From: David Barbour <>
Date: Tue, 25 Apr 2000 21:24:01 -0700

bc:  Thought you might enjoy this.  I 
caught that shithead Horowitz lying on Michael Reagan's talk show today and 
called him on it thanks to your link and  I'll forward you any
response I get back if he has the balls to respond.
take care,
Dave from Sacramento
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From: David Barbour 
Sent: Tuesday, April 25, 2000 6:35 PM

Mr. Horowitz:
Since "lying pig" is one of those dramatic 
phrases you seem to enjoy using the most, I hope you won't mind me referring
to you as one as well since I've caught you in an outright lie on national 
radio.  I will not give you the benefit of the doubt that you are merely an
uninformed idiot since you would be loathe to grant Bill Clinton the same

During your guest host stint today (4/25) for 
that other pillar of intelligent discourse, Michael Reagan, you stated that 
Elian's relatives in Miami were "law abiding citizens who have never broken the
law."  Later on in the program, a caller asked you if you considered DUI's
breaking the law.  You dismissed the caller's accusation and decried the 
liberal smearing that apparently only liberals engage in.  You may want to

ask John McCain if he's ever been smeared by someone other than a liberal

Well, Mr. Horowitz, if you would bother to take 
a look at Salon, you know, that left-wing website that pays you to 
write hyperbolic drivel for them on a regular basis, you'd know 
that they did a story back on April 8 that revealed the facts on those
abiding citizens who have never broken the law".  Please take a deep

breath (i know you're so outraged by the Clinton Justice Dept.) and click on 
this http://w and 
then let me know if you can refute the facts presented here by one of your own

employer's with some of your famous unbiased meticulous research.  
You will find out that Elian's angelic relatives are not only repeat

drunk drivers, but some of them have had felony arrests and one even had a 
restraining order placed against him.  I'm sure if you find out this 
article is full of libelous "liberal smearing" that you will promptly quit 
taking paychecks from this online rag as you are such a righteous, 
moralistic voice for America.  
Sorry, Mr. Horowitz, the b.s. you're slinging 
on national radio proves that you in fact are a "Menace to America".  
Looking forward to your reply.
David Barbour
Sacramento, CA
P.S.  I'm also sure that you'll want to 
write a column taking the "liberal media" to task for not reporting these sad 
facts about that family that was only "armed with love" more widely.


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