Letter from an Old Friend
     by withheld

Yeah, it's kinda funny about how you're getting bashed around by your audience these days.
Way back when I first climbed into the treehouse, when seemingly only about a half-dozen or so
of us were dropping by regularly and you were turning out about one issue a week if we were lucky,
we turned to you, the guy with the Prodigy account and a serviceable knowledge of .html
(as was taught to you by a rather shady-looking mullethead) for a little bit of humor, a little bit of outrage,
a little bit of editorial and a little bit of news, all presented from a uniquely liberal Oklahoman slant.

Somewhere along the way a lot more people started dropping by, liked most of what they read,
and spread the word that you were a kindred spirit that believed in everything that they believed in
- this probably happened during the election and following fiasco.  Where it started getting a little strange
is when you came out and rightfully bashed the Naderites for their idiotic stance that cost the real winning
party the Presidential election and these goofballs came out of the woods and attacked you for your
(IMHO) well-reasoned opinions regarding their self-centered foolishness - dissent ain't worth shit if it
causes greater evil, dummies.  But when the going gets really weird; when something really bad happens
in America and you come out in support of going to get those evil bastards and get 'em good,
even more of these clowns come out against your opinions than ever before.

What the fuck do these people think you are?
Just another whore, albeit a fairly liberal one, willing to auction off his opinions for some level of popularity
and notoriety within a particular group?  Us long-timers know much better than that - we've always known
your stance regarding the military, and we wouldn't have expected anything different from you, whether we
found it right or wrong (I, for one, agree with you).  But still, it's kinda funny - there are still those of us
dropping by who realize that you're just some guy from Tulsa who works (I believe) at a car dealership
and somehow finds the time to crank out an outlandish amount of pretty goddamn high quality material
on a daily basis, and that's impressive as hell.

Honestly, all I expect from Bartcop.com today is all I expected from RL-LNW in the distant past
- your totally-biased opinion on subjects of national and international interest - and I get so much more
every time I log on.  It is your website, after all, so your opinions are king there, as well they should be.

These people who are bashing you ought to suck it up and realize that the old saw, "Opinions are like assholes
- everybody has one," is, with the Internet and all, truer today than it ever was, and if they really want to further
their agendas maybe they should go out and get their own websites to post their opinions, no matter how idiotic
we might find them to be - hell, even Lanny the Stalker has a site to do with as he pleases (which ain't much)!

Their attacks on you for what they perceive as your "wrong" opinions is a waste of everyone's time and energy,
but I really have to hand it to you - you do try to do the right thing by responding as honestly and even-handedly
to many of them right on your site.  I wouldn't have that kind of patience for their brand of shit.

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