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Batshit: 'Clinton wants me dead' 

 Link Video

Because Bill Clinton politely asked fringe conservatives to stop encouraging violence against the government 
on the anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing, Michele Bachmann has decided that he wants to "take her out." 
In a killing sense. Not romantically.

The Minnesota handjob is a lot smarter than Sarah Palin, and a bit crazier, placing her not far from Glenn Beck 
in the "crazy/stupid/dangerous matrix" we have constructed in our head. So it's not surprising that she's borrowing 
a page from Glenn Beck's "charismatic cult leader" handbook.

According to research done by James Carville's polling group, women who watch Glenn Beck's show share 
a "common fear" for his "personal safety" and they believe that he's literally putting his life in danger by revealing 
the inner secrets of liberals and Obama. This is why Glenn's writing a political thriller.

So Michele's trying this out herself.

The crazier the right-wing loons get, the more popular they become.
All Palin has to do is open her mouth and it's instant news - no matter what.

Bachmann and Beck are the same way - every time they tell a lie, they get richer. 

It's a variation of Bart's Law #2 - Any time a person or entity tells a lie that puts extra money
(or power)  in their pocket, expect them to make that "mistake" again and again and again. 

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