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Pigboy fuels domestic terror
 So says our best modern president...


Do right-wingers fuel domestic terror? Or is the vulgar Pigboy right -- that Clinton and Obama soon 
could have blood on their hands? Saying "right-wing, radio talk-show hosts" kept people in "white heat" 
nearly 15 years ago before the deadly Oklahoma City bombing, Clinton today warned against similar anger
in the age of Obama. 

But Limbaugh said Clinton and the Obama "regime" are the ones that have "set the stage for violence." 
"Bill Clinton ... just gave the kooks out there an excuse to be violent," Limbaugh told his sheep Friday. 
"He just offered them an opportunity to be violent."...

Trying to arrest a child-molester (David Koresh) gives racist dogs an opportunity to be violent?

Senator John Danforth (R-Dog food) said Koresh started the fire that killed his "congregation"
but the Pigboys of talk radio need to blame Clinton for that - so they do.
Swear to Koresh, I personally heard Rush blame Clinton for the deaths at Ruby Ridge.
Funny how the governor of Arkansas could direct the FBI to invade a home in Idaho.

Limbaugh, referring to Bush-era national security leaks to reporters, accused liberals, whom he is now calling "the regime," 
of "setting the stage" for violence. "They have given up our military secrets in Iraq and Afghanistan, and yet they sit here, 
Clinton and Obama, and try to blame me and us on the radio for something that has not happened, while setting the stage 
for it to happen," Limbaugh said.  Limbaugh was incredulous that anyone would associate the Tea Party movement, 
"genuine, peace-loving, middle-American citizens of this country," with future acts of terrorism. "What have I missed here?" 
Limbaugh asked. 'What Tea Party has engaged in acts of violence?' 

The Douchebaggers' refusal to accept a Black president sets the stage for violence.

When you hold a sign that says, "We came unarmed - this time" that says you may come armed next time.

In 2008, we learned America was ready for a Black president.
In 2009, we learned that what we learned in 2008 was wrong.

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