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The Gulf - fucked already 
 The food chain is hurt - bad


Globules of oil are already falling to the bottom of the sea, where they threaten virtually every link 
in the ocean food chain, from plankton to fish that are on dinner tables everywhere.

"The threat to the deep-sea habitat is already a done deal it is happening now," said Paul Montagna, a marine scientist at Texas A&Mi.

Hail-size gobs of oil the consistency of tar or asphalt will roll around the bottom, while other bits will get trapped 
hundreds of feet below the surface and move with the current.

Scientists say bacteria, plankton and other tiny, bottom-feeding creatures will consume oil, and will then be eaten by small fish, 
crabs and shrimp. They, in turn, will be eaten by bigger fish, such as red snapper, and marine mammals like dolphins.

The petroleum substances that concentrate in the sea creatures could kill them or render them unsafe for eating, scientists say.

"If the oil settles on the bottom, it will kill the smaller organisms like the copepods and small worms," Montagna said. 
"When we lose the forage, then you have an impact on the larger fish."

Somebody needs to do life in prison over this. Somebody, they say Cheney, 
made the decision to save a few bucks and gamble with the entire Gulf of Mexico.

THIS is what I've been saying for years - the greed of those oil bastards is insatiable.
This is also why we can't rely on the market to police itself.  They're too greedy!

It wasn't enough that they were making $10M a day - they want MORE and the MORE!

But, I'm sure meek Obama wants to "look forward" and not blame anybody - which is going to piss me off.

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