"Show me your tits."
 That's how the show started.

"Show me your tits."
 There was no need for that.
 There's no need for that to be on television at 9:03 farm time.
 They were trying to shock, like Madonna did in 1984. Madonna did in 1984.

 Robert Bianco said in Tuesday's USA Today that he liked Kim Delaney
 and producer Steven Bochco, but that this was the worst ensemble of back-stabbing,
 worthless, scum-of-the-Earth dirtbags to ever grace the screen, ...and he was being nice

 Kim's law partner went crazy in court, she told off a numbnut judge who jailed her
 and then tried to pick her up when she was forced to apologize to his lecherous ass,
 her ex-husband (my good friend Kyle Secor) is Pig of the Year, her new partner
 screwed a cute blonde assistant DA and let a murderer go free on probation,

 <takes big breath>

 ...and when this hard-core "Out of Towners" hour was over all Kim could do
 was crawl in bed and bug her teddy bear and stare into the camera and cry
 until the ending credits rolled.

 I like Kim Delaney just fine, but this is like being in prison with her.

 We started with "Show me your tits,"
 and we ended with her crying her eyes out, wishing she'd never been born.

 Gee, and I get to watch every week?

 Oh, BTW, her old law partner landed in the Looney bin.
 Does that mean Kim will be visiting her every week?

 I give it a 4.

 It's really a two, but I'm adding one point for Kim being spunky
 and I'm adding one point because none of the cast did any singing.

 Yeah, Steven, we all remember Cop Rock.

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