Maybe it was because of the start-stop-start promos, but Frasier wasn't very funny.
 The show was about how interesting it would be to discover why Frasier has
 so much trouble with women. So they have 5-6 women from his past
 (Diane and Lilith being the stars) confront him and call him nasty names.


 I dunno.
 I think half of America gets that every night for free.
 I would've rather seen some comedy, instead.

 Oh, sure, there were a few times when I laughed out loud,
 but this is the multi-Emmy Award-winning "best comedy" on television.

 And they had all summer to write?
 (Here he goes again with his every September rant)

 Every September!
 How can the first show not have a string of great jokes?
 They had all summer, maybe a dozen writers - all summer!
 Plus, maybe the gaffer heard a funny line, maybe the script continuity girl's baby-sitter heard
 a funny pick-up line in a bar, maybe somebody on the show reads

 Couldn't they even steal some funny jokes?

 I know I toot my own horn quite a bit, and I don't really mean to,
 but if I started on a 44-minute script in May, and maybe had one person to bounce
 ideas off of, that script would have some damn jokes in it come September 24.

 And I know one of Frasier's creators died in the WTC, but this was already in the can
 weeks ago, so that should've have been the reason for the laugh-light episode.

 I hope it's not true, that we've already seen the best Frasiers.

 One thing - Kelsey Grammer directed both episodes.
 That may be bad.
 He's directed before, and he's a competent director, but last night's hour seemed like
 Kelsey was pre-occupied or at least overly interested in his character's reaction to outside
 stimuli that was critical of his core decisions in life vis-a-vis his mother and blah, blah, blah.

 Gee, I was hoping for some laughs.

 Parting thought:
 Assuming Bebe and Shelley aren't available (valid assumption?)
 I'd rather see Frasier with Jean Smart than any of the others.
 She's a bossy, boozin' babe who likes to throw fits.

 That's where this show could go - Jean Smart's way.

 I give tonite's episode a 6.

 It only deserves a 5, but loyalty is tugging at me.
 It wasn't bad, it just didn't sizzle.  How nice it wouldve been to be writing,
 "Wow!  What a  tour de force  we saw from Frasier tonight!  Wow!"

 But no, it was just a 5, I mean a 6.

 Legal notice:
 You Frasier guys can steal anything you want from
 Don't be ashamed, I've hit dry spells, myself.
 If you don't believe me, check Volumes 100-566.

 But if you see something you can use on the show - take it - no problemo.
 You can lift it directly, or change it 15 percent if Legal says you have to,
 and you don't even need to mention - just take it.

 Don't wory, I won't sue you.
 You can use this page in your defense.

...and if you want to mail me some scripts ahead of time,
 I may not have anything particularly funny to offer you,
 but I can damn sure draw lines thru the parts that blow.

 You gotta feel for the gang doing the first SNL.
 They can't ignore it, but time will have passed, but what are they gonna do?

 I think TV-wise, New York stood for Dave, then SNL, then maybe Regis?
 SNL has a loooong 90 minutes of live show to put together.
 (And I'll be nice, even if it's not very funny)

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