Census Data Disagreement

 From: dr.bomb@usa.net

 For once I disagree with your views on the census. It revolves around
 this: Have you personally read reports or heard news regarding
 investigations or prosecutions based upon allegations of people
 submitting inaccurate and/or misleading data to the census bureau?

 I haven't. Have you? I didn't think so.

 There is a reason why: In a court trial the census bureau would have to
 RELEASE PERSONAL INFORMATION from its records; an action which the
 census CANNOT do even WITH a court order because doing so would place
 personal information into the public record. As in the "evidence" will
 be your form full of that personal data which I'm against the release
 of! Sure, the data may have "mistakes" but why open up that can of worms
 on the next guy WHO DOES fill out his form completely and with honest
 accuracy? What's to stop some crank from making such an allegation
 whether frivolous or not?

 So, how do they prove the validity of the census data? They'd have to
 have a LONG trial, violating the Fourth Amendment over and over, just to
 VERIFY the data? On one individual? And, if they set that precedent,
 what will stop them from going after two or more? How about an ENTIRE
 DISTRICT? How many innocent people will have their data released just to
 make this point?

 Honestly, do you really THINK that "big government" will send storm
 troopers to your house and arrest you for making "mistakes" on your
 form? You won't UNLESS this precedent is set! IF it does we're looking
 as the beginning of a more fascist United States!

 There's this little habit I make when it comes down to demographic
 surveys, corporate and otherwise: I lie, repeatedly and with no remorse
 and no regrets. Why? Such detailed information is NONE OF THEIR FUCKING
 BUSINESS! Yes, they can do a "body count" here but THAT IS IT! How much
 I earn, how many vehicles I own, whether I'm prone to superstitions of a
 religious nature or politically prone to support certain groups of

 I'll play this game: I'll give you the "information" you want. However,
 I am human and prone to making mistakes. And, gee, when it comes to
 demographics, I tend to be very sloppy and forgetful. I have this
 condition called "takeyoursurveyandshoveTHISupyourassitis" which, when
 coupled with my agonizing bouts of chronic apathy with paroxysms of
 self-entertainment and hobbies including the fine arts of mental
 masturbation, tends to make me, as a whole, one not to really take
 anything in this life that seriously...much less a census form.

 So I say to you that sure, burning your census forms sounds like a good
 idea...but it's a missed opportunity. Why not call 'em on their bluff
 like I do every ten years? You're against big government like I am. So
 why not take them up upon their challenge and put principles ahead of
 time-wasting rhetoric? Burning is the easy way out because it faster
 than filling it out and sending a message to the census bureau in the

 Besides, it's MUCH MORE SATISFYING this way.

 Now, if you excuse me, I have a court date to prove that I'm a Hispanic
 Haitian from Africa who owns ten mansions, a bordello, a field of
 poppies and a road of gold bricks and is a staunch supporter of the GOP
 through the sales of rectal opium suppositories.


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