Bartcop Radio Show 9-b

[intro music - some Garbage]

That was a little bit of Shirley. That was Shirley’s ‘Hammer’, better known as The Hammering in My Head.
I don’t know how she does it, she just gets my motor revving.

Ok, part 2, welcome to part 2. We hope to have parts 3,4, and 5, but who knows, that peach truck
may be right around the corner. Start off with our checklist:

[gulp] Ahhh. Doing a lucky shot of Chinaco. Always good to have luck on your side.

Ok, we got a big, big show so let’s jump into it.

[Caller 1]: “Bart, Barry Crimmons. Beautiful, beautiful comments on Miller today. Nice job. All right, here’s what
I have to say. A court-appointed, or otherwise, President’s speeches should not be subject to editing *by the CIA*.
Here’s how it’s supposed to work, the CIA gives the pres info and then he weighs that info and uses it *as he sees fit*.
The idea of them proofreading a president’s speech is not only comical, it’s criminal! This information is what they
do at the CIA. They should be called the Department of Lying! The idea to even bring them in or mention that they
were given final word on anything is a complete insult to all of us.

To suggest the CIA has this final word on the State of the Union address indicates that the court-appointed President
is guilty of extreme dereliction of duty. We’re being asked to believe that the entire court-appointed Bush administration,
noted for treating almost all inquiries as impertinent assaults on it’s patriarchal infallibility, was suddenly incapable of
sussing out the freely available truth about an explosive allegation!

This demonstrates that they are either responsible, or IRRESPONSIBLE, concerning the life and death matter of war.
Either way, *they are unfit to lead the country*, get rid of the bastards! We’re being asked to believe that Powell, Cheney,
Wolfowitz, Rice, Rumsfeld, never learned any of this Niger - Iraq nuke connection stuff was a fabrication until just recently?
Come on! Then what else don’tcha know? The bottom line is: Bush told the lie, Bush is responsible, impeach him!

[Sarcastically, much calmer] That’s all. Nice speaking with you again, Bart. And my best to everyone at Bartcop land.
This is Barry Crimmons,, come see me real soon. Thanks.”

You know, I like Barry.  And since I’m an amateur, at best, and he’s a professional, I hate to give him advice, but Barry,
you gotta have more passion. You gotta put some feeling into it, buddy. You get all this sugar-coating and all that,
it’s just not working. You gotta speak frankly. You got to put a little oomph in your voice. Let em know you mean it.

[Caller 2]: “Yeah, 2 quick points. First, you talk about Arnold. Um, Arnold smoked a joint in ‘Pumping Iron’,
the bodybuilding documentary. I think it was him and Lou Ferrigno in the back of the bus. Leter on, Arnold
tried to buy up all existing copies of the film. So, you might want to get some contributors to send in a video clip of that.”

OK, good point. If anyone has a copy of that Pumping Iron movie, whatever it’s called, with Ah-nold and the Hulk, if you would,
try to get us a clip of that. Also, John Stewart ran a clip and I’m not sure what it was from or what it meant, but it was a video clip
of Arnold, very, very young, still had the big gap in his teeth and looked - well, he always looked goofy. But Arnold [laugh] for some
reason looked into the camera and said, ‘I come in the morning, I come in the afternoon, I come at night, I come all the time.’ And I
don’t know - you wouldn’t think that would be any sexual context - but I can’t think, maybe he meant, ‘I come to the gym all the time’,
but it looked a little goofy for Arnold to be staring into the camera saying, ‘Ah come all de time!’

[Caller 3]: “Bush lied. Thousands died. Freedom fried. Economic slide. Impeach!”

I’ve got a stack, you can’t see it cause this isn’t Bartcop TV. So, we are attempting to go through the stack.
I think the stack is in reverse chronological order, whatever that means, but I think that means the new stuff is first.

Not that we’re going to do many sports, but I see here on the front page of Friday’s newspaper of the sports - USA Today
- it’s a great picture. I looked for it a long time. I spent 15, 20 minutes looking for this picture. [Laugh] On the front page
Friday’s USA Today sports, the top story:

‘There’s something strange in the wind.’ It shows Tiger [laugh], Tiger Woods and 4 other people looking for his ball. [laugh]
This idiot, apparently on the first hole he hit the ball and I don’t know if they found it to this day, [chuckle] old tiger, just don’t
have that magic like he used to have. Last I heard he was in 5th place. Hex on thee! Hex on thee! Hex on thee, Tiger! Na Ga Da.
You are not going to win this one.

Also, closing sports - [this was taped the day they announced charges] cause I know how you hate the sports. I think you hate
the sports more than you hate the music. I did not like these idiot cops in Colorado, boy I tell ya, Kobe Bryant better be guilty
- he better be damned guilty, he better be iron-proof damn guilty on video tape for what they’re doing to him. These idiots
announced yesterday - they get all breathless - you know how Batina Gregory, you know how she would get, when she was
talking about Clinton’s penis - well that’s what they’re doing in Colorado. They’re getting all breathless and grabbing the microphone
and saying, ‘Hey, I got big, big, big, BIG, BIG news about Kobe Bryant, you ready? You ready for the big, big, BIG news about
Kobe Bryant? We’re gonna tell you tomorrow!’

The sons of bitches! So that means for 24-hours, the whole sports world is going crazy with ‘what are they going to do?’
They pretty much have to charge the guy. I mean, after what they’ve done to him…

And then Thursday, you announce that you’re going to have an announcement the next day. What the hell is the purpose of that?
So another hundred media whores can fly to Colorado and stand there with their microphone and record this extremely important
story? I think we got here - you know something else, I took a lot of shit over that stupid Moose fella in Virginia, wherever he is,
Maryland, I don’t care where he is - but I took a lot of shit over that, I don’t care! I think I was right. I don’t know if he was a
bad guy, but I’m certain he was in a position to do the wrong thing and you don’t give a man - trust me - you do not give a man
the power to enrich himself when he does the wrong thing. Bart’s law #2: if a mistake will make you money, a man will make that
mistake again and again and again till the end of time. This Colorado guy, sounds to me like he wants to get a little of that Moose
money. He’s gonna write a book, he’s gonna be famous, he’s gonna be on Larry King every night, and the bigger the story is
- the more money he’s gonna make.

There’s gonna be a bidding war for the sheriff’s story - and that’s stupid! We’re supposed to find out today, it’s almost 3 o’clock,
so in (whats that.. Eastern..) about a little over an hour we’re supposed to know this Kobe Bryant deal, but they better have some
iron-clad, video tape, medical DNA, guaranteed proof that he’s guilty after what they’ve done to Kobe Bryant. He can’t get his
name back. He can’t ever get it - if those stupid cops come out today and say, ‘We’re sorry, it was all a mistake. The girl confessed
that she made it up.’ Where does Kobe Bryant go to get his good name back? I don’t know a thing about the man, but they say he’s
the cleanest guy in basketball. And if they’ve done this to the cleanest guy in basketball, that is an outrage.

[Caller 4]: “Hi Bart, this is Christian Body, love your site, love your show, want you to know - could I please count on
your support to try to organize a boycott of the ESPN behind that fat, repulsive, low-life dirt bag? (Rush)
I can’t imagine that my Sunday morning is going to be ruined by watching that low-life piece of garbage on ESPN
for close to 2 hours. Hopefully, Michael Irvin or Sterling Sharp or whoever’s left on that show with any integrity
will get up and kick him in his private section. Again, I’ll talk to you soon and tell you about the boycott that I
have planned. Thanks, love you, keep up the great work.”

Of course, I would enjoy assisting a ‘screw the Pigboy’ effort. So, yeah, count on me. I can’t be counted on to donate any time,
but if you want to work up a page or something and send me a link. I’ll post the link with a flashing hot sign by it, but my time is
limited, but sure, I’ll do whatever I can to help.

[Audio Clip]: Frank Zappa speaking “And speaking of torture, how about this uppity son-of-a-bitch?”
[painful musical rendition of Bonanza/Ponderosa.]

[Caller 5]: “I’m sitting here watching this criminal Tony Blair in front of the congress and the whole congress was
sitting there applauding this lying, piece-of-crap. So what I’m trying to figure out is what the hell is going on with
our country? We got people here that are sending people off to war to die for false god-damned reasons and were
sitting here, the whole congress, Democrats and Republicans, sitting here clapping about another little criminal.
This country, I don’t know what’s coming to it. All I know is that the citizens of this country need their country back
and these pigs up here - I mean, for all those Democrats been sitting here attacking Bush all week long, and they’re
gonna sit up here and clap the liar in kind - it’s absolutely ridiculous. The fact of the matter is, we have been hijacked
by people who don’t have our interests at heart and what the hell can we do about it?

I mean, you know, the fixing the elections, the black boxes, all the things, I mean how the hell do we get our country
back when we got the same people that we put in office, clapping for a lying pig up there in front of congress?
Thank you for letting me get that off my mind. This is Yodel.”

Yodel, you make a great point and I have no explanation for ya, buddy. The best I could muster is that their egos are so huge
that they’re *in the club*! ‘*We’re in the club* We’re all gonna have to join hands, sing Kum Ba Ya, Tony Blair is in the house!
Ooh, ooh, ooh!’ Yeah, that doesn’t make any damn sense. I’ll bet the parents of the 231 (I believe it is now) dead soldiers,
I’ll bet they didn’t appreciate a whole bunch of clapping. I mean, what the hell are they clapping for? Because Blair lost his mind
and sided with the Bush boy instead of the rest of the whole world?

Oh, it was on the page today - someone else wrote it. Something about ‘take away a few paid-off Brits and the entire world was
against this.’ And that’s true. That’s exactly what we have. If you’re ever at a party, and you’ve been drinking a little too much,
and you’re going to do something like - I dunno - go out on the balcony and jump into the swimming pool, and if *everybody*
agrees it’s the wrong thing to do; what kind of arrogant son-of-a-bitch says, ‘Oh, yeah, I’m gonna do it. I don’t care what you say.’
When the whole party, or the whole world, tells you ‘That’s a bad move, please don’t do it. You’re screwing up.’ And you do it
anyway. You’re either drunk or you’re George Bush.

[Audio clip: Dennis Miller]: “Have you seen that United States Senator, Robert Byrd, that old crazy man,
making speeches? That guy used to be in the Klu Klux Clan. Did you know that? When he was younger?
He looks so tired now, he’s making no sense, I think he’s exhausted from burning the cross at both ends.”

Jesus, that’s a lame joke. Oh, God. In my comedy "career," if I ever get that lame, if I ever do jokes that old, just shoot me.
Just put a gun to my head and just pull the trigger. I wouldn’t want to live like that, I couldn’t stand myself. Dennis Miller
apparently can, though. And the only reason he’s going after Byrd is because Byrd had enough balls to say, ‘Let’s not get
230 American boys killed in Iraq.’ Dennis wants *more* American dead. Who’s the patriot here? Byrd or Miller?

[More Dennis Miller]: “You gotta get in there and slap those guys around. That whole country’s gotten crazy. Am I the
only one who could care less about weapons of mass destruction? I mean, that wasn’t the whole point of the war - for me.”

Well, gee, Dennis. Just because *you* weren’t concerned about the WMD, I guess we should just tell the families of the dead
to get over it, right? What Dennis thinks about the reasons we go to war is what’s important, right? Son-of-a-bitch.

Plus - he’s supposed to be an educated man - he didn’t even have the brains to know it’s not ‘could care less’, it’s ‘I couldn’t
care less.’ If you can’t care any less, that means you care so little, but if you *could* care less, that means you care more!
The idiot doesn’t even have the language skills to put together an argument.

[More Dennis Miller]: “[Laugh] they got boy bands in Iraq now. Have you heard this? They have their own
N-Sync or something, [slurring - is he drunk? -FL]. I think they’re called ‘The New Kids on What Used to
Be The Block’  or something. [Courtesy Laugh]”

Well I got two problems with that piece-of-shit joke. Well, 3, if you count the piece-of-shit that told it. But the 2nd one would be,
do today’s kids even know that there was once a band called ‘New kids on the block’? Again, he’s got to reach back 8 or 10 years
- I guess N-Sync and whatever that other band is, they’ve been around 5, 6 years and they’ve probably filled the void that the
New Kids on the Block - weren’t the New Kids on the Block, Marky-Mark and - those are grown men now. They’re 30 years old.
Why the hell can’t Dennis Miller write some jokes that are 21st century?

We’re 3 and a half years into the 21st century and Dennis Miller’s still doing jokes in the 90’s.
What the hell? Is he even a comedian anymore?

Oh, and the other problem - he’s making jokes about the block that’s no longer there.
Yeah, your monkey president got drunk and decided to murder a country. Let’s all laugh about that!

[More Dennis Miller]: “We’ll, let’s see. What else have we got? We got the deficit. All I hear about is the deficit.
We’re supposed to worry about the deficit.” “I don’t even know what the deficit is. Do we actually owe somebody?
[Audience laughs.] We all pretend like we know and I’m like, ‘Well if we owe somebody, just don’t pay em!’
[Audience laughs again.] You know, that solves the deficit problem, right there. Nobody’s paying us back for God’s sakes.”

One big problem I always had with Dennis Miller even when he was funny [unquote], was he can’t decide if he’s the comedian
or the serious guy. He’ll go to great pains to make a serious point, take maybe 90 seconds to set up this point, and just when you
think you’re on the verge of learning something or finding out what he thinks - he throws in this goofy shit at the end that makes
the previous 2 minutes worthless. I wonder why’d he bother with the joke? Now that he’s George Bush’s court jester, he’s making
these asinine statements, like, ‘well let’s just don’t pay the debt.’ Well, guess what, monkey? Nobody knows less about the workings
of government I guess than, besides me, than you and Bush. But even an IQ of 64 guy like myself - I know that the debt is owed to us,
you stupid idiot monkey. It’s owed to bond holders and shareholders and stockholders and - we don’t go to France to borrow this
money, stupid. We’re borrowing it from the Treasury department on the futures of the T-bills and the savings bonds and wherever
else it’s coming from, but we owe it to ourselves. We owe it to these old ladies with dead husbands and pensions that are sending
them $1000 or $2000 a month. That’s who we owe this money to. And you just want to cut em off.

You know, Dennis is stooping farther - I don’t know, maybe Andrew Dice Clay has been in this area before. When you pander to
the stupidity of the public, I assume some of those people laughing, they’re thinking ‘well that’s a good idea! Good thinking Dennis.’
Yeah, let’s just stiff the little old ladies who are depending on us for food. It’s a typical Republican answer to a problem.

And since Dennis is now a Republican he’s taking every cheap bullshit shot he can at anyone without a half an inch of common sense.

[Audio clip: Triumph]: “For those of you who are still watching. Whether on the 11:30 show, or some rerun in the
future on the sister station, HBO shitty. At least you can say that tonight, you got to hear Bob Costas’ take on hip-hop.
Good to see Bob stretch, isn’t it? [audience laugh] Yes, now if I can just hear Drew Barrymore’s take on Liberia,
I’ll be all set. Bob, you make Larry Merchant seem coherent. [audience laugh] Stay with NBC, that’s where the
action is, Bob. The 2010 Winter Olympics, it’s incredible. Who knows where fake-fireplace technology will be by 2010?

I’m going to throw it back. Congratulations, Costas, seriously. Stick with HBO, it’s a class operation.
Now coming up right after Bob, a mother and daughter hump the same banana on ‘Real Sex’.”

That was Triumph, the wonder dog - I guess he got his start on Conan, is he still on Conan sometimes? I’ll bet there’s a lot of
people who don’t like ol Triumph. We know Eminem’s one of them. Remember at the last MTV awards? Triumph the insult
comic is his full name, but he got up, he started talking to Eminem and [laugh] Eminem had his people get between him and the dog.
I guess he thought the little hand puppet was going to bite him. Triumph the wonder-dog can be a little mean sometimes, you may
not have noticed cause it wasn’t really the biggest story in show-business, but Arli$$ was recently cancelled by HBO.
[“Good!” -FL]  Triumph said, ‘Don’t feel bad about Robert Wuhl, he just signed a new deal with HBO. $19.95 includes Cinemax.’

Ok, let’s go back to the phones.

[Caller 6]: “Bart I was trying to put all this Iraq stuff in perspective and I came across a movie - I was watching
Training Day and he was teaching the young rookie how to be like him and they went in and he double-crossed
that drug dealer and went in and they set up a phony killing and they killed him, went and dug the kitchen floor up
and took the money and after all that was done, they went out to the car. When they got in the car, Denzel was
explaining to that guy, said ‘Listen, we did what we had to do. You go my way and everything will be all right,
because the world’s a better place without that guy.’ That’s the same thing they’re pulling on us and everybody
concerned. Bush and them are playing the Denzel Washington part and we’re the rookie guy who is idealistic
and wants to do things right. And if you don’t believe what I’m telling you, take a look at that part in that movie
- and you’ll see exactly and you’ll feel exactly like I did.

Thank you buddy, keep up the good work and thanks for sending me my Bartcop stickers.
This is Jerry in Arlington and I appreciate you. Bye bye.”

Thanks, Jerry. I think you make a great point. Bush not only has done that to America, but he’s done it to his own party too.
Or had it done. I don’t think Bush could out-muscle a corn dog.

When he ran for president in 2000, everybody laid down on the Republican side. He got a little fight out of McCain, he got
a little fight out of Forbes, but everybody else - all these debates, all they wanted to do was talk about the greatness, the brave
hero, the brainiac, the best qualified candidate for presidency in history, George W. Bush - the saint.

It would appear that somebody talked to these GOP presidential hopefuls, and said, ‘Listen. We want you to go through the
charade of running against our boy, but don’t you dare say anything bad about him or we’ll run you out of politics or maybe
kill ya, if you do.’ The GOP nomination was decided - probably around a year, maybe a year and a half - probably around
the time of impeachment. They knew they had to get somebody who had nothing to do with impeachment, because it was
more of an embarrassment to the Republicans than it was to Clinton. They had to find somebody who was far, far away from
that whole ugly mess, and I think that’s one reason the ‘guh-venah’ got involved. But, they also had to muscle everybody
else out of the way, and that’s where the Denzel character fits right in.

And you gotta remember, another thing about the 2000 election - I’ve touched on this before, but the Republicans and oil
companies *had* to win that. Cause if Gore had gotten in there and put the resources of the government behind solar energy
and windmills and hydrogen energy and whatever other alternative energy sources there are, the oil companies would have
been out hundreds of billions of dollars. And you look at their tax returns now - boy, did they make the right investment.
They gave the monkey a couple of million each and right now they can’t rake in all the billions they’re making. And the tax
returns, whoo-boy, what’d that go back to eighty-fucking-five? Is that what they did, he refunded all the tax money they
paid in since 1985? And they say the tax cuts have nothing to do with the deficit. Good thinking! Having all the biggest,
richest corporations refunding all that tax money, oh no, that couldn’t have contributed to the debt, no way!

But thanks, Jerry, that was good.

‘Three Democrats ask the NAACP for forgiveness.’

I didn’t even read this story. I heard the Nazi radio talk about it. You know, if you just hear a little Nazi radio talk you can
kinda go the other direction and be well informed. I don’t know who the 3 Democrats were who ‘dissed’ the NAACP,
but that’s a stupid thing to do. Speaking frankly, black people have no where else to go, they can’t go with a Nazi - I mean,
they’re black, they’re hated by the Nazi’s, you can’t vote for the party that wants to put you in the oven. So, yes, they are
taken for granted by the Democrats. In a dumb, hope-you-understand, kind of way there’s some justification for that
because they have nowhere else to go.

But to publicly and openly diss’ em is so stupid. Whoever is the campaign manager for the 3 who said, ‘screw the blacks’
they need to be fired. If you are that politically tone deaf you don’t need to be in charge. You can be on the staff, but you
don’t need to be in charge. And I’m assuming that the candidate doesn’t have the brains himself to go. How stupid! It just
gives talk radio another headline to say, ‘See? They don’t care either.’ There’s no good reason to load up a truck full of
ammunition and then drive it over to GOP headquarters and say, ‘Here you go, boys! Would you fire this shit at us, please?’
That’s really, really stupid. *I* am smarter than whoever the 3 monkeys are that messed this up. If Christian Livermore was
on their staff, if she was the political advisor, she would say ‘You have to go, stupid. Don’t you understand what that means
if you don’t? Don’t you understand the signal that sends if you don’t go.’ I know one of em, is Lieberman. Cause I heard
Nazi O’Reilly talking about it.

Oh, I don’t like Lieberman. Don’t like him, don’t like him. I heard Glenn Beck and O’Reilly and, oh they’re all the same
- there’s one more. Whenever they’re praising Joe Lieberman, you know he’s in trouble. At least he is with me! If O’Reilly
is going to talk about what a good and decent man you are, I don’t want you anywhere near my political process; get the
hell out of here, Joe!

Joe also guaranteed that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction. Well, Joe, where are they? Why don’t you get over
there and show us where they are? You’ve got the reports, you’ve got the intelligence, why don’t you show us where they are?
You’re so certain, Joe. Backing up this President - why would we vote for you, Joe? We’ve already got a Republican in the
White House. We don’t need you to follow him in there and echo every dumb-ass idea Bush ever had. What the hell’s
wrong with you?

I’m a man of little patience and not a lot of brains, but it just seems like I could make so much better decisions than some
of these monkeys who want to be in charge. You know there’s that old phrase, ‘lead, follow, or get out of the way’; a lot
of these people *think* they’re leaders, but they’re not. They need to be following. And they could do worse than following me.
I wouldn’t have dissed the NAACP, that was a stupid move and I know Lieberman was one of em.

[Music clip]

[Caller 7]: “What about if money was collected to buy a couple of acres in Crawford, Texas for the Gulf War II
memorial wall and names were put on there weekly. I think that may stir up some stuff. Anyway, keep up the
good work. Thanks, bye.”

I think that’s a great idea. Not only would I help that effort on my .com there, I would put in money. I believe where the
caller is coming from is the sons-of-bitches are building an anti-Clinton library in Little Rock. The sons-of-bitches.
And once again, the only reason they’re doing that is because they know the Democrats are too scared to do it to them.
They know the Democrats are too sissy, they’re too afraid, they just are too polite. They got their little pink tutu’s on
and they would never ever get any mud on their little pink tutu’s. No, they gotta be too polite.

I believe it’s under construction. Hell, it may be done. But the sons-of-bitches are building an anti-Clinton memorial in
Little Rock. I know you doves won’t like this, but I think it’s a great idea - we should buy some land as close as we
can to Crawford. Maybe we can just rent a billboard in Crawford, but nobody would do it. BFEE would so much
pressure on the owner of the billboard they would never allow it. Maybe we could find a Democrat that owned land
that adjoined a highway - but then again, the Nazi’s would come by daily and shoot shotguns and blow up the billboards.
And the Sheriff would never investigate, so, I don’t know - but it is a good idea.

The bullies are going to take your lunch money until you kick em in the nuts. The Democrats just standing there everyday
crying, ‘He took my lunch money. He took my lunch money.’ And all they do, day after day, week after week, month
after month, year after fucking year, they just stand there and whimper and cry because the bully took their lunch money.
When all they gotta do is kick them in the nuts one time. [Groan] It is so easy to do. It is so easy, but no, they just refuse
to even try. They refuse to come to work. Oh, and that pisses me off.

I guarantee you we’re going to lose this next election unless somebody stands up NOW. Don’t wait till next summer to
stand up and call Bush for what he is, don’t wait until the Iraqi death count is 950 - Christ, there’s 700 lives to be saved
here right now. Whoever is running for President, I don’t care who you are, don’t wait until the body count hits 1000
to speak up. And don’t give me any crap about ‘they’re speaking up now,’ they ARE NOT speaking up now. They’re
being polite now. They don’t want this war stopped.

Aw, Jesus. Don’t tell me that’s their strategy, is it? Let the war drag on, let the numbers pile up, so they can meekly accuse
Bush of it. And if that is their strategy, here’s what’s gonna happen - I’m not saying I’m Karl Rove, but if I can stop any
Republican dead in their tracks on the Internet, and that’s a big son-of-a-bitch, the Internet, Karl Rove is going to be able
to stop - probably with a single sentence - he’s going to be able to stop whoever the leading Democrat is next summer
running against Bush. If the idiot’s strategy is to wait until there is 1000 or 2000 dead soldiers in Iraq, then all they gotta
come up with is, ‘The Democrats are anti-American’ and the Democrats will cry and say, ‘[sobbing] Well, you’re right,
Mr. Rove. We’re so sorry.’ And then they’ll slither away. Meanwhile we got the 1 or 2000 dead. Come on! Now is the
time to stand up - what is wrong with you? What the hell are you waiting for?

[Sigh] I’m in the wrong party. I’m just in the wrong party. I’m not even the tough guy. All I am is the idea guy.
They guy who is *willing* to fight back. Now I respect the soldiers because they are fighting. We don’t have any
soldiers on our side. All we got is wimps and pink tutus. Bunch of yellow-streaked little sissies.


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