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Sarah Palin for president in 2012?
The craziness gets more real every day


Here we go again. Sarah Palin to run in 2012!

The latest frenzy surrounds the publicity whore giving a rare interview, to the New York Times, in which
she admits that she is thinking about it. Seriously thinking. But that she has to consult her family first.

Now, I may be wrong – it would not be the first time – but I still do not think Palin will run. I do admire her genius, though.
Few politicians of this era know how to play the media so well. Her fame and influence  – now that she has no real job to
actually do since she quit as governor – relies purely on this "will she, won't she" question. It is the source of her power.
She has to tease and flirt with the idea of running in 2012 or she starts to lose relevance.

And the media love to play her game. Or at least, the liberal-leaning media. It is curious, though – and significant
 – that the main obsession with Palin running is currently coming from the left.

In other words, the main cheerleaders behind these sort of Palin stories are the more liberal newspapers (and shamelessly
pageview-hungry sites like Politico). They are the ones – other than Palin herself – with a vested interest in stirring up the
story in order to generate outrage and interest, or fulfil prejudiced ideas about how low modern American politicians have sunk.

The right, on this rare occasion, seems to be taking a more measured and sensible "wait and see" approach.
For my own sake, I am happy to wait, too – convinced that Palin is far more likely to sit out 2012 than run again
and endure 18 months' intense scrutiny of the kind she hates.

As for the Republican party, it will likely to do what it has pretty much done every four years
for the last century: select as its predential candidate an older, wealthy, white man.

The unseen danger here is none of us has ever lived in these times before.
This is all-new territory for all of us so we need to keep our eyes open.
There's no blueprint or rule that Palin or Glenn Beck couldn't be president, someday.

There was a time when party bosses could (but often didn't) block a total moron or a complete crook
from becoming president, but today's media can bypass all of that - abd that's a bad thing.

Reagan won in California, so did Gov. Musclehead.
Minnesota elected Jesse Venture, and sports stars regularly win when they run, but these days
the most religiously-insane, delusional handjob in America could actually get elected.

And what do we do if President Insane sees no reason to negotiate a nuclear arms treay
with a hostile nation because she "knows" Jesus is coming back soon on His big cloud?


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