From: Congresswoman Katherine Harris


Sent: Tuesday, September 28, 2004 7:53 PM

Subject: What's Hillary doing in Florida?

Dear Betty,
I know it's been a while since I've written you, but I need your help now more than ever.

Two years ago when you helped me with my first Congressional campaign, Democrats just
would not allow me to focus upon my positive message for America. They used their entire
bag of dirty tricks. Fortunately, voters in my district could see right through them and elected
me to represent them in Congress. I am proud of my record over the past two years, but again,
nationally, the Democrats have targeted me for defeat.

Again, I must be prepared for an onslaught of nasty attacks by liberal special interests and my
Democrat challenger. The national Democrats have reserved one million dollars worth of air
time for their negative ads in the Tampa television market alone.

My opponent has deep ties with the national Democratic party. She was a classmate of Hillary
and Bill Clinton, and she was deeply involved in the Palm Beach recount - so you can well imagine
what her attacks on me will say.

Even worse, Joe Trippi has signed on as a special consultant with my opponent's campaign!
As you may remember, Trippi was the campaign manager of ultra-liberal Howard Dean's
presidential campaign, and served on the presidential campaigns of Richard Gephardt,
Gary Hart, Walter Mondale, and Ted Kennedy.

Trippi helped Howard Dean raise millions on the Internet -- now he'll try to do the same for
my opponent. Yet my opponent favors a first-ever tax on the Internet. I'm up against a
well-funded attack machine from extremist liberals across the country.  The liberal hired guns
have all been dispatched to Florida's 13th district, and I'm in their sights.

So with the FEC filing deadline this Thursday, I sincerely need your emergency contribution right now
to demonstrate our strength to the Democrats, the media, and everyone who thinks I'll go down without a
fight. During the 2000 Presidential Election, following the letter of the law was rather simple, but the
subsequent personal attacks were difficult. Yet politically, the entire recount ordeal only strengthened
my resolve to fight for what is right. no matter the cost.

That's been my theme for the past two years in Washington, and I intend to return for another term
to keep fighting for protection for our environment, jobs and tax relief for working families, prescription
drug coverage for our seniors, fulfilling promises to our veterans and affordable healthcare choices and
housing for all Americans.  I simply can't continue my work in Washington without help from my closest
supporters. That's why I'm writing you for a special emergency contribution of $25, $50, $100, $500,
or even $1,000 or $2,000 before the filing deadline on Thursday. Just follow this link to make your special
contribution right now.

I know it is a lot to ask for, but we are up against a fully-funded attack machine that is out for revenge.
They want to take down President Bush and me. simply because I followed the letter of the law.
Your contribution today will help my re-election to Congress. and stop the Democrats from venting
their anger for the legal and legitimate 2000 Presidential Election recount.

I know I can count on your support for my very important race.
With many thanks,

Katherine Harris
P.S. Remember, control of Congress hangs in the balance. Every vote counts
and every seat matters, and the Democrats are funding millions of dollars of
negative ads. Please make your emergency contribution right now so we can
show our strength and solidarity in this fight.

Paid for by Friends of Katherine Harris

Dearest Katherine:
How lovely to hear from you, dear.  I do hope that you enjoyed all of the money I sent last time.
It meant that my cat went without food for a week while I was in Milan for the Prada trunk show
(between us: dreadfully disappointing!), but the Lord prevailed upon me to realize that in the cultural
war we are waging, all creatures, big and small, must be prepared to pay the ultimate price for victory.

I have prayed over your latest request for money.  Just as I was about to sign a check for $1,450.00,
the Lord Jesus appeared (without calling first) and told me that you are a "corrupt, two-faced cunt."

To be honest, I was rather taken aback by His choice of language.  And if you could explain what He
meant by the "took it up the backdoor for Jeb" comment, I would be forever in your debt, dear.

Jesus was just so terribly angry by the simple mention of your name that I thought best about interrupting
His foul aspersions, lest He start tipping my Sheraton tables.

In any event, it is not mine to question why.  And neither, I suppose, is it yours.  So don't badger me for
more, as you did two years ago.  Your neediness is, frankly, very unattractive - and peculiar since you have
so much money of your own.  I dare say your pussy is probably rather well fed!

As such, I am sure you will understand the predicament I am in and will wish me and my stuffed cat well, dear.

Yours in Christ,

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