Subject: WTC Attack Suspects

Who benefits most?

1. Osama - will be crippled, killed, or incarcerated
2. Saddam - will be further crippled, killed, or forced out of power

3. Bush -
  1. Legitimacy - No more Florida vote investigations/discussions; It would be unpatriotic,
             almost American-Hating, to doubt the man's appointment now
  2. Public opinion will go from 30% approval to something obscene and undeserved
  3. Appointments - Right-wing extremists or not, will sail through
  4. Budget issues - Well, it's a national emergency.  The pResident must know where to spend/cut
  5. Environment - Ditto! Screw our protected lands...
             Lives are at stake! We *must* need more of our own oil production!
  6. Coporate Financial Bailouts/Funding - Of course Bush will know which of his big business
             supporters were *hurt* the most by the WTC tragedy and financial aftermath
  7. Depression - Yeah... We had already slipped into the 'Bush Depression',
             now we'll rename it the 'WTC Depression'
  8. Merging Church & State - Now is a time of national prayer;  Falwell & Robertson, and supporters
             say it's America's fault for throwing God/Prayer out of Schools & Public Squares
  9. Right-wing policies - Ditto! Same two religious leaders have let us know that abortion, ACLU,
             and gay/lesbians brought this on America!  Make abortions ILLEGAL, discriminate against
             blacks/minorities; You thought America wanted gays to be allowed to marry/not be discriminated against?
             Well... try this instead - They need to be beaten and flogged back into their closests if they won't 'convert'
             (for the sake of America's safety of course)
 10. Senate/Congress majorities & turn-overs - We've got an Amerian crisis! Bush, being a Republican,
             needs more 'of his own' in power to support him as our leader
11. Missile Defense and other 'pet projects' - Of course we need missile defense, or any other form of
             lining the pockets of Bush supporters in the defense industry ... Any other special government
             spending/funding Bush recommends will be required for this crisis

12. Doubts of capabilities/capacity - HE'S OUR LEADER! Rally behind him! He'll "rise to the
   occassion".  Bumbled words in speeches are because he's emotional, concerned, just an "ordinary guy" who
   cares for his country!  Who cares if he doesn't know the names of foreign countries/leaders/policies...
   Republicans kick-ass in wars! (whether they start 'em or not) We don't need diplomacy right now!

13. Insider trading/benefiting - Bush & Cheney both have ugly histories of such... But now there will be
   more opportunity for the same, and it's more likely it'll go unnoticed
14. Restrictions on personal liberties/Illegal search & Seisure - Of course we need the government to
   tap all of our calls, monitor all communications, scrutinize our finances and seize our monies if we are
   SUSPECTED of being a threat to our country; It's for our own safety

Family History, Potential evidence against Bush Empire?
  1. Families' passed dealings with terrorists/religious extremists for personal gain - Iran hostages, Iran-Contra, Falwell's/Moonies' support, funding dictators & whacko groups who fought the Soviets, Nazi support in WWII,
supporting Arab nation in-fighting...

  Well... This list would be too long to include in it's entireity

Good thing the investigation isn't focused on motive or who would benefit the most from the attack,
or Bush might be in the custody of the FBI right now!

Ironically enough, none of the above mentioned 15 items would be an issue if Gore were in the office he
was elected to be in by the American people... And, or course - if the Supreme court hadn't
interrupted our electoral process. Hmmmm...?  Could that make Scalia a potential accomplice?!

Sadly enough, September 11th, after the initial shock and news broadcast obsession over the WTC attack,
my spouse (who's from another country), asked me, "Who could be behind this terrible act?".
My answer, "I couldn't imagine... But I already know who will benefit the most."

-Doug in California

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