Subject:  A bit of background on Australia (Chelsea Clinton in my home town!)

 the coverage may not reach into the US mainstream but it appeared on our ABC
 (national network TV), 7pm Sunday. The 7pm news slot is the most important
 news time of the day. National TV network as I keep saying.

 Chelsea Clinton was visibly helping in a Anti-smoking promotion that involves
 the US and Oz women's soccer teams.
 (lots of young girls are taking up soccer, as well as thinking of starting to
 smoke. So it's a great point of leverage to stop them before they start, by
 using women who probably will be heard by the young girls and listened to.)

 So, we saw a US Health official (she seemed rather high up the ladder
 considering it's only Melbourne and not the USA where an election is coming
 soon) be part of a press conference. Our federal Health Minister - a good
 bloke, for a conservative - made up our contribution. Chelsea Clinton made a
 big impression on the young kids that were there. She was busy being nice and
 helping distribute the anti-smoking promotional material. She was not a
 scheduled speaker at the press confrence. She looked good on TV, a big smile
 and she seemed to be pretty well at ease doing what she was doing.
 Not at all stilted or awkward.

 This I am sure contrasts starkly with the "Owned by Tobacco" GOFP.
 Will we see Smirk's kids help prevent young kids from taking up the evil weed?
 Not On Your Nellie! Or maybe when it's a nice warm day in hell, with the air
 conditioning working well.

 I suppose that it all comes down to whether you can think a little of people
 who have no bearing on your life. Do you care about other people's kids?
 No? then if they smoke is not my problem... (GOFP policy)

 "Yes!", says Chelsea. I want to help prevent kids taking up smoking (Clinton
 family values at work.)


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