WTC: Seeing Is Not Necessarily Believing
                     by Richard Higgins

                 There has been much emotional reaction and heated discussion on the recent World
                 Trade Center fiasco.

                 There has also been an unprecedented amount of media misinformation and
                 propaganda, and I feel compelled to share my views on what I believe is happening.
                 It may seem "far out" to some, but I invite you to "read between the lines" with me.

                 The first question I asked myself was, "How would one get the entire American
                 population, and much of the Western world, into a state of mind where they would
                 give a resounding "Yes" to any military agenda of the Government ?"

                 Answer: You would create an "unbelievable" occurrence such as flying passenger
                 airliners into strategic targets in New York and Washington.

                 Look at the emotional triggers you would fire in one fell swoop :

                 * Innocent hard-working Americans killed in their offices.

                 * Innocent Americans, women and children, killed in the planes.

                 * The World Trade Center, symbol of America's financial might, flattened.

                 * The Pentagon, symbol of America's military might, spat on.

                 The list goes on.

                 As I watched news of the events unfold, I was absolutely dumbfounded at how
                 obviously the viewers were being manipulated, particularly by that propaganda machine CNN.

                 It would take pages to elaborate on all my ideas, but what about seeking your own
                 answers to these points, which occurred to me.

                 How quickly the rhetoric of "revenge" came into the picture.
                 How, conveniently, there was a profile of Bin Laden on air within minutes of the
                 crashes, and he was painted as "the bad guy".

                 (Of course we saw them doing exactly the same with Saddam Hussein a decade ago
                 - are we falling for it again?)

                 Do you really believe that Bin Laden, fanatical and evil as he may be, is capable of
                 orchestrating a military strike of this nature from the out-backs of one of the most
                 backward, impoverished countries on the planet?

                 How the CIA, FBI, US Military, and the other secret organizations which we are not
                 told about, knew nothing of this pending attack, and were unable to stop it.

                 Then, lo-and-behold, they became unbelievably efficient in rounding up all sorts of
                 Arab suspects, in different countries even, within days.

                 Do you really believe that a video on how to fly a Boeing, and a copy of the Koran is
                 left in a car by a hijacker, and "conveniently" found by the previously inept
                 law-enforcement agencies within hours of the disaster - amongst the hundreds of
                 cars that would be parked at a major airport?

                 Do you really believe that an Arab passport of one of the hijackers on one of the
                 planes could have been "conveniently" found at the sight after that fireball and
                 collapse of rubble, in which they are still trying to find five thousand bodies?

                 Isn't it convenient that Bush was in Florida at the time? One doesn't want to be
                 around if something goes wrong and the White House is hit, when you've
                 orchestrated such an elaborate plan.

                 So why wasn't the White House hit? Well too many of the people who concocted this
                 elaborate plan are housed there.

                 But isn't it "convenient" to put out propaganda through your CNN mouthpiece that
                 the plane which crashed in Pennsylvania was destined for the White House?

                 And what about that plane? Did the pilot force it to crash when he realized what was
                 planned? Or was it shot down by the US military, and Bush couldn't dare tell his
                 sheep that he had slaughtered some more of them, in a more obvious fashion?
                 Despite news cameras being at the site of the crash within hours, there were never
                 any close-ups of the wreckage. Why?

                 Isn't it "convenient" that the World Trade Center houses people from a good few other countries?

                 That creates instant emotional allies.

                 If one wanted to destroy something that symbolized America, why not take out the Statue of Liberty?

                 No, because that would not pull in other nations as effectively, and there would be
                 fewer grieving families to paste across the media, and keep the public in a place of
                 emotional response - rather than seeing the obvious in this fiasco.

                 As appalled as I am over the senseless deaths of over five thousand people, is it
                 not "convenient" that the number of fatalities is relatively small, compared to the
                 figures of around 20 000 that were fed to us immediately after the attack?

                 Notice how Congress was "conveniently" and immediately able to come up with, not
                 the $20 billion Bush asked for, but $40 billion, in "relief" funds.

                 Imagine if they had applied that same sense of urgency and huge amount of money
                 to the problem of homelessness, which has remained an issue for years.

                 Didn't you find the instant comparison to Pearl Harbor, a little obvious in its emotional agenda?

                 Look into the eyes of Bush. Is this a man who is ripped apart by the seemingly
                 senseless death of his fellow countrymen?

                 The lack of genuine emotion is frightening! Then again, it would take an immensely
                 talented actor - which he is not - to feign surprise, hurt and anger for something
                 that YOU have actually designed, for the agenda of those who pull your strings.

                 Again, the list goes on. Read between the lines of the next news broadcast you
                 watch, with an open mind, and you will be surprised at how transparent it all is.

                 As a television journalist, I was absolutely nauseated by the coverage we were subjected to on CNN.

                 It was all so obviously designed to whip Americans into a state of unprecedented
                 patriot fervor. How was the biased, emotional reporting of the one "journalist" who
                 showed peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, carefully wrapped in drawings of the
                 American flag by school children, and delivered to relief workers?

                 I wanted to vomit - and not because I don't like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches !
                 It was interesting to watch how relatively unbiased the SKY Channel was - and they
                 had far superior footage. How come all that CNN were able to give us was endless
                 wide shots from the top of a building, fronted by barely literate stooges, and a
                 news service half way across the globe, could get us in amongst the chaos ?

                 Because CNN only shows what they are instructed to show, that's why.

                 While on the subject of CNN - didn't it strike you as rather convenient that this was
                 so perfectly positioned to cover the Gulf War?

                 Anyone with any insight into the logistics of setting up such an operation in that
                 amount of time, could only have suspected that it was created for that exact
                 purpose. How do you paint Saddam Hussein as this generation's Hitler", if you don't
                 have the media machinery in place ? By comparison, I must say I found the
                 reporting by South African journalists - especially eTV's Debra Patter - to be
                 balanced, un-emotive and intelligent.

                 So what is the real story behind the 11th September 2001? My opinion is this :

                 The "bombing" was a well thought-out, carefully designed military strike on the
                 American people - as we've been told a million times already - but by THEIR
                 president. (And I purposefully don't use a capital "p".)

                 It is the latest, and most dramatic attempt to move the world towards a state of
                 fear, so that the handful of people who control the globe (called by many the
                 Illuminati), can speed up their agenda for a One World Army, One World Currency,
                 One World Bank, and total control of the masses.

                 If you don't believe me, watch how they are trying to set us up for the introduction
                 of a global system if identification. While it will be presented as a way to "control"
                 international terrorism, but it designed ultimately to control us. It is one small step
                 away from injecting microchips into the world's population.

                 So, why target the Muslim Arabs? Well, who controls the world's oil reserves - and
                 which country uses the most petroleum? And why Afghanistan? Do some
                 investigation into how the American CIA trained the Pakistani Secret Service, who
                 in turn supported the Muhajadin in their fight against the Russians.

                 It all comes down to control of the massive drug trade in this area, known as the
                 Golden Crescent. My guess is that the Taliban who now control Afghanistan, are
                 making it hard for the CIA to produce the huge drug quantities they have been used
                 to in the area.

                 By playing host to Bin Laden, they have given Bush and his masters a seemingly
                 plausible reason to bomb the hell out of the country. And those poor, wretched
                 people of Afghanistan, who have already endured so much, will become cannon
                 fodder for that massive ego which is the American Government.

                 If you sense a degree of anger emerging in my words, you are right.

                 I'm angry that women, children and young men will suffer untold horror, to satisfy
                 the insatiable greed of a small elite. Am I anti-American? Not at all!

                 The poor American population is being led along by the nose-ring. They are also
                 victims. At the same time, we must remember that they represent only 5% of the
                 world's population, but it is claimed consume 70% of the world's resources. It cannot
                 be sustained! Something must give!

                 And what about us, sitting here at the tip of Africa? Those of you that know me
                 know that I am an optimist about this country's future.

                 Piecing together writings in The Book of Revelations, Nostrodamus' predictions, the
                 miracle of our move to Democracy, the amazing growth in consciousness I see
                 every day in this country - we will become the world leader in the area of Human

                 I was therefore pleased to see that our President did not offer military support to
                 Bush. Many people here are also far less susceptible to the CNN virus, and some of
                 the views shared above, does not surprise them. We need to stay out of this
                 emotional drama. Let's not for a second, harbor thoughts of hate and retaliation.
                 Let's send thoughts of love and healing to Americans and to the millions of innocent
                 law-abiding Muslims who are, and will be, victims of this smear campaign.

                 I urge you do take a look at David Icke's excellent web site at if you
                 want to learn more about the complex web of conspiracy that has been woven
                 around us. I am not an alarmest, but if only 10% of what he and others who study
                 conspiracy theory claim, it is frightening.

                 Hold the light!

                 The dark forces are scared of our growing strength, and that is why they have
                 resorted to such drastic measures.

                 They are scared shitless!

                 And so they should be - our victory is assured.

                 In love, light and laughter

  Richard Higgins is a popular television journalist


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