Constructive Paranoia Part II - Disconnect
  From the twisted mind of  RB Ham

As I’ve followed the Media coverage on the investigation into the World Trade Center attacks, I’ve
noticed that nothing has been said regarding the possibility that this was an act of domestic terrorism.
This is odd, seeing as how the Media were royally burnt after the Oklahoma City bombing. They
immediately started spreading the Osama bin Laden Is Guilty story around with impunity.
As we know, things turned out quite different.
You would think the media would really be more circumspect this time around.
However, this time there’s lots of ‘evidence’ being supplied by the FBI and Attorney General John Ashcroft.
Unfortunately, I fear that Mr. Ashcroft may not be as unbiased as he led folks to believe during his confirmation hearing.
One need only look at his handling, or expediting, of the Timothy McVeigh case.
There were then, and still are now, troubling aspects to this case. McVeigh was railroaded through the
courts, with his own impatience for Martyrdom helping to pave the way.
The new Attorney General strolled in, delayed the execution, spread some lost files around to make it
look like ALL the evidence was in and that’s it. McVeigh acted alone, case closed. Ready the syringe.
Case closed, time to move on.
There’s bigger fish to fry.
It is also troubling that Ashcroft had a private meeting with McVeigh before he   announced officially
that McVeigh was going to keep his date with the needle.
What went on? Were records kept? Did he ask this Religiously Insane mass murderer to come clean
about other suspects? Or to keep his mouth shut?
Was his reward the concession that his final statement and ‘master of his own ship’ poem
Would be read coast to coast by the national Media?
Does anyone see the pattern?
Can you say Osama bin Oswald?
It's a possibility isn't it? Is Ashcroft only searching on one side of the street on purpose?
If so, then Ashcroft’s first duty, it appears, was to disconnect the link between McVeigh and the 'Brain
trust' behind the bombing.
Now, after the horror of the WTC disaster, Ashcroft is front and center offering 'evidence' of the
hijackers being Islamic Suicide-Bombers.
Trouble is...isn't it rather convenient that the hijackers would leave one whole car full of evidence at
one airport? Where's the similar car at the other airport? Um...flight manuals in Arabic just sitting there.
They say an Arab-American phoned the police to alert them to it. Really? How do they know he was
an Arab-American? Did he leave his name? Have they located him?
What about the ‘Lee Harvey Abduls’ leaving such an obvious trail in Florida?  An Arabic-looking
man, picking fights, creating a disturbance in a strip club? Threatening America that tomorrow they will
see blood? Leaving the Holy Koran behind, huh?
After spending 5 years in sleeper, deep cover mode, he jeopardizes the entire 'mission' by starting a
ruckus at a bar? Fzzt...fzzzzt..not computing.
And these guys were all on the FBI watch list?
And they bought multiple tickets with one credit card?
No alarm bells?
Or how about the incriminating hand written letters just recently made public.
One of the copies was found inside a suitcase belonging to Mohamed Atta, who was apparently aboard
American Airlines Flight 11, the first airplane to crash into the World Trade Center. Atta's suitcase very
conveniently did not make it aboard the doomed jetliner and was recovered by the FBI in Boston.
Another was conveniently found close by at Dulles International Airport near Washington, in a vehicle
belonging to Nawaf Alhazmi, one of the suspected hijackers aboard American Airlines Flight 77,
which crashed into the Pentagon.

Uh, where did that flight start from?
Why was his car in Washington?
Was he planning to pick it up on arrival?

The third was discovered in the wreckage of United Airlines Flight 93, the one that crashed in the
Pennsylvania countryside. How lucky that the letter survived intact.
Also, it was very lucky that they found that passport of one of the alleged hijackers intact, 'near' the
Trade Center. Who found it? Did he or she leave his name? Are the Media allowed to ask such questions?
So now we're one up on the JFK conspiracy. Magic bullet, indeed.
In this case we have a 'magic letter' AND a 'magic passport'.
I watched the Justice department briefing today and it was unnerving. Ashcroft is cold and reptilian in nature.
He's going about this business in a calculating way, presenting this evidence as imperious and not open to question.
As far as he's concerned, this wraps it up.
Case closed, time to move on.
There's bigger fish to fry.

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