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Bartcop writes a new issue about once a week. I think they're great and it's an honor to host his writings on my web site. Bartcop is one of the nations great writers and stands up for the truth by telling it the way it really is. If you're tired of Rush Limbaugh, Liddy, and The Right Wing Media Conspiracy, you'll find his humor refreshing.

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  1. Clinton, Bukkkanan Big Winners in Delaware Primary
  2. Derailed Train Controlled By Student
  3. Let's vote for Buchanan!
  6. The Klu Klux Klan visits RL-LNW Territory
  7. Heard on the Street
  8. No mad cow disease
  9. "What I Believe" by the GOP
  10. Dole - The Grim Reaper
  11. Bob Dole, Face the Nation 4/21/96
  12. Rush never voted for Ronald Reagan
  13. Bob Dole, you gotta love him.
  14. Libba
  15. Gotta love that Rush
  16. Why is Bill Clinton so popular?
  17. Joke
  18. George Will
  19. Senator Straddle
  20. Sunday, May 5, 1996
  21. I have some bad news.
  22. Update...
  23. Overheard recently in New York:
  24. Hi, I'm Haley Barbour, Chairman of the Republican Party.
  25. Dole removes tie.
  26. Dole Kicks Quayle's Ass
  27. Dole Calls Dr. Laura
  28. Sex with the Dead
  29. Dole on Juvi Crime
  30. It Takes a Reich
  31. BartCop Confesses
  32. Can I get your Swastica
  33. Dornan Jumps out Window
  34. Dole the Porcupine
  35. Whitewater reports are in!
  36. RL-LNW Interviews Rush
  37. Liddy "Sweet Lips" Dole
  38. Hillary's Guru-Gate
  39. The Cucumber Caper
  40. It's His Bad Arm, Stupid
  41. Rush - 20 Years from Now
  42. The Rest of the Story
  43. The Perot Factor
  44. It's His Bad Judgment, Stupid.
  45. It's His Bad Interview, Stupid
  46. It's His Bad Campaign, Stupid.
  47. It's His Bad Timing, Stupid.
  48. It's His Runaway Party, Stupid
  49. It's Ralph Reed's Party, Stupid
  50. When Ralph says No, Ralph MEANS No
  51. Dueling Quotes
  52. GOP Convention SPECIAL
  53. The Dole Campaign Rolls On...
  54. Paul Harvey Spits His Bit
  55. Democratic Convention Special!
  56. Democratic Convention Special!
  57. It's a Foot Fetish, Stupid
  58. It's the 20-point Lead, Stupid
  59. It's the Wrong Hat, Stupid
  60. The One-Arm Bandit
  61. You're One Out of Forty, Stupid
  62. It's the All-Dole Special, Stupid
  63. It's About Pessnet Kintn's Medcal Records, Stupid
  64. It's Dole's Final 30 Days, Stupid
  65. It's Time to Feed the Jacoby Again, Stupid
  66. It's Rush's Herrenvolk, Stupid
  67. It's called Bozo-gate, Stupid
  68. It's the McVeigh Republicans Stupid!
  69. I'm not a doctor, stupid!
  70. Where's the Outrage?
  71. ELECTION SPECIAL - The Kitchen Sink
  73. Bob Dole Looks Back
  74. Fighting Fire with Fire
  75. HEY!
  76. Sharon Stone said ...
  77. The Clinton Pardons
  78. Church and State
  79. The Zucchini Caper
  80. My Friends Call Me Dash!
  81. Who Says All Fat Men Are Jolly?
  82. The Case of the Purloined Pepper
  83. Will Slur For Food
  84. He Be Off the Hissy
  85. Slappy Plays Poker?
  86. Limba the Hutt
  87. We'll Always Have Waco
  88. Talent on Loan From Cerebus
  89. Notorius P.I.G.
  90. The Boy From Brazil
  91. Dick - The Foul-Mouthed Texan
  92. Whale-Bopp
  93. Talking Turkey With John Kasich
  94. Outside, It's America
  95. Slappy Builds An Ark
  96. Jurassic Pork
  97. Maid Hole
  98. Suit Of Lies
  99. Kenneth Starr - Instrument of God
  100. The Wizard of Ahhs
  101. Tyrannosaurus Wrecks
  102. Rush, Porno, Gingrich, Lesbian
  103. Please, Please, Get Up Off Your Knees
  104. Promise Keepers - Losers, Weepers
  105. Bored With Cowards
  106. Red October Gets Away
  107. GOP's, Tramps and Thieves
  108. Orgasms By Flubber
  109. Across 110th Street
  110. Candy, Farley, ...Limba?
  111. EXTRA - President Gore.
  112. Swallow or Spit?
  113. The Smudge Report
  114. Tabloid Nation
  115. Wag The Aurora
  116. I'm Afraid of Americans
  117. The Whore Street Journal
  118. The Trouble With Women
  119. Pandora's Mouth
  120. The Angels Are Crying
  121. When the World Was Young
  122. Two Shots of Happy
  123. Does Anybody Remember Forests?
  124. And The Horse You Rode In On
  125. What Would Jesus Do?
  126. Wag The Tongue
  127. Suicide Watch
  128. Nowhere To Hyde
  129. BartCop on Meet The Whore
  130. Door Number Three
  131. Backlash Landslide
  132. Fascism Takes One in the Ass
  134. To Be a Rock, And Not To Roll
  135. Why Are The Democrats Smiling?
  136. The Pompatous of Hate
  137. High Crimes and Low Blows
  138. Taliban Rapes Monica
  139. Make It Stop
  140. Judas Maximus
  141. Over There
  142. Guns n' Moses
  143. The Cocks Report
  144. The Softer Side of Sears

Write the Author of BartCop

         Welcome to Another Monsterously Exciting Issue of
                  RUSH LIMBA - LYIN' NAZI WHORE!


      == Rush Limba - On The Cutting Edge of White Supremacy ==
         The Patron Saint of Militant Militiaboys Everywhere
               Snoot Gingrich's Finest Shoelicker
              The Man Who Made Constipation Passe'
            Vs. BartCop - Shining the Light on Truth

    == Firmly Ensconced in the Pink "Attila the Whore" Chair ==
             America's Fattest Right-Wing Truth Defector
          Railing Against the Homeless, the "non-providers."

                 == The Doctor of Disgust ==
                      2 Fat 2 Be 4 Real
              More Chins Than a Chinese Phone Book
               The Director of Dis-Information
                  He's a One-Man Bay of Pigs!
                    The Butcher of the NEA
            Vs. BartCop - Shining the Light on Truth

             == Willy Horton's Biological Father ==
       The Man Voted "Most Scary" by Educated Americans
      The Man Who Won The Title Of America's Biggest Asshole
          in 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994 and 1996
          Losing in 1995 to Ol' Tim by Three Tiny Points
             Vs. BartCop - Shining the Light on Truth

              The Lazy, Rarely-Come-to-Work Whore
       The Pompous Professor Emereatme at E.I.B. Methane Inc.
                   The Chancellor of Chutzpa

           The "Container" The Cometeers Tried To Rent
            Vs. BartCop - Shining the Light on Truth

        Handler of the Infected Cyst of Conservativism
                    Tied Behind his Back....
                    Just to Make it Fair....
                      Even If It Leaks
           Vs. BartCop - Shining the Light on Truth

       == Spiritual Arsonist for the Mentally Defective ==
             Posterboy for FTH - Fuck-The-Homeless
   The Arch-Conservative, Anti-Intellectual Icon of Stagnation
             Vs. BartCop - Shining the Light on Truth
         Solving America's Problems With Science and Common Sense
                  More Facts, Less Bullshit,
                  More Logic, Less Superstition
                  More Truth, Less Rabid-Right Crap
             BartCop - Shining the Light on Truth

             - And He's Too Goddamn Ugly For Radio -
                 ****   T00 Goddamn Ugly   ****
          Boom Shagalaga                Boom Shagalaga
             Vs. BartCop - Shining the Light on Truth

  Changing Political Opinions in Thirteen Countries on Four Continents
             Defeating Ditto Dip With The Simple Truth
               Ditto-Sheep - They're Everywhere

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