sounded exactly like every Christian Fundamentalist Robot I've ever heard
when they explain the 'miracles' of having a 'personal' relationship with the Lord.

My scenario - Beamer and buddies tried to take over the plane but were foiled. The pilot had control,
still. THAT'S why Cheney shot it down. Because survivor's would tell the truth about exactly WHO it
was that tried to hijack it. And the color of their skin. Also, the Ted-Babs Olsen thing really bugs me.

How far would Babs and Ted go to exploit this and propel Ted to even greater influence in Washington.
Religiously insane people do insane things.

When they executed McVeigh, remember that Ashcroft called a one-week stay? He knew there were
unanswered question and he wanted to nip it in the bud. So he allowed the media to find out about the
missing files. That's it, folks. Nothing else. Well, we know different. Don't we. I'm saying Ashcroft
stuck his nose in there to cover up what was going on at Elohim City. A top-flight domestic terrorism
operation with connections to the alphabet agencies AND Christian eschatological Whackos and
certain elements in the US Armed Forces.

Then Ashcroft had a PRIVATE MEETING with McVeigh prior to lifting the stay. I don't need to be a
fly on the wall.
"Tim, you've done a great service to your country and the new President wants to express to you our gratitude."
"Just keep your mouth shut, take the needle, and know you are a Patriot."
They hoped to blame it on bin Laden but McVeigh was stupid and got caught. But he didn't talk.
And Elohim City was free to keep on doing their training and planning for...
When their cause could be best exploited.

Simply put, I believe that the WTC was caused by American Domestic terrorists LOYAL to
the Bush-Moonie-Star Wars-Secret Government. They have twisted their fundamentalist beliefs into a
world vision of Armageddon. They are actively attempting to bring it about. They WANT World War III
and will push the buttons they need to push. By blaming it on the Frankenstein bin Laden they have a
convenient bogey man. And, by the way, the WTC is, as Palast writes, symbols of American and
International Socialism. Not just capitalism. The WTC were symbols of how trade and human rights
could work together.

The Bush Family Evil Empire benefits politically and economically.
The arm of the Armed Forces controlled by Rumsfeld benefits politically and economically.
The Right Wing Christian Whackos benefit politically and economically.
John Ashcroft and his Morality Crusade benefits. You think he's going to stop at "terrorist cells"? Ha.
Again, I say, Ha!

In short, my dear American friends, your Democracy has been hijacked by a Fascist Cabal that will
stop at nothing to manipulate their greedy fingers onto the reins of power. And they have active help
from all over the Globe. Europe especially.

Ike warned you, Inouye pointed it out to you, it's too late now.
And now, the piece of resistance - in 2012 our world will change forever. 2012 coincides with the end
of the Mayan Calendar's Eighth World, and the beginning of the next. Mayans knew there astronomy
way better than we give them credit for.

In fact, later this year proof of life beyond ours will be discovered when Sir Arthur C Clarke's private
probe reaches Mars.

Later on, approx. 2011 - the World Gov't (that will have been put into place by then) will announce
that a planet is returning into our solar system. A planet that's been here before. About the time the
Sumerian Civilization sprang from nowhere out of the desert was when it made it's most recent foray.

The World Gov't will tell us that we must do battle with this planet, which the Sumerians called Nibiru
and the Babylonians called Marduk. For they are populated by the 'gods' that created us to be their
slaves. And that upon their return they will wish to extinguish us, like they had before - the Flood
(Noah) and the Vaporizing of the Sinai Desert (Lot) and the demolishing of the tower of Babel when
we tried, once before, to ascend to Godhood. They base this on crop circle crypto glyphs that have
been translated from the ancient Sumerian.

One such Glyph was translated as thus - Marduk's Lightning-Weapon Returns.
There's two school of thoughts amongst the elite in the know.
The owls believe we should try and bring peace and harmony to the world and greet our returning
creators with open hands.

The owls argue that surely such an advanced group of ancient ones would look upon us with respect
and be assured we could do no harm to the Universe. In fact, the owls believe we can transcend our
base nature and ascend to the next step in our spiritual evolution. And become a civilization allowed to
enter the Universe.

The crows scoff at this. They believe that Nibiru-Marduk's return signifies our destruction and that we
should fight back. And the Crows are also heavily influenced by Armageddon/Terrible Jehovah

They both claim Jesus' teachings as their own. The Owls believe that Jesus was, like Buddha, a mere
man who was very special. The Crows believe he is the incarnate form of Jehovah and that his promise
will only be realized in the next life. After the rapture.

Gore is an owl.
Bush is a crow.

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