Koresh, by New Year's,  BartCop-TV should be steaming and honking.

Have I told you about the plan  for BartCop-TV?
I'm currently throwing money at this idea but so far all I'm hearing is
"Gee, that's going to be hard to do," bullshit.

I have the baddest video card on the market - the Voodoo 3500.
I need a web host that can handle streaming RealVideo.
Cheeses, you'd think that would only be a click away, right?

I have lots of video, most everything since 1980.
If I can get a web host to shoot me a price, we're in business.
They're all acting like I'm the first person in America to want to
put streaming video on the Internet. They all say they have to
"get with the techs," and see if my idea is possible.

Anyway, there are, at times, those pesky copyright issues that might be applicable.


If we had a regular time, such as week nights at 9PM Eastern, 6PM Pacific,
where certain video could be streamed to you live, but not stored on any hard drive,
we could get around those sticky copyright issues, since no evidence would exist.

And don't think I'm talking about porn or anything goofy.
Remember the difference between Pigboy Radio and Pigboy TV?

Koresh, 90 days ago,  bartcop.com  was script with no fonts.
Then, we got fonts, pictures and sound.
In a matter of days, (when SW Bell plugs us in) we'll have live color video.

 ha ha

It used to be I couldn't spell HTML, and now I am one!

You know what that means?
That means BartCop is the producer of a television station.
This is very empowering.

Priority One -it's payback for the Ron Brown funeral video, which Infected-Ass
played again and again and again - backwards, upside down, frame-by-frame, etc.

Yes, it's called payback, and it currently being stored in my trusty Sub-Zero,
because payback BartCop-style calls for absolute zero.

Anyway, if I can get the brainyboys to fix the tech end of this,
I've got a video collection that kicks.
At last count, over 13,000 hours.

Wish me luck,.
Say a prayer,

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