Points to ponder about the attacks.
   by   William Cooper

1. Ibrahim Hooper of the Council on American-Islamic Relations said,
"There is such a taboo on suicide in Islam, it is completely prohibited
in Islam, that we find it inconceivable that somebody would invoke the
name of God and then commit some act that is totally opposed to the faith."

2. The video of Palestinians in the streets celebrating news of the attacks was made
at around noon according to visible shadows. At the time the video was shot it had
to have been near or after sunset in that part of the world. Therefore the video could
not have been shot on the day or at the time claimed.

3. Devout Muslims who would be willing to sacrifice themselves for their
cause do not frequent bars and do not ever drink alcoholic beverages.

4. A devout Muslim would not take a copy of his holy book the Quran to a
bar and leave it behind when he left after spending an evening drinking,
participating in lap dances, and bragging about pending bloodshed to take
place the following day. Who is so stupid that they would believe this?

5. Men who have been so careful during 5 years of planning, training, and careful
preparations that never allowed even one leak do not brag the night before their mission
that they are going to cause violence and bloodshed the following day, using credit cards
with their correct names, allowing drivers licenses with photos to be Xeroxed, nor do they
spread incriminating evidence around like popcorn.

6. A devout Muslim on the way to his death would not leave his holy Quran in a parked car.
He would take it with him.

7. According to news accounts the perpetrators planned the attack as long
ago as 5 years, trained to carry out the attack, pulled it off without a
hitch, and no information regarding the attack was ever leaked to anyone.

8. Reference #7. Now someone wants us to believe that these were a bunch of drunken fools who
shot pistols in their homes, braggarts, who spoke of impending violence and bloodshed to everyone
they met and left incriminating evidence everywhere. We are supposed to believe that by some
miracle they escaped the notice of every law enforcement and intelligence agency in the entire world.

Now read #7 again.

9. Why did the hi-jackers force passengers to call relatives?

10. They were able to hi-jack 4 large commercial jets full of passengers without any problem.

11. They were able to deviate from the flight plan and crash into their
targets without any effort from law enforcement or the military to stop them.

12. The simultaneous hi-jackings of 4 large commercial jet aircraft did
not alert anyone to the possibility of the impending attacks.

13. Despite the evidence of wreckage strewn over several miles in Pennsylvania and the
testimony of eye witnesses the government still denies that Flt-93 was shot down by an
F-16 fighter aircraft that was identified as having flown for many miles alongside and behind
the hi-jacked plane. Reference the links to the CNN Transcript and the link F-16 Fighter below:

14. Within an hour of the attacks the FBI knew the names, addresses, flight schools they had attended,
the acquaintances of the suspects, and had begun a nationwide roundup... yet they cannot find
Chandra Levy nor can they say what happened to Jon Benet Ramsey. Pretty strange don't you think?

So who benefits? The answer is obvious and very disturbing. Everyone in the oil business will benefit,
especially the Bush family and their business partners. Everyone in the defense industrial complex will
benefit. The United Nations will benefit. The State of Israel will benefit big time. Tyranny in the name
of security will benefit and rule over the American People. And don't be surprised if many Patriots and
politically incorrect Americans begin to disappear overnight like the Jews and Gypsies in Nazi Germany.


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