Bag O' Hairspray = Senator Elizabeth Dole 

B.F.E.E. = Bush Family Evil Empire 

Bush the Smarter, 
George Herbert Herbert Bush, (Star Trek reference)
Smirk Daddy = President George H. W. Bush 

Bush's Poodle = Tony Blair 

Cheesy Fries = Former Prime Minister of Canada Jean Chrétien 

Dallas Morning Whore = Dallas Morning News

Ditto-Monkey = a derisive term used to describe a person that does not think for themself and repeats information 
(or more frequently misinformation) they have heard elsewhere. The term is usually used to describe fans of Rush 
Limbaugh's radio show. Ironic is that some fans of Rush Limbaugh use the term to describe themself. 

Judas Maximus = George Stephanopoulos 

George Herbert-Herbert Bush = Bush the Smarter, America's 41st President 

Koresh = God exp. "Koresh only knows what Bush was thinking while reading My Pet Goat" 

Knuckledrag, K-Drag = Oklahoma in general, Bart's hometown of Tulsa in particular 

Laura the Unloved = Laura Schlessinger 

Face the Whore = CBS's Bob Schieffer


Meet the Whore = NBC's Tim Russert 

Monkey Mail = barely coherent hate mail from Ditto-Monkeys 

Mr. Three Percent = Ralph Nader 

Musclehead, Governor Gang Bang = Arnold Schwarzenegger 

Pink Tutu Democrat = Senate Democrats, who do not stand up to Republican fascism 

Pissquick = Oklahoma Senator James Inhofe 

Republican Kryptonite = Truth 

The Invisible Cloud Being = God, specifically the religious right's view of a vengeful, Old Testament-style deity 

The Jesus Twins = Oklahoma politicians Tom Coburn and Steve Largent 

Der Monkey = George W. Bush 

Moonie Times = The Rev. Moon-owned Washington Times.

San Francisco Treat = Condoleezza Rice 

Savage Weiner = Gay-hating handjob Michael Savage, who sexually molests wax figures

The vulgar Pigboy = Rush Limbaugh 

Red-Ink =  Ronald Reagan, the name comes from Reagan's record deficits 

Religiously insane = religious fanatics 

Slappy = Clarence Thomas 

Snoot = Newt Gingrich 

Uncle OJ = Rep. J.C. Watts (R-White)

Unka Dick = Cheney 

 "Unka Dick, are you my Daddy's brother or sister?"

WaHoPo (Washington Whore Post) = Washington Post 

Whore Street Journal = Wall Street Journal

"Things are getting so bad. I don't know how you non-drinking people deal with it." 

"Where are the Democrats?" 

"How did I get in this party?" (referring to the cowardice for which Bartcop constantly scolds the Democrats) 

"The Pink Tutu Democrats" (a phrase Bartcop coined (?) referring to many Democrats who Bartcop says 
"refuse to fight" and "let the Republicans do whatever they want"), usually accompanied by a graphic of the 
heads of prominent Democratic politicians superimposed on ballerinas wearing pink tutus 

"The only people standing up for Kerry are the Republicans." 

"Bill Clinton never sent a man into battle who didn't make it out alive." (Bartcop claims that the deaths 
during the Battle of Mogadishu, which occurred 10 months after President Clinton took office, were caused not
by Clinton, but by the poor preparation of his predecessor George H. W. Bush) 

" ...and the Democrats can't figure a way to make that a campaign issue?" (used when the Democrats 
back away from an issue on which they could score points) 

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