From: Andrew

Subject: JHS Evening: Will BC's True Identity Be Revealed?

Hi There,

I was wondering if BartCop plans to
(a) 'go public' at the Julie Hiatt-Steele night, revealing his identity to all and sundry
      (including Freeper infiltrators and Ashcroft's FBI) or if he'll
(b) somehow protect his penchant for anonymity at what will be, after all, a very public occasion.

If the answer is (b), I have a few suggestions for this in cognito activist. He should either:

(1) Wear a balaclava like some Latin activist trying to avoid the death squads;
(2) Put on a Reagan mask like Patrick Swayze in Point Break (Reagan will never make more sense) or ...
(3) Apply copious amounts of makeup, lots of lipstick and big ol' wig, thereby confirming the Freepers'
      suspicions that he's a 'pinko faggo commo lefto weirdo'. :o)

However, if BartCop takes the 'go public' route, it can't hurt ticket sales. I for one would pay
the $50 and hop on a plane from Australia were the great man to make such a promise ... ;o)



Andrew, you're a sharpie.  Nowhere on that page does it say, "An Evening with BartCop."
I want to avoid fame and the glare of the bright lights more than Paula Jones, Gennifer Flowers and
Susan Carpenter McWhore crave it combined.   I have phobias about not staying hidden and unknown.
Marlene Deitrich was a flaming exhibitionist compared to Ol' BartCop.  Besides Marc Perkel (producer
of ) and Christian and her man Ray, I've met two  readers in six years.

I'll be at Juliefest 2002, and I might have a teeny tiny name tag on my coat that says "Bart" but I won't be speaking,
I won't be MC-ing, and I won't be doing anything but hiding and doing my best Gary Trudeau impression.

The comments I made were in jest, although I do understand
your need for privacy and that it's Julie's thing.

That said, I don't buy that you can resist being there.
Give Vegas a break and head north for a change ... ;o)

True, I can't resist being there, but I can resist hogging the spotlight all day.
That was the original plan. I want to play this like John Forsythe on Charlie's Angels.
"Bart was here? Where?"

But there's that implication that I'll be there, and strangely enough, there may be people who'll cry "foul"
if there are no Bart-sightings.  Plus, Julie asked me to be available, and she's damn hard to say "no" to,
so I'll be the old, quiet guy minding his own business in the corner with the tequila snifter.

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