Astrological Reading for BartCop

BartCop was born on February 26, 1996 at 5:15 PM in Tulsa Oklahoma.
This gives the site Leo Rising, also called ascending, since the first house is referred to as the "ascendant'.
Leo is ruled by the Sun, and Sun is found in the water sign of Pisces. BartCop is a Pisces, making him
a natural champion of the underdog and the powerless. The position of the Moon, ruling emotions,
family and the public, among others, is in the quick and witty, communicative sign of Gemini.
The Moon for BartCop is very well placed. It's in the career and profession 10th house, and in trine
aspect to Mercury. The trine aspect, of 120 degrees, is the most fortunate and positive aspect available.
This indicates innate talent and things that come easily to us, without much struggle. Mercury is the planet
of communication. You remember the Winged Messenger, Mercury, from mythology who carried
communications to and from the Gods? Same principle with the planet Mercury. With its position so close
to the Sun, Mercury symbolically is the communicator to the Sun, which is the life force of the horoscope.

The trine between Moon and Mercury shows BartCop's ability to be a sharp and effective debater.
Something he takes great pride in, shown by proud Leo on the ascendant. The nice grand trine involving
Mercury explains why his website is so well informed and why he (Bartcop) is so good at expressing
himself in such a clear and sharp manner. No wonder he's won every debate he's been in on this site.
Notice that the ascendant ruler (Sun) is conjunct, meaning in the same sign, and within 8 degrees, Mars,
indicating that the website is being used for "fiery rebellious" purposes.  It also points to Bartcop's rather
forceful and in-your-face way of communicating. But, when it comes to Republicans you can't afford to be
nice.  Ya gotta come in with guns blazing.

Moon in square, a challenging aspect, to fiery Mars shows that BartCop has a short fuse and that he gets
impatient with those that just don't "get it". The sextile, another fortunate aspect, although not as potent as
the trine, to loving Venus, shows BC to be gentle and forgiving and he will always treat detractors with
gracious respect. Until he is provoked and then the acid tongue quality of the square between Moon and
Mars will surface.

The 6th house rules daily habits, your job and health matters. Mercury and Uranus in the 6th show this is a
site that functions through communication (Mercury), with a lot of letters, "Ton o toons" and other stuff.
Uranus, which rules computers and technology, is appropriately placed in the 6th as well. This is an
endeavor employing the use of computers and technology (Uranus) to broadcast his message (Mercury) to
the world. Chart ruler Sun, in Pisces along with Mars, in the partnership 7th, shows that BC's associates
are just as intensely passionate and committed to their convictions as he is. The sextile to Jupiter, the
planet of abundance and good fortune, is an indication that they give generously of their time and talents.

Saturn in the 8th house indicates that he probably has trouble getting financial backers.  the 8th rules
shared resources, such as joint accounts and things you share in a partnership. It also governs loans and
other peoples' money. Since Saturn, the planet of limitations, duty and responsibility, is not well aspected,
getting financial support may be difficult. It also indicates that BC may feel the necessity to do the job by
himself, since his trust is hard for others to win, until they have proven themselves to him. This can wear
thin after time, with BC feeling the demands and pressure.

The theatrical sign of Leo is on the ascendant for BC. This tells us that he is interested in the
entertainment industry in all forms. In trine aspect to lovely Venus, the planet of beauty and attractions,
shows BC's appreciation of all art forms, especially the feminine actresses, models and singers. The
square to illusive Neptune indicates that BC has gotten his heart broken on more than one occasion by the
careless remarks of a snooty dame who didn't deserve to put on his high pedestal. But he will always be a
dreamer. Since Venus also rules the Mid-Heaven, the profession and career indicator of the horoscope,
this tells us that running the BC site is a labor of love for all concerned.

So, after all that is said and done, what is the likely outcome and demise of our beloved BartCop site? For
that we combine the 8th house of death, and the 4th, which rules the end of life, or the end of the matter. I
also use the Hindu method of death periods , which is a complicated list of likely times, based on
planetary periods specific to each individual horoscope, when someone, or something is likely to "bite the
dust." Mention of death and dying is shunned by Western Astrologers, and most of this country has a
death phobia, thinking that if you don't discuss it or bring up the subject it will just go away. Eastern
methods, like the Hindu Astrologers are more down to earth and they realize death is inevitable and a fact
of life. Knowledge is power, in other words, and knowing when something may end can help you to
prepare. There are NO guarantees about anything, however.

The end of life 4th house has Scorpio on the cusp, indicating the downfall of BC may come from covert,
and clandestine sources. Ruler Pluto governs the underworld, and its presence here indicates some kind of
sabotage may be lurking. Pisces is the sign on the death 8th, ruled by deceptive Neptune, showing that
BC should be careful who he trusts and there may be a mole at work to undermine the effectiveness of BC.
This would not be obvious at first. The square between Pluto to Sun and Mars also shows us that BartCop
is never content to accept the status quo and will defy convention, particularly to expose idiotic and
ridiculous premises. His personal involvement may take a lot out of him emotionally, and his patience will
wear thin. Family demands, since Pluto is in the 4th of home and family, may also influence the outcome.
Mrs. BC may want more of his attention and tire of competing with the site for affection. Being in Scorpio,
she may value her privacy and anonyminity and shun the limelight.

A growing number of us in the Astrological community are in agreement that it looks unlikely that George
W. Bush will finish out his term in office. Mid 2003 seems a possible time for his removal from office.
Briefly there is a nearly 150 year old phenomenon that shows that every President elected in a year ending
in zero has not lived to complete his term. Astrologically this relates to the conjunction between Jupiter
and Saturn, which occurs approximately every 20 years. This last occurred, in May 2000, in the sign of
Taurus. Even though we are well past May 2000, the influence is stamped on the man who was "elected"
during that time period. The only President to escape this "curse" has been Ronald Reagan. The
conjunction, under his watch, fell in the Air sign Libra. All others, throughout our country's history, have
occurred in Earth Signs: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. Since Air signs govern intelligence and mental
functioning the argument has been made that Reagan did not suffer death to his physical body, but to his
mind. Who can say conclusively that the bullet in his brain didn't exacerbate his descent into Alzheimer's.
The most recent conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn is in an Earth sign. If the pattern of nearly 150 years
hold true, the man now in the White House will meet with a physical death.

My favorite scenario, therefore, would be that the 'W' administration collapses when Cheney suffers another
heart attack and bites the big one. Bush is removed from office , Strom is already pushing up daisies, (look
for something to occur in that area between August and October 2001) and the people's confidence is
completely eroded. The Democrats take over, being the natural visionary leaders that they are, and the
country is saved from disaster. Next election the Republicans are resoundingly trounced and the
Democrats are returned to power by a grateful nation. Liberal is no longer a dirty word.

But, alas, BartCop will have outlived his function. The site will be deemed useless because the
Republicans/Conservatives will be thwarted in their tracks. His job and mission will have been
accomplished and he can retire to a life of ease and comfort knowing that he had no small role in helping to
correct the dangerous direction in which the country was headed. Not likely, but it does make for a great
daydream. BartCop will ALWAYS find something to defiantly challenge in our political system and our
society, and the site will always be relevant.

Using the Hindu system of death prediction is lengthy and complicated. The traditional Tropical system,
used in the west, is replaced with the Sidereal system. In essence this subtracts approximately 23
degrees from a given sign. The aspects would still remain the same. I'm trying not to lose you by getting
too technical. Basically the Hindu system calculates the death planets, called "Marakas". This is done by
judging the strength of various planets in key sectors. There are 4 maraka planets in the BartCop chart,
Mercury, Mars, Saturn and the North Node.  Of these four, Mercury is well placed.  It is in a friend's sign
(Capricorn) and is involved in a grand trine with the Moon and the North Node.  This indicates that death
during a Mercury period is highly unlikely.  Mars is in an enemy's sign (Aquarius) and conjoins a
detrimentalized Sun.  So death during a Mars period is at least possible.

As for Saturn, although it is in an enemy's sign (Pisces), it is not making any major aspects.  Death during
a Saturn period is at least possible, but probably not as likely as it would be during a Mars period.  Finally,
the only aspect the North Node makes is an opposition to Venus.  But it too is involved in a grand trine
with both the Moon and Mercury. In summary, I feel that Mars is the main maraka, or killer planet for the
site.  In second place would be Saturn and in third place would be the North Node.  Mercury comes in
dead last.  In other words, is most likely going to die during a Mars period. Periods when the
site is most likely to crash and burn would be July/August 2003 or January/February 2004.

The Hindu method also calculates your life periods, known as "Dasas", and sub periods called "Bhutkis".
Death is more likely when you are in a Dasa or Bhutki period that coincides with your Maraka, or killer,
planet. When a Maraka planet is activated by a transiting eclipse or hard aspect, death is more likely.
Relevant transiting (T.) eclipses are listed below.

1.) 11/19/02 Penumbral Lunar Eclipse at 03 Taurus 39 square N. ASC
*7/27/03 to 8/14/03 T. North Node square eclipse point

2.) 5/30/03 Annular Solar Eclipse at 15 Taurus 26 square N. Mars
10/4/03 to 10/15/03 T. Jupiter opposite eclipse point
4/5/04 to 4/12/04 T. Jupiter Rx opposite eclipse point

3.) 11/8/03 Umbral Lunar Eclipse at 22 Aries 18 square N. Mercury
*1/29/04 to 2/14/04 T. North Node square eclipse point

Starred dates in the T. eclipse section indicate periods where death of website is most likely
to happen.  Currently this website is in a maraka dasa period (Mars) until April 2004.  During this dasa, we
check to see if any transiting eclipses hit natal planets or angles.  The three listed above do.
Then we check each of these 3 to see if they're triggered by a transiting planet, preferably the North Node.
The two starred are triggered by the transiting Node.

So if our prediction unfolds as we have outlined, BC has until between August 2003 and February 2004 to
survive. However, since Pluto is in and ruling the end of life 4th house my feeling is that BartCop will
reinvent himself and operate under a different name, with a new site and a new and more powerful vision. I
suspect there is some birthing process going on now that will influence and determine that new site.

BC, I hope you enjoyed this little astrological tour through your "baby".
I salute and support your efforts and hope the site continues to be
the voice in the wilderness that we have come to rely on.

Geneva Clark

Be sure to visit for all your astrology needs.


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