Former Enron Executive Commits Suicide

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 Former Enron VP Clifford Baxter committed suicide on Friday,
 found with a gunshot wound to his head, Texas police said.


 Notice how immediately the TEXAS police conclude this was a "suicide."
 Christ, just it happened today, and the autopsy is already completed?
 The blood work is already back from the lab?
 All that forensic work was completed in just a couple of hours?

 First thing I thought of seeing this headline was the vulgar Pigboy, and how many times he said,
 "The big difference between Watergate and White Water was Watergate had no dead bodies."

 The whore press spent years trying to prove Hillary murdered Vince Foster.
 Remember the famous Pigboy declaration, "Brace yourselves, ...Vince Foster was killed
 in private apartment owned by Hillary Clinton and the body was moved to Ft Marcy Park."

 Being a vulgar Pigboy means you can fabricate the most vicious lies about the First Lady
 and your braindead, ditto-monkey followers enjoy being lied to by a serial truth molester.
 He intentionally broadcast that untrue slur at 1:58 K-Drag time.

 That way, all 4 million (not 20 million) listeners could pick up the phone and tell their Linda Tripp-type
 friends that Hillary had, indeed, been caught red-handed in the murder of her illicit lover.

 Then at 2:06, a full eight minutes later, after the millions of hot little hands were done dialing,
 Rush explained that what he had read was a rumor that some company I'd never heard of
 was preparing to allege against Hillary. And it was an apartment not exactly owned by Hillary,
 but an apartment used "by Arkasas people."

 But the damage was done and the Clinton fabrication machine was hard at work,
 humming like Paula Jones at a private Halloween party for the Arkansas state troopers.

 Word was out - we had a murdering bitch living in the White House.
 Time went by and Special Prosecutor Robert Fisk declared Vince Foster a suicide.

 But the Clinton fabrication machine can't make any money with the truth, so Helms, Faircloth and
 Sentelle had lunch with somebody (fill me in) who thought Kenneth Starr might be just the guy they
 needed to pin Foster's murder on the Clintons.

 So Kenneth Starr was installed to find some dirt on the president.
 He had his suspects, and now all he needed was a crime.
 Starr tried and tried, for years and years, and he came up empty.  Tens of millions after tens
 of millions was being spent by Ken Starr's Office of Persecution.  The FBI was spending money, too.

 But that's nothing compared to the millions of hours the whore press spent chasing Clinton's zipper.
 Every day, every hour, the Republicans were guaranteeing the Clintons were dirty, and it was
 only a matter of time before Hillary was indicted and Clinton was impeached.

 ...but they couldn't find a crime.

 The goal from the very first day Clinton won the election was to get him under oath.
 If they could get him under oath, they could start asking questions about his zipper.

 Did you have sex with Alice?
 Did you have sex with Betty?
 Did you have sex with Cynthia?
 Did you have sex with Donna?
 Did you have sex with Elise?
 Did you have sex with Francene?

 They would go thru the alphabet as many times as it took.

 But how could they get him under oath?
 He's the president (lawfully elected, I might add) and no court would ever allow an open-ended,
 never-ending, taxpayer-financed Republican-orchestrated fishing expedition/witchhunt - would they?

 Vince Foster's body was found July 20, 1993.
 Clinton had been in office exactly six months.

 Enter Richard Mellon Scaife.

 Scaife paid David Brock $80,000 to go to Arkansas and listen to the state troopers.
 Unknown to Brock at the time, he says, Scaife had also paid the troopers $80,000 to talk to him.

 If the truth was the goal, why did Scaife have to pay anybody?
 That money was paid to guarantee certain results, not the truth.

 The troopers told Brock the story that Scaife wanted published - that Clinton was
 meeting women for sex while the troopers guarded the doors

 Brock published the story he was paid to write in the American Spectator, and the
 scandal machine went totally ape-shit.   Paula Jones ran into the national spotlight screaming

 "Me, Me, Me, Me! I'm the Paula that Trooper Ferguson told Brock about.
   Me, Me, Me, Me! Everybody look at me!!!  Pay attention to me!!!!
   I'm the one in that hotel with Clinton, but we didn't do what Ferguson said."

 The Clinton scandal machine shoveled the coal faster and faster into the furnace.

 So what we had was Scaife paying Brock and the troopers to publish a story that both
 Paula Jones and Clinton said was false.   So what did Paula do?

 Did she sue the writer of the article that tarnished her reputation?
 No, there's no money in suing the writer of the lies.

 Did she sue the magazine who published thearticle that tarnished her reputation?
 No, there's no money in suing the magazine that puiblsihed the lies.

 Did she sue the troopers who told the lies that tarnished her reputation?
 No, there's no money in suing the people who told the lies.

 No, she sued the President, of all people, the man who said he didn't even recall meeting her.
 Why on Earth would she sue the ONLY man who wasn't profitting from the lies that were published?
 For obvious reasons, the all-white panel of tobacco judges agreed that this was a good thing.

 You see, Bill Clinton was legally elected and the right-wing couldn't accept that.
 They immediately set out to impeach Bill Clinton, but first they needed to fabricate a "crime."

 You also have to look at the timing.
 All this was happening just about eight years ago.
 Clinton was finishing his first year in office.
 After a shaky start, articles started to appear in the papers that, all in all,
 the president had had a pretty good year - and that's when the Paula story was "created."

 Suddenly every anti-choice, anti-gay, anti-black religious nut on TV had Paula Jones as a guest.
 I first saw her on the 700 Club with Pat Robertson.

 Then, at each and every legal stop along the way, each and every judge decided that a woman
 with no proof (except the witnesses she said were lying) could tie up the president so Clinton's
 political enemies went Wild On Bill Clinton.

 Eventually, the Supreme Court stated that it was "unlikely" that Bill Clinton's enemies
 would build this molehill into the Continental Divide.

 How convenient.

 Years later, we would hear Sandra Day O'Connor blurt out "Oh, no!" at the news that Gore
 had won Florida and a Democrat would be the 43rd President of the United States.

 I submit that each time the Supreme Court was faced with a Clinton decision, the five Republican
 judges screamed "Oh, no!" and voted against Clinton instead of following the law.

 Don't forget, after an illegal stopping of the counting of the ballots, this Supreme Court made a strictly
 partisan decision to install their boy over the wishes of the voters, because, and I quote,
 "continuing with the count would cause irreparable harm to petitoner Bush."

 That was one of the only true statements we heard from the Supreme Court in a long, long time.

 Remember, they denied Clinton his attorney-client privilege.
 They denied Clinton spousal privileges.
 They overruled every assertion of Executive Privilege when Team Clinton argued that
 a president could never get frank advice if every conversation would be made public
 by an over-zealous and out-of-control special prosecutor.
 They ruled, for the first time, that the Secret Service must testify against him, which had the
 net effect of putting more space betwen the agents and America's elected leader.

 Was the Supreme Court encouraging a presidential assassination?

 Like Gingrich, Barr, Burton and Starr, the Supreme Court made up their mind Clinton had to go,
 so they green-lighted the wildest, most insane, unprecedented attacks in their zeal to bring down
 America's last elected leader.

 This was a hatchet job that started in mid-1992.

 And when they try to paint the Clinton Administration as the "most corrupt in history,"
 do me a favor and remind them Clinton was never convicted of even a parking ticket.
 He had to settle with Paula Jones to end the eight-year, GOP-fabricated sex circus.
 And he had to settle with Robert Ray after Ray signaled that the witchunt would never, ever end.

 The GOP had come too far to settle for absolute zero, so they settled for pennies on the dollar
 the same was Wen Ho Lee's seventy felonies was settled with a single misdemeanor charge.

 Was Clinton a saint?
 No, he cheated on his wife, as did Gingrich, Burton, Hyde, Livingston and the others.
 That's a sin - not a crime, and certainly not a impeachable offense against America.

 To my knowledge, nobody has looked back and pieced together the court's motives.
 I'm sure they wouldn't do it, but somebody with the brains and patience of Gene Lyons
 and Joe Conason needs to take another look at what our High Court did to Bill Clinton.

 What we know now about the Supreme Court's partisanship would make their strange decisions
 a little easier to explain today.   The Supreme Court is as honest as the man some call president.

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