I was in a pretty good mood last night.
 It was a whole evening of new TV to check out, that's always exciting, right?

 We decided to go with JAG, ...Frasier and ...Philly.
 JAG was OK, but I don't follow the story much.
 Catherine Bell is real easy on the eyes, and I suppose Rick Springfield
 or whoever that guy is can seem attractive in a uniform, but that's just a guess.

 I know JAG started on another network, then moved and became a semi-hit.
 I was pretty sure Rick and Catherine hadn't done the wild thing.
 Of course, the audience wants them too, and that's the big tease.

 If this episode, continued from last year's cliff-hanger, has Harm (Rick)
 ejected from his F-14 and bobbing in the North Sea freezing his ass off.
 Catherine's about to get married, (as in ...she's already in her white dress)
 when they find out Harm is missing, so she postpones the wedding.
 That pisses off the groom, (a pushy bastard, we all hated him)
 and he runs away like Smirk the Skirt when America was under attack.

 Harm is lost somewhere at sea in an 1800 square mile area of cold, dark and stormy seas.
 Catherine said, "Check sector 45 x 33,"  ...and there he was.
 That's true love.

 When they pulled Harm's half-frozen ass from the water, his brained swelled up so much,
 he forgot that he also had a fiance, (a pushy bitch, we all hated her, too.)

 So she got mad and bolted, seemingly freeing both Rick and Max to be together.
 But that would kill the show, so they have Max run "to the other side of the world"
 on some assignment so she can "clear her head."

 That's not the way you do it.

 First, like I said, I don't follow the show
 But if they were both about to get married to pushy bitch-bastards, last season must've been
 hell to watch Rick & Max date two self-centered boneheads for a year or whatever.

 In closing (mild applause) Mulder and Scully did it right.
 Semi-sorta dance around it for all those years, maybe have a fantasy sequence or alien
 shape-shifter kiss to tease the audience, but never let them go all the way, as in marriage.

 But for these two ( I assume) star-crossed lovers last night, to suddenly be free
 and falling into each other's laps, so to speak, and then she runs off?

 That's so Pam and Bobby.

 How maddening.

 So next week, he'll be chasing her while denying it and she'll be fleeing him while denying it
 and in the end nobody ever gets laid ...so ...why do they say telsision is bad for kids?

 I'll give it a 5.

 Only 1 point for plot, 2 for the exciting ejection-into-the-ocean scenes,
 and 2 points for Catherine Bell, who is a bigger star than you think.

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