Can Tom Steele Survive?
He says we can't win in Afghanistan


Sens. John McCain and Lindsey Graham condemned GOP chairman Michael 'Tom' Steele's comment that Afghanistan was a "war of Obama's choosing."

Of course, Obama was in the Illinois legislature when Bush invaded Afghanistan.
This is about as crazy as President Ford saying Poland wasn't under Soviet domination in 1976.

Neither GOP lawmaker, however, was outraged enough to demand Steele's resignation, as some other Republican have done.
Both said from Kabul it was up to Steele to decide whether he could continue to lead the party.

Steele's remarks, a political gift to Democrats in a congressional election year, were captured Thursday on camera and posted online.
The comments would make it difficult for Republican candidates to have Steele campaign for them.

Graham, (R-Fabulous) described himself as "dismayed, angry and upset. It was an uninformed, unnecessary, unwise, untimely comment."

He told CBS' "Face the Whore" that "this is not President Obama's war. This is American's war. We need to stand behind the president."

Asked whether Steele should quit, Graham said, "It's up to him to see if he can lead the Republican Party. It couldn't have come at a worst time."

I like Tom Steele, myself.
Every word out of his motuh is low-hanging fruit for us bloggers.

It'll be a sad day for us when the GOP finally dumps their non-thinking token.

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