Conspiracy or Paranoia
    by  (8-þ)

Yep, I was a rational, logical thinking liberal woman, until last year's coup.

At least I thought I was.   Now everyday I'm sickened by the State of The Union.
I'm mad as hell that the majority of voters in this country were ignored.
I'm mad as hell that the dumbass in the White House is there illegally.
I'm mad as hell that the Democrats in the House and Senate that I help elected,
are rolling over and pissing on themselves because of those fascist bastard Repubs.
They will let them do anything they want.  WHY???  What the hell is up???
And do NOT get me started on those Nader assholes!

I want to know why NO ONE says anything?
Why did NO dems stand up to last years fiasco?
Why did NO one stand up for the voters?  For Gore?
The America that our Founding Fathers had in mind is no more.
Since Dec. 12,  we've been in an America that is not something I really want to be apart of anymore.
And that is sad.

With the attacks on the WTC and the Pentagon, I've become more suspicious than ever.
It all seems a bit too convenient for Smirk.  It has certainly help his ratings, his agenda, his rich friends,
the repubs, and it has drawn attention away from his failings.  And now I find myself wondering
"Did Smirk know about the attacks beforehand and choose to ignore it?"

I know, I sound like some conspiracy theory nut, and that bothers me to NO end,
but there are a few things that concern me, such as:

*Jeb has had martial law in effect for Florida since Sept. 9,

*Bin Laden's family investing in Bush's first company,

*Bush Sr. still works for Bin Laden Family,

*Their constant need to lie

*The fact that our gov't has plotted in the past to stage attacks
  on US cities for popular support for wars,

*The big media recount of Fla was due out  last week, but now, is on hold,

*And lastly, the basic damn fact they've already stolen the presidency,
  what are they NOT capable of doing??

I hate that I've become this way,  it scares me!
I sound like one of those crazy Clinton Bashers, just on the other side.  It has me thoroughly confused!
I guess it's just that I'll never feel comfortable with an illegally selected president, and really never should.

I want to thank you for at least being out there for some of us crazy ass liberals to enjoy.


Christina, that was so well-put, they'll accuse me of writing it.
What you've said will hang in the air until the government coughs up some answers,
and they've already told us they won't be doing that "for years and years."

...and the American press says, "Whatever you say, Mr. Rove..."

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